I’m sure every family has them, Christmas traditions. There are so many weird and wonderful Christmas customs around the world I wanted to chat about them in a blog post so that others could find out more about Christmas beliefs when they might not have had the chance before. I’m going to be talking about Christmas traditions around the world and a little Christmas history at the same time!

You’re going to find out that there are some weird Christmas legends out there as well. Some of them are just plain weird and a little disturbing! However some are quite sweet and actually a little obvious.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are a world wide Christmas tradition but you wouldn’t think about that. Christmas stockings have become a well known thing, a must have a Christmas for children. With the use of Santa, Christmas stockings have become the most known and practiced Christmas tradition, I mean I’m 25 and I still love getting a stocking and hope that I get one every single Christmas from now on!

The only problem with Christmas stockings is the amount some people pay on them! To me Christmas stockings should be kept cheap and not having a fortune spent on them. Big presents are for under the Christmas tree and little novelty presents and marshmallows (other sweets as well of course) are for the Christmas stockings bright and early on Christmas day!

Christmas Traditions Christmas Stockings

Bad Santa: Austria (Krampus)

This one creeps the hell out of me, it’s even a film if you’ve seen it. I’ve not watched it because it’s scary. Krampus is bad santa, if you’ve been naughty then Krampus comes to get you. It’s more of a Christmas superstition I suppose but it’s still not a nice thought! In fact during December you’ll see adults dressed up as terrifying masked figures of the big bad Christmas Krampus to scare children with horrid pranks! I guess it’s a great way to have your child being good all year round if they think Krampus is going to get them!

Cobwebs At Christmas Ukraine

Why would you want to have spiders associated with anything when it comes to Christmas? Instead of tradition baubals and tinsel on their Christmas tress, they have spider web like decorations. Spider webs covered in glitter and even ones you can wrap around the tree. I’m not too sure why anyone would want that but each to their own I suppose!

The tradition goes back to one their folktales, a poor widow couldn’t afford Christmas decorations for the tree and their children were upset. With that in mind the spiders in the house took pity on the family and spun beautiful webs all over the tree and when the children woke they found the Christmas tree looking stunning. Spiders are actaully considered to be lucky in the Ukrainian culture.

Christmas Traditions Cobwebs At Christmas Ukraine

Breakfast Christmas Traditions

Picking what you have for Christmas each year is mainly a UK tradition. A lot of people prefer to have a full English breakfast, maybe because they go out drinking the day before perhaps? Myself I’ve been eating golden grahams each year for as long as I can remember. I love a nice big bowl in the morning before I get ready to open gifts and spend the day with the family. What do you have for breakfast at Christmas time? Or are you not that fussed and grab whatever you can?


There are quite a few weird Christmas traditions out there. I mean some of them are just plain weird but other ones are kind of cool. Christmas stocking and I guess Christmas trees are one of the most commonly known Christmas traditions out there even if people don’t associate them as traditions. If you do anything or know anything that I’ve not added to the list, maybe let me know in the comments so I can update the list in the future. I’d love to know what other people do at Christmas and maybe start doing something new myself!

The Weirdest And Funniest Christmas Traditions Out There!



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