So if you haven’t read any of my competition posts before or you’ve only just got into entering competitions and want to find out more Twitter is one of the best places to start. Twitter is great for beginners and one of the most used platforms to enter competitions, which is why your win rate won’t be as high as you’d like and that’s a shame.

So you might have seen my 8 top tips for entering competitions on Twitter, if not I’d suggest checking it out. This post is going to be a little different though, although I might cover some of the tips I’ve included on there! This post is going to include some of the pit falls when it comes to entering competitions on Twitter!

Other compers

Entering competitions on Twitter can be really easy! Like, retweet and follow; that’s about it. That means everyone’s going to be doing it though and you won’t be winning as much as you like, compers can also be ruthless and some of them don’t care who is in their way as long as they win prizes, sad but true.

I’ve found that the more competitions I do on Twitter, the more compers I have follow me. This isn’t a bad thing in regards to you follower status, however it can become a bit of a pain in the long run. You’ll start to notice that compers will like and retweet your posts, this doesn’t actually enter them into any competitions and in the long run is a waste of time.

I find myself putting some compers on mute, in some cases I’ve had to block some compers. It’s not ideal but it’s something you need to keep in mind when entering competitions on Twitter, there’s probably thousands of people online doing the same thing as you, they will fight for it if they have to!

Too many people on Twitter

So if you’re a regular comper you’re going to know that there are thousands of companies that host competitions every day, which is great. Although some of them are a little annoyed, let me explain. Some competitions have certain restrictions in place now, for example if you’re a professional comper you may not be allowed to enter some competitions. That’s where it gets a little fuzzy though, what merits as a professional comper, someone that enters 10 competitions a day, 100, 1,000? There isn’t really a definition when it comes to professional comping.

This can even lead to companies blocking your profile, meaning you won’t be able to enter any of their competitions again. Unless you’re willing to start making other Twitter accounts, be careful. I would suggest interacting with other compers that don’t get on your nerves, chatting with companies and using twitter for domestic reasons. If you have a complaint about a company after a real life event, take to twitter and voice your opinion. That way you don’t look like a robot going through the comping motions and you’re less likely to have your account blocked or suspended!

Following too many?

Unless you have loads of followers yourself, you’re only limited to follow a certain amount of people. Although there is no guarantee you will reach that limit it’s important to keep an eye on it, if not you might not be able to enter any competitions until you sort it out! Thankfully there are companies that let help manage your Twitter account and make it easier for you to unfollow account.

ManageFilter is one such company. They give you the ability to unfollow accounts that you haven’t interacted with for a certain amount of time. I would suggest unfollowing accounts that you’ve had no interaction with for more than 30 days. This is because the competitions you’ve entered with them would have ended, so you won’t be losing out.

There are all sorts of functions that you can use with ManageFilter, one thing I would say is that you can only unfollow a certain amount of accounts per day so you might have to wait. I myself am on a paid for account because I comp quite a bit and I have a lot of spam accounts follow me due to the blogging background, if you’re comping and using Twitter a lot, I’d say it’s worth it but it depends how much you comp at the end of the day!

If you want to learn more about Managefilter I’d suggest checking out my Managefilter post and learning everything you need to keep your competition entering up to scratch on Twitter!

The pitfalls of entering competitions through Twitter!

There are a few pitfalls to entering competitions on Twitter as you can tell. If you can manage to sort them all out and get into a rhythm though it can be worth it. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t win for a while, you might have great months and you might have months where you win nothing! I’ve had them, I’ve won new clothes and Britain’s got talent tickets one month and the next I won nothing!

If you fancy a nice read at night I would always suggest getting Di Cokes competition book, I’ve read it myself and have to say I love it. She knows what she’s doing and has some great advice to pass along to fellow compers. In the mean time though I wish you happy comping and make sure you keep an eye out for even more competition content on my blog and via YouTube!

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  1. georgie pope Reply

    social media comps are just so silly. if you enter too many on twit or fb, they think you’re a ‘professional comper’. but they STILL want you to spam your mates and think that’s acceptable. i’ve seen some fb comps that want you to tag 10 ‘friends’. and yet if we enter more than a few comps a day we’re PC’s.! there is no regulation around this which worries me. i so prefer the ‘fill in this form’ comps, but even those are a little suspect as if they think you use roboform they may not count your entry. this whole field needs to be policed more…..

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