Losing weight can be difficult, I know first hand. One mars bar and I’m putting on enough weight to sink a ship. I also find it really difficult to find anything that taste good with a low calorie count. I use MyFitnessPal to help me lose weight which is all about counting calories, so finding low cal snacks is top on my list!

Counting calories is one of the reasons why I love Muller Light yogurts, however I can’t carry them around with a trusty spoon wherever I wonder. Imagine the damage if one of them split in my university bag, carnage! Instead I had a look for some other helpful treats, asked about and finally Superdrug were kind enough to send me these little beauties to try out, who wouldn’t want to be sent yummy treats to test!

So let me kick it off with the popcorn, who doesn’t like popcorn right? Considering it’s only 79p per bag as well, I’d say its pretty amazing. So you get a bag of crisp these days for like triple the calories and you have to pay £1, that sucks. You buy one of these and you’re paying 79p for only  116 calories a pack! Which is nothing, when you’re trying to count calories to lose weight it’s almost perfect.

Not to mention the fact that they fit into my uni bag perfectly. So if you can’t make it into town head over to the Superdrug website and buy some for yourself, they even have a buy 1 get the 2nd half price offer on at the moment; so if you thought they were cheap they’re even cheaper now! Of course the offer won’t last forever, it’s currently Nov 2018 so hurry hurry!

So time to come to my favourite part, chocolate. Sorry but who doesn’t love chocolate? Or as they call them protein bars, well they’re super yummy. My favourite happened to be the Cocoa and orange bar. So they’re £1.49 and worth it, also again it’s November 2018 but they have the buy 1 and get the 2nd half price on the Superdrug website so get over there and order a few!

I was a little worried when I got them because you hear all these horror stories around the doughnut truck about protein products. The doughnut man was wrong, they’re actually rather nice! Also only 123 calories! They are perfect for people trying to lose weight and that’s why I went into the store the other day and got a few more! They also have salted fudge bars although I have to say I prefer the cocoa and orange ones!

Either way, if you’re trying to shift a few extra pounds ready for the Christmas feast these are perfect. They fit into any uni bag which is why I love them so much, it doesn’t matter if I have my small shoulder bag or my huge backpack I know they will fit in.  If you’ve been keeping up you’ll have seen I’m trying to lose 1 stone by Christmas, I’m trying and with these beauties I’m actually getting somewhere!

I can’t stress enough how amazing they are as snack substitutes. I have to cut out so many bad habits, one of which is buying a bar of chocolate the moment I arrive at uni, sometimes two. If I have these in my bag ready then I’ve already won. A chocolate bar normally have north of 300 calories in them, one of the above bars has no where near that! It’s a no brainer right?!

So there you have it, if you’re like me and trying to lose a little weight ready for Christmas or maybe you just want to lose it in general. Start looking at snack substitutes, at the end of the day you don’t have to cut out everything you eat but you can easily change what you eat and still enjoy what you’re snacking on. So get to your local Superdrug and fill up that basket or go online and have them sent right to your doorstep!

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