It can be a mental job to get a child to bed on Christmas eve, I know all about it. I don’t have children but I have a younger brother and I’m totally a child when it comes to Christmas and love to stay awake and wait for Santa to arrive! that’s why I wanted to put a Christmas eve box together so that other people could find some Christmas eve box ideas and make one of their own for their child or sibling. I’ve put one together for my little brother as you’ll see with personalised Christmas gifts and books in the box. This isn’t so much a Christmas eve gift ideas although I’m sure you could gift one to a parent who might need some help in that area!

I have been sent a couple of bits in this box so that I could make it a personalised Christmas eve box and make it special. You can use any box you like, I know people who have a wooden Christmas eve box although I’m going to keep mine simple and use something that doesn’t matter if it gets broken or damaged.

What Age Should You Have A Christmas Eve Box For?

Well it depends on the child, some children might not need a Christmas eve box and go right to sleep. I think the parent will know if their child needs one or not though. A Christmas eve box for toddlers is around the right age I’d say. Although my brother is five and he’s going to love it, age range I’d say 2-6 personally but then again every child is different.

Let’s have a look at the different bits I decided to put in the personalised Christmas eve box and hopefully I’ll give you some inspiration so that you can make your own! If you’ve ever made xmas eve boxes then let me know what you put in it and if you used any of the items I have! I also love how everyone can get involved with this, maybe it should be called a family Christmas eve box instead?

Personalised Christmas Eve Box From Asda

So this only cost £2, which I thought was amazing. Normally you’ll find these types of boxes for £5. Or if you’re going to make a wooden Christmas eve box then it’s going to cost you around £10 unless you can find a bargain! They had a few different designs but you can see the one that I went with below. I do love finding a Christmas Asda bargain and this one is ace. There’s loads of room in it as well so you can pack it with a load of goodies for a child and still have room left over! So if you’re looking for xmas eve box ideas and where to get them from, check out your local Asda! You might find some good ones online but after postage, it’s going to cost you quite a bit more!

The Perfect Christmas Eve Box For Any Child!

Goes To Sleep Personalised Children’s Bedtime Book

When I first saw this book I just thought “so cute!”. So obviously when they said they’d send one for my brother I was over the moon. I’ve never got anything like this before so had no idea what to expect. The book isn’t hard back which is great for a child, otherwise they’d just get broken up and thrown in the bing so that’s a huge bonus. It’s easy to follow and just all round well made and the story is fab.

The one thing I obviously loved is the personalised aspect. I was able to pick the skin tone and hair colour of the boy on the book to match my younger brother. Plus I got to pick the name and it’s throughout the whole book, on almost every single page. This just helps your child get more involved and really love the book, I can’t recommend it enough and really think this is one of the best items in our Christmas eve box!

Christmas Eve Box Plush

Every Christmas eve box needs a plush, a teddy to give to the child before they go to sleep. This year I decided to go to Aldi and get a couple of the Kevin the Carrot plush teddies. I managed to get Kevin the carrot, Katie the carrot and the evil parsnip! We’ve added all three plush toys to the Christmas eve box. I’d suggest adding in a plush or two to your Christmas eve box so that your child has something to cuddle when they go to sleep and wait for santa to drop off the stocking.

The Perfect Christmas Eve Box For Any Child! Christmas Eve Box Plush

Reindeer Food

I know a lot of people leave out shop brought reindeer food, however most of it is actually harmful to wildlife. As a lot of these companies add products such as glitter into the mix, it can cause animals to become unwell and in cases die. However, however you can make homemade reindeer food and it’s easy. You can either use plain oats and sprinkle them outside with your child, or get some poridge oats and edible glitter, make sure it’s the edible kind as that’s not the kind companies use. Mix the edible glitter with the oats and sprinkle them outside. If you want a nice little recipe along with some fancy packaging, check out this post which is a huge help for a DIY parent.

The Perfect Christmas Eve Box For Any Child! Reindeer Food


A Christmas eve box is the perfect thing for your child so that they’re ready for Christmas day and actually get to sleep! I can’t wait to give the one I made to my younger brother and that’s what it’s all about. The magic of Christmas. There are loads of other bits you could add into the box although personally I like to keep it simple. There’s no point getting a child worked up because then they won’t want to go to sleep and that’s not the point in a Christmas eve box!

I’d love to know what other people put into a box. I’ve heard that people put in mince pies and carrots ready to leave out for father Christmas although I’d prefer to do that before the box, otherwise you’re having to get the child out of bed again and that defeats the object of a Christmas eve childrens box!

The Perfect Christmas Eve Box For Any Child!


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