Having an NUS card can be amazing, if you’re a student or just got one on the sly. You can use it in so many places. However I wanted to let you know some of my favourite places I use my NUS card and what I actually get when I use them. Having the card is all well and good but if you have no idea where you can use it, not so good! So sit back and enjoy the discounts. Oh, I’ve not been endorsed or sponsored by any of these companies, I just like bargains!


At the Co-Op you get 10% off your food shopping. Which is perfect for most students because it doesn’t matter what university you’re at, there’s normally a Co-Op lurking around the corner waiting for your hard earned student finance! It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or just a normal every day person. You’ve probably spent money in the Co-Op so it’s good to get a discount.

You can’t use the discount on alcohol or cigarettes etc. It’s food and drink which is about it, sorry. So if you just pop in for you fags before a night out, it isn’t for you. Just remember to use it every time you shop and you’re soon going to see the pennies being saved and at the end of the month you might notice a big difference, depending on how much you shop there. Maybe keep an account of how much you save over the month? If you have the spare time that is!


So who doesn’t love McDonald’s? Apart from the amazing sweet and sour sauce they have to offer they have some decent food. Doesn’t matter if you want to binge, hungover or just plain hungry you want McDonald’s. With an NUS discount card you can get free food, with a meal that is. A cheeseburger, McFlurry or chicken mayo burger!

Yummy, so depending on what you want, depends on what you get. Either way who doesn’t love free food? Just make sure you have your card with you as most stores will ask to see it for proof, although some don’t but you don’t want to chance it and miss out on that food!

Frankie and Benny’s

I wasn’t sure about adding this one to be fair. The last few times I’ve been to Frankies have been terrible. I’ve had to send food back and even found hair in my ice cream. Of course as you can imagine I’ve not been back since, however if you love Frankies and you go often you’re going to want to hear about this discount. 20% off! So if you’re spending £100 you get £20 off! How ace is that, esp as it’s easy as hell to spend without even thinking about it, even more so when food is involved!


Lastly, Amazon. I don’t mean a discount on their items although it’s part of it. You can get 6 months free Amazon prime with an NUS card and then you only have to pay half then on. It works out at a mega saving and even more saving when you get free shipping and amazon video as well! Amazon is also meant to apply a small discount on selected items thereafter, however I’ve not seen it in action as of yet.

Amazon is one of the largest retail online outlets out there, why not get what others aren’t with your NUS card? I’d recommend it any day and I love amazon prime!

Top places I use my NUS student discount.

There you have it, four of the top places I use my NUS card. I mean you might use your card at so many other places, I’d love to hear where as I’m always looking to get a discount! I’m forever asking in stores if they take a student discount and am actually really disappointed when they say no.

If you want an NUS card I’d suggest clicking this link and getting started today. If you’re a student you won’t have an issue getting one. However if you’re not there are ways to getting one still. You’re going to have to read another one of my posts here for that one though!

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