If you’ve seen my last Cadbury review you might have seen I was a little critical, I thought I’d go with something that everyone loves this time; the Freddo! I have to say first that I wasn’t paying up for the little freddo chocolate bars, I remember when they were like 5p so I couldn’t bring myself to do that, everything else I could; the new stuff without a problem. Just because they are new and I’d never tried them before!

Freddo collection

So I’ve had the Freddo faces before so that’s not an issue, I mean I couldn’t actually get a picture of them if I wanted to because the other half ate them. However they look pretty much like what’s on the packet! However I’ve never tried the faces or biscuits before and was really looking forward to them! Although I could only have a little to make sure I stayed within my calories limit, that sucked when I wanted to eat all of it haha!

The Review….

Let’s start with the more disappointing factor, the faces. Now the other half loved these and disliked the biscuits so I guess it all depends on the type of person you are and what you like. I thought they were horrid, too soft and felt like they would crumble in my hands. I actually only ate half of one as well. I felt like the cake part was bland and boring! Not what you want with a naughty treat! At the same time the chocolate filling was okay, not good, not amazing; just okay. I wouldn’t spend money on these again unless the other half really wanted them! I know they were only £1 so might be great for someone or to keep the kids happy, in my opinion they weren’t that nice. Plus they look a little sad, you can see what I mean in the photo below.

Now onto the biscuits, I actually really liked them! They had the right amount of biscuit to chocolate ratio, if that’s even a thing! I liked them even more because the other half wasn’t a fan and that meant I could have them all to myself! At the same time two of the biscuits only cost me 107 calories so I was over the moon. They tasted yummy and you could have a couple and not feel guilty after. I would have to say these are my favourite out of the two.

Freddo biscuits and faces

Of course I can’t comment on the Freddo faces as they got eaten and I couldn’t take any photos. However I can say that they’re just pure Cadbury chocolate and very tasty. They would have been my favourite out of the three, although close to the biscuits as the biscuits have less calories in them so I can enjoy them more.

There you have it, another Cadbury review. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to review next but if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. I have no idea why I’m doing these posts but I thought it’d be fun to combined my love for chocolate and blogging! If you like it I’m glad and don’t forget to check out my others!

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