It’s time to change things up a little, if you check out my early monthly reports you’ll see that I tried going to the gym. However due to an unfortunate injury I’m now having to give up the gym for the foreseeable future; which yes does suck but also provides more avenues. I’m going to be changing the structure to this post so I hope you like.

So what have I been doing?!

Without the gym I’ve had to look at other ways in order to lose weight, one of these ways happens to be something I spoke and wrote about before; MyFitnessPal. If you have no idea what it is I’d suggest reading my post on it, however I’ll give you the quick run down. MyFitnessPal counts calories, it gives you a daily limit you’re allowed and you’re not supposed to go over that; that’s if you want to lose weight!

You may have seen before that I was allowed 2,600 calories per day, I’ve now cut this down to 2,100 calories per day. This is to ensure I actually lose something at the end of the month. I’ve used the app before last year and I have to say I had great success with it, however I was able to go for walks and to the gym when I felt like it so this month is a trial run to see how I get on.

I must point out that I write this post in advance, everything you read is what I’ve written before I’ve weighed myself so I give a realistic representation of how I feel and my thoughts on the month so I’m as shocked as you are about the loss or gain this month!

Anything else?

May was busy, filled with loads of Birthdays and with little rest that’s for sure! I spent a week in Amsterdam and although we did a lot of walking, thanks to my injuries I needed a lot more recovery time! Unforntuntley due to my injuries still playing up I’ve not been able to walk or exercise close to what I’ve wanted to. I’m still falling short and unable to extend my walking routine so I fear that unless I get better soon my weight loss is going to start decreasing or maybe even sticking at a maintain!

I’ve still been tempted to get some weights or start up yoga again, if just means that I have to make more room in the flat and at the moment we are sorting through a lot of the old junk we have laying about so space is an issue! I’ve been thinking about taking a yoga mat to the cliff tops and trying it out there but it’s a little too public for my liking! The one good thing about May though is the mega heat wave the UK has been having, if that’s had any effect on my weight loss I have no idea but when I weigh I’ll be able to let everyone know!

What did I lose, did I lose?!?!

Now I’m at the part of the post that I love to hate! I love it because if I’ve lost anything I can be proud and happy about it. Although if I haven’t lose anything or if I put on weight it’s going to suck and I’ll feel down about it, or maybe I’ll try harder next month? Either way I hope it’s a good outcome! To be fair I’ve only lost so far this year so I’m hoping to keep that up and there’s enough weight on me so I have enough to lose! May has been very slow, I’ve binged a few times due to holidays but I’m still hopeful for a loss, even if its only one or two lbs!

Again I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh, I don’t want you to die of a heart attack. Although if I get to a point where I’m super confident then I might let you know how well I have done and where I started. I’m thinking at the end of the year I might do a before and after kind of thing, if I can carry on losing weight throughout the year!

Anyway here goes….

Weight Loss Report ~ May Loss

Now for the part of the post that I like! I like to snack, I love to eat and I’m always on the look out for something healthy to snack on! The thing is there’s hardly anything out there that actually tastes nice and at the same time is worth eating! I’ve found one thing every month that I can enjoy and at the same time not feel guilty about eating and something that won’t pile on the pounds!

Of course the key is to have everything in moderation so don’t go eating 36 pasties and go washing it down by drinking 100 Yazoo’s and then wonder why you’ve gained weight at the end of the month, doesn’t quite work like that! Either way take a look at the treats I have found and enjoy them all!


Foodie of the month!

I hope you found this post helpful, take a look at the snacks, treats and recipes above and maybe treat yourself to something yummy over the next month! Remember that losing weight doesn’t have to be a challenge and having fun is key to enjoying your weight loss journey!

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