So while sitting here trying to work on my blog I wasted two hours looking through YouTube at different accounts. Various accounts ranging from parody’s all the way to princess rap battles! So I decided to turn my procrastinating into a blog post and bring you the top three accounts that I end up falling into and spending ages watching their new videos and either laughing my head off or singing along! Hold on to your hats, make sure you have loads of time to spare and come along with me for the ride. I am totally unable to rate these accounts in order as they are all amazing so the order is totally random!

The Key of Awesome

So they really are awesome! I have fallen in love with their many, many parody videos and have spent hours listening to them. I find that once you find a favourite you will keep listening to it until you know all the words! I have shared their videos all over the place to infect other people with their awesomeness, the account is hell for a student with exams but I love it! I have sampled many of their videos, maybe all of them who knows? My favourite however is below, the lyrics, singing and hilarious acting is everything the video needs to be amazing! I can’t explain how much I love this video so go check it out yourself, now!

Whitney Avalon

Got to love Whitney! The creator of Princess Rap Battles! I know all the words to ALL of her battles so far, I sing them at the top of my lungs and my partner hates me and her for it! I can play every single person in all raps and now all I need is a friend to battle against! If you love rap battles and Disney then you will love these. Not only Disney but all characters! I have to admit the new Frozen vs Tangled rap battle is the best so far, although Harry Potter vs Hunger Games is close second! I can’t wait to see more of her rap battles.

It has to be said she is a lot more than just the rap battles though, I love her comic con song! I listen to it every single time I go to a comic con! Also expensive taste is amazing and very comical! Check out my favourite rap battle below and hey Whitney if you happen to be reading this suggestion ~ Xena Vs Mulan!


So last but by no means least, AVbyte! Two brothers that make magic! Hilarious songs about every day troubles, which can be identified in first world problems! I mean have you ever wondered what it would be like if the internet went away? They also sum up procrastination in a hilarious but very true video! Although they have sooo many videos that can literally take up hours of your day I have some how managed to learn all the words to them all!

I would suggest you happily go through them all, listen to them all and enjoy! For now however check out my favourite of there videos below and don’t forget to learn every single word!

So there you have it, everything you need to procrastinate and waste endless hours of the day! Personally I could watch these videos all day every day but sometimes you just have to do some work! Happy watching!

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