So I’m a geek and I probably always will be! Nothing better than knowing who you are and I know I can fully embrace it, with help of course. Everything Christmas I will have a nice long list and a lot of the bits on them will be geek centered, this year is no different! It just so happens I already got a few of the bits I’m talking about and I really wanted to show you!

So if you’re stuck and have no idea what to get your star wars loving husband, joker of a brother or wizard friend look no further. If you haven’t heard of Paladone then you’re in for a treat! They sell so much geeky wonders and I’m surprised I haven’t spent a fortune on there before!  There’s something for everyone, no matter the budget! Let’s kick it off with a spell shall we!

Harry Potter Iron On Patches

Throughout my life I’ve always seen badges or patches on people’s bags. I saw it in school, college and now university. It’s just one of those things that doesn’t go out of fashion. These Harry Potter iron on patches are perfect, I mean perfect for any fan. Of course I mentioned that they would be perfect for bags, you can also stick them on clothes if you wanted to!

The pack contains a whole variety of patches, enough to suit and Harry Potter fan! To top it off they’re only £6.99 and are perfect to suit someone who isn’t on a huge budget. They also stay on the bags really well, if you’re going to use a bag.

Harry Potter Iron On Patches

Joker Poker sets!

£12.99, that’s all this amazing set is going to set you back; wicked right. So if you have a big man child at home or a brother who loves playing poker and equally loves the joker, well this is the gift for him! My other half is going to have one wrapped up and stuck under the Christmas tree for Christmas along with my dad, thankfully neither of them read these posts! It just shows how versatile they are though.

At the same time it fits a perfect budget, it’s a nice gift to have under the tree or if you happened to win the lotto and want to fill up a fellas stocking with nice big items then this is the ticket item. Personally it took me forever to learn how to play poker, if I got one myself I’d still be happy!

Joker Poker Gift Set


Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookie Jar!

This is a big ticket item, in my eyes anyway with the budget I get given at Christmas. £29.99, might not seem to a lot to some people though which is great. I have to say the jar is super quality and looks amazing in the kitchen. I would like to put a little disclaimer out there though, “No cookies made it to the jar, instead I ate them all!”. If I had a whole pallet of these I would easily give them out to all the guys in my family.

I feel that at this point in the franchise as well you don’t even need to be a star wars fan to love stormtroopers? Is that just me, I mean they can shoot anything without missing but I still love them! What’s that saying again? Come to the dark side, we have cookies!!

Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

Well there you have it, three items that I would myself love to get for Christmas! Also something that I think would fit any budget and any geeky guy would love to get on Christmas day. I also think the cookie jar is perfect for any uni student, especially if they’re moving into private housing this year and out of dorms! Trust me, as a second year university student I know what’s going on!

If you’re looking for something fun to do on Christmas day and a reason to take some hilarious selfies then you need to check out my Paladone photo booth post and get one for yourself before Christmas day is here! I love playing games and having a laugh with family at Christmas and this totally fits the bill!

So I hope you liked my geeky gift guide, thanks to paladone I loved being able to show you all the amazing treats that are out there! Check out my other posts for more gift ideas as well! Have you seen these mini muscle smellies? Enough said!

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