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Being a twitter user means you’re only allowed to follow 5,000 accounts at one time. Unless you’re popular enough to have over 5,000 followers yourself and then your limit is increased. Although most compers don’t have anywhere near that amount of followers, which means in order to carry on enjoying “RT & Follow” competitions you will need to unfollow accounts. This can be a lot of hassle if you don’t have the time. That’s why I use ManageFiitterwhich makes the process a lot shorter!

How to unfollow inactive accounts

The best way to get them twitter followers down is to unfollow inactive accounts that never post. Here’s how,

  • Sign up at – log in and allow access to your Twitter account.
  • Click Inactive on the left hand menu bar.
  • Click on Order, then Activity underneath, you’ll see the accounts that haven’t tweeted for the last 30 days.
  • Go to the final page of Twitter accounts, people who tweeted with the longest time past.
  • Click the big Unfollow button repeatedly to unfollow everyone.
  • You can unfollow a maximum of 100 accounts per day, most people however will not need to unfollow this many accounts per day.

Need to unfollow more people?

If you wish to unfollow more accounts you can always get rid of other compers. This is easy enough to do, Click on High Ratio, on the left hand side. Clicking Tweets per day will normally bring up compers who are entering competitions every day. It will bring them to the top of the list and you can then pick who to unfollow.

I use ManageFlitter once a month to cut away inactive accounts and this suits me fine for the amount of competitions that I enter. Hopefully it will be the perfect solution for you? Let me know how you get on!

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