So this month was a little different, thanks to my injuries from February I knew I wasn’t going to be declaring a loss this month. It turns out that I have a broken bone in my ankle!! Treatment is going slow and the pain is increasing so I’m unable to walk, exercise or move very well at the moment. I’ve been eating as best as possible in order to get my calories down on Myfitnesspal although eating healthy is only the first step.

Due to being on a low calorie diet for the last few months it means that eating healthy isn’t helping loads towards the weight loss as it was at the start and exercise is needed! I’m hoping that I’ve only put on 3-6lbs this month because once my ankle is better I’ll be able to lose it again if it’s only small amounts!

~ What haven’t I been able to do?!

So normally I’d tell you everything I’ve been able to do over the month and how that’s really helped, in July however I’ve been able to do nothing! I’ve not been able to walk at all for most of the month which was half of the way I lost all my weight every month! I’ve been able to keep up with Myfitnesspal and that’s why I hope I’ve gained under 6lbs.

I’ve not been able to do any exercise videos, yoga or anything at home that involves standing up or using my back too much because of said injuries. In short I’ve been able to do nothing and I’m hoping that changed before I go back to university! I’m hopefully going to start some slow yoga towards the end of July depending on how I’m feeling with the injuries.

~ Loss or Gain?

So as I said I’m 110% sure I’ve gained this month, when I first had the incident I managed to put on over 1 stone, which is why I’m hoping it isn’t that bad as it took me ages to lose that as well!! I’m not going to be too gutted about putting on weight because I know it’s not my fault, I’m going to try hard to lose it again in June but we will see, I’m going to make sure I put recovery first so I can lose more in the future and not be stuck inside not being able to move for longer!

So without keeping you waiting any longer here’s the outcome!

 Weight Loss Report ~ June Edition!!

~ So?!

So there we have it, just like I thought. I put on, yes I gained 5lbs throughout June. Which to me isn’t a huge gain but it’s more than I would have liked. I’m going to try and get that 5lbs off in July and maybe a little extra. In future when I can’t move I’m going to try and eat less bad stuff so I can hopefully get a maintain! Remember I don’t follow any diets or classes I just have a calorie limit per day that I try and stick under!!

I do have news though! I’ve started my very own food blog, it’s called freefromsquad. I’m trying to find more and more dairy free recipes as they’re low in calories and I’m mostly dairy intolerant! Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m loving the summer recipes at the moment and I can’t wait to share more with you!

~ Foodies time of the month!! I’ve even been cheeky and added one of my own!


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