When making money working at home, there are some methods you need to avoid. Since you have not tried to work from home so far, you have not yet been exposed to “scams,” through which various websites try to trick innocent people.

I have put together a small “list” of methods, which you should certainly avoid when you want to learn how to make money from home. These methods have also been tested and in 9 out of 10 cases have proven to be nonsense. Find out more at makemoneyonlinefast2019.com.

Many people realized that an 8-hour job is not economically sufficient to achieve their dreams and desires. To earn extra money, they might find a new job, could extend their schedule or ask for a raise, but in reality, these three solutions are not the best. Would not it be great to have 400 extra dollars a month? Alternatively, maybe even to get away from the 8-hour job completely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s okay because you can learn how to make money at home! By doing so, you can create another stream of income, getting closer and closer to your dreams and wishes. As you read, we strongly recommend you start making money at home, since you can earn extra income – and in the long run, you can earn your living from it.

“Congratulations, you’ve won!”

Installing software that should in practice make your computer win money for you. Pretty nice to be true, right? “Click here, make money from home and get rich!” – Most likely, it takes more than just a click to get rich! “Congratulations, you’ve won!” – When you get something on the Internet at a particular moment or when you receive a mail from someone unknown, you should not expect to have won anything other than a chance to lose your money! It’s not the same as making money at home!

The methods mentioned above appear more often on the Internet, so be careful and do not give in to  these “winning methods.” If you have any doubts as to the legitimacy of a method that shows you how to make money online, you are more than welcome to ask around.

After you make sure you avoid all the scams, here is a legitimate way to start increasing your income. Start an online business. In the first phase, you have to think very well about a domain name, in other words how to name your business in the virtual world. Careful! The site name is essential for its success, so it must be closely related to your business profile, easy to remember and impact.

 Also, you should be aware that users have more confidence in sites hosted on their own domains than on other sites. You can choose a domain in .com, net., .org, .com, .info and so on.

Cheats: how to avoid exorbitant costs

The main problem is web hosting, after choosing the domain. In other words, keeping the site on a server, where users can access it. This is generally done for a fee. Know that cheap solutions are for those with low claims.

Search, choose, compare! Find a variety of options on the Internet. Needs differ, offers are also the most diverse: for a personal site, business site, and so on. Prices also depend on what the hosting plan contains. You can host your site and your computer if you have a real Internet Protocol address, and your Internet service provider allows you to provide web pages on that connection. Also, you need to install a web server software on your computer. However, specialized services make it possible for the site to be online all the time (because they have backup Internet providers, power generators, generally increased resources) and do not get stuck.

Then comes the issue of logo and design. There are sites to help you create a free logo: for example, Logo Ease or Logo Maker, Templates Box. A simple search on Google will give you dozens of other possibilities. If you do not like the idea of ​​having a computer-generated, impersonal logo whose quality may not be the best, you could make an effort to find someone to create a unique logo. Find out more on this link.


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