Mental health week 2018 was a long week let me tell you that! I’ve learned so much, met some interesting people along the way and produced some nice content if I do say so myself. However I’ve learned loads along the way and some of it I wish I could have avoided! Let’s make a little list shall we?

Technology hates me!

So half way through the filming process my camera decided to die! It literally said camera says no, I had three videos left to film and I was all panic. Of course I had the posts written up and they were ready to go live, I was still freaking out though because I REALLY wanted to get them videos done and out there. If you read my bucket list post you’ll know that YouTube is something I want to ace at the moment; so my camera not working didn’t help one bit!

Thankfully half way through mental health week when I literally thought I was going to have a mental break down my partner saved the day! With something as simple as formatting the SD card properly I was able to film again and get the last three videos sorted out, I was editing one on the day it was due to go live!! Scary but at the same time fun, how weird is that!

At the same time I had to start using the other halfs old mac, my laptop decided the battery wasn’t good enough so I had to order a new one! However a little thing I didn’t pick up on was the fact that wordpress doesn’t automatically check my spelling and for some reason on a mac I have to press the button every time I make a new post! Annoying or what, so I had to go through my old posts and sort that one out!

It’s no longer that Taboo

People aren’t as shy or ignorant as they used to be! More people are getting involved with mental health and that’s amazing! The amount of companies I’ve had approach me so they could work with me on mental health posts was unreal, sure I’ve had to turn a few away as it’s not what I talk about on the blog but it’s still ace. I’ve got some amazing collabs coming up and I really can’t wait to share it all with you lovely people!

At the same time I hope that I can work with more people on YouTube projects, who knows I might actually smash YouTube!! The fact that more people are understanding with mental health is actually really positive and can make a person feel amazing when they have someone to talk to! So YASS!!

Myself, literally all me!

I never thought I could do it, I mean a whole week of content on both my blog and YouTube every day!! Let’s not beat around the bush, I thought I couldn’t do it but you know what; I feel like I smashed it. I’ve had support and loevly comments from people and that means so much more than words can describe.

It just shows that if you put your mind to something you can acomplish it. I’m glad, so glad that I managed to stick by this project and I’m mega looking forward to next year when I can smash mental health week 2019. Is it bad to say that I’ve already got some blog posts in mind? Watch this space I suppose! It might even be something I add to my bucket list, make sure you make your own!

Starting A Bucket List For Your Mental Health Wellness!

So there you have it! Mental health week 2018 is over, done and dusted and it’s been amazing to say the least. I’ve learned so much, overcome a few obstacles and feel amazing about it! I can finally sit back and relax right? Make sure you’ve subscribed to my YouTube as I’ve got new content coming up real soon, mental health related but also so much more!!

If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see me write about then please let me know, let me know how your mental health journey is going and lets compare notes!! Check out my other mental health posts for more exciting news, information or just general chit chat and never be afraid to comment and say hey!

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