You may have seen my post on Quidco and cashback already, today I’m talking about TopCashBack though. When it comes to saving money I like to shop around and cashback is no exception. When it comes to money I like to get the best for my money and when it comes to cashback I like to get the most back as possible, so it’s important to check them both.

You might be thinking, what’s the point? Just stick to one and don’t worry about what you could be missing out on? Well I had that mindset and didn’t worry about it for a year and then thought, I wouldn’t mind taking a little look. I went ahead and compared GroupOn after looking to buy a mattress. On Quidco you’re going to get between 1%-5%. Where as on TopCashBack you’re going to get between 5%-20% depending on if you’re a new customer!

Of course there are going to be times where you can get more cashback on Quidco and that’s fine. That’s the whole idea about shopping around. Personally I like to save all my money up for Christmas so if I can be saving money all year round in both accounts I’m able to cash out big time before Christmas.

The great thing about TopCashBack as well is that the refer a friend bonus is a lot higher. At the moment you’re going to be able to get £7.50 for a friend referred, although you need to wait till they get over £10 cashback until you get your bonus. Quidco however you’re only going to get £5 HOWEVER, your friend only has to earn £5 cashback in order for you to get your bonus.

It’s a tough cookie but if you know a friend who has never done cashback before, refer them to both and help them out. Then everyone’s a winner! After chatting to a few people as well I’ve found that they all prefer TopCashBack but it’s up to you as to which one you’d prefer to pick.

TopCashBack, Earning more Cashback when you shop!

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