So I love having a play around at Christmas, who doesn’t. Endless selfies, the occasional pea flying across the table and monopoly that may end ugly. Everyone loves having a laugh at Christmas and it’s the best time of year for it. Last year we decided to give Cards Against Humanity a try and loved it, this year we wanted something a little more hands on, something that we could all get involved with!

I had a look around and after I got chatting with Paladone they decided to send me out this wicked photo booth for a try and to see if it would be worthy to star in our Christmas day antics. I had no idea what to expect so when it arrived I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to dive on in! On a side note, if you’re stuck on what to get a geeky guy for Christmas, check out my Geeky Guy Gift Guide!

The photo booth is actually bigger than I expected it would be, you normally see them in shops and you think they’re a big waste of money because they are so tiny; not this one! Also another little side note, you buy it from Paladone and you’re getting a better price than say House of Fraser so that’s a good thing right?!

So of course I haven’t tried it out on Christmas day because if I could time travel I’d be a billionaire! However I did give it a try and had a mess about with the other half as you do! It was quite enjoyable, if you want to check out a load of pictures I put some on Instagram so maybe head on over and have a cheeky little look and give me a follow!

Paladone Photo Booth

So I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the beginning like I said and I’m always cautious about spending money around Christmas time. If I’d have known how fun it was I would have gone out and got one for myself a while back ready for Christmas or just parties in general with the wine flowing, there’s loads of fun to be had with everyone.

I must also point out that because it’s in a nice big box and with Christmas coming up it might make a nice, nifty gift to have under the tree. The size makes it look pretty impressive, it’s fun and it doesn’t break the bank, bonus! If you’re feeling a little retro you can always change the colour scheme to black and white on the app as well!

So it’s simple, you put your booth together and get your props out and ready. Someone is downloading the photo booth app on their phones and then fitting it into the booth while the other people are getting their poses ready! Once you’re all set up you can start taking them photos and as I mentioned, colour or black and white! There’s so much fun to be had!

I’m hoping that the video helped pull everything that I’ve been saying together and I’m hoping that if you go ahead and get this that you’re going to have just as much fun as I have been! If you have a boring work Christmas party that you have to go to because you’re the manager or something then this is perfect to get the staff awake and on their feet and hopefully have people chatting a little more!

All I would say is that it is made of cardboard and can get broken easily, unlike metal or plastic so don’t be rough with it and if you’re drinking try not to sit on it! Other than that I hope you enjoy, I can’t praise it anymore otherwise I’m going to sound like a broken record and really put people off. So on that note I’m going to go take some more photos and cook some peanut butter cookies!

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