Baby hampers, I keep seeing them everything with an outrageous price tag attached. I saw one the other day for £24.99 with hardly anything in it, talk about feeling it in your wallet. My other half has a friend and they are soon to be having their first child, yay. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create a nice little baby hamper and at an affordable price. So I made one.

I set out to make a hamper without breaking the bank and decided to make one for under £10, yes TEN POUND! You wouldn’t think that £10 would get you very far but you would be wrong. First of all you’re going to need to get a hamper which you can find at the moment in the pound shop and for only £1 imagine that!

Then the contents, which can literally be anything you want although in this situation I decided to aim the hamper towards the baby and the mother so I selected some items that would help and make up a lovely hamper at the same time. So here’s a list of everything I put into the hamper!

  1. Johnson’s baby bath
  2. Johnson’s bedtime baby bath
  3. Johnson’s baby lotion
  4. 100 roll of nappy bags X2
  5. Johnson’s baby Shampoo
  6. Radox feel pampered bath soak
  7. Radox feel blissful bath soak

That’s the entire contents. It doesn’t sound like much but it all adds up and looks amazing. At the same time everything in the hamper is going to be used and appreciated and you even have the Radox bath soak for mummy! Everything in the hamper cost £1 as well which means the contents was £7, the hamper £1 which makes £8!

If you wanted to you could buy some tissue paper and make it look super pretty but as long as it looks nice, doesn’t cost the earth and you’re happy with it you’re onto a winner! So there’s my hamper which only cost £8, a perfect hamper for under £10. Of course you can add whatever you want into the hamper, maybe find some bigger items to pad it out if you have a bigger hamper?

Either way make sure you’re happy with it and enjoy the whole process. Make your loved one smile and don’t hurt your wallet in the process. Have you ever made a hamper? If so I want to hear about it.

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