Unwanted Christmas presents, there’s nothing worse. You know you’re going to say thank you and smile but you have no idea what you’re going to do with it after that! We’ve all been in the position but a lot of people have no idea what to do with an unwanted gift and just store them in a cupboard somewhere to be lost and forgotten about! So if like most people you have a cupboard full of unwanted gifts, keep reading because you’re going to find out how to get rid!

Selling Unwanted Gifts On eBay

Selling unwanted Christmas gifts has never been so easy with the help of eBay! As an independant private seller you get 20 free listings per month which should be more than enough to get rid of the unwanted Christmas gifts. It doesn’t matter if they’re Christmas gifts for dogs or Christmas gifts for a lady. List the items on eBay and they’ll hopefully soon get purchased and out of your hair! It does mean that you have to post them however although this is pretty easy and straight foward, with loads of companies to use!

I mean everyone gets unusual Christmas gifts that are never going to be used so why not just stick them on eBay and make some easy money. Plus weird gifts and unusual gifts always sell well, weird items are sought after and you might just find yourself with a bit of extra cash after Christmas to use in the Christmas sales!

Selling Unwanted Gifts At The Bootsale

So you can take the gifts to a bootsale and flog them to whoever wants them, it’s an easy process. Stick it on a table, make sure you have a price and hope that someone comes along during the day and buys it. If it’s a good price or a really nice item you’ll easily sell it without an issue and depending on where you live you might be able to ask a high price for it, say in the south west.

However the bootsale route has some draw backs I’m afraid. Weather, it could be horrible weather and you could end up standing in a field in the freezing cold or worse, the rain! If you have a load of xmas gifts on the table and it starts to rain, you’re going to have soggy goods. At the same time you’re going to have to wait, eBay can be done all year round although a bootsale openening time you’re looking at around April – May time so you’re going to have to store them. Lastly, you’re going to get a lot less money at a bootsale than you would on eBay, there might be a little more work involved on eBay but you need to think about what your time is worth, also remember you’re going to have to pay a bootsale enterance fee.

Regifting An Unwanted Christmas Gift

So as long as the gift isn’t open and is in new condition, you can give it to someone else. We actually go for this route, we get a few bits each year that for one reason or other we can’t use or wouldn’t use. So we decided that it would be great if we could regift out presents that we got. There are a few rules however that should always be followed. Make sure you don’t regift to the same person, how awkard would that be, or anyone in that family. So if my mum got me something, I wouldn’t give it to my younger sister who is there on Christmas day!

Make sure you check them. I’ve heard a couple of horror stories before and they make my eyes water! A friend gave a dressing gown to someone because it wasn’t the right size, which would have been find if they’d checked it first. However they didn’t and they missed out on the £20 iTunes voucher that was hidden inside wrapped up nice and neat! So remember to check the item before you regift it!

Donating Unwanted Christmas Gifts

This festive season why not donate unwanted goods? If your child has too many toys maybe donate them to a childs home, or maybe you’d simply like to take them to a nearby charity shop. I always prefer taking unwanted bits to childrens homes, womens and mens refuge shelter; because both genders find themselves in difficult positions, (You’ll have to arrange for someone to come pick the goods up due to security reasons though). There are loads of places you could donate unwanted gifts and you could make someones day just by doing so. I personally don’t like donating to charity shops anymore, fed up with the hiked up prices and money going into the CEO’s pockets.

I’d like to take this time to remind people that if your child has too many old toys you could always take them to a dentist, doctors or hospital so that other children can play with them in the waiting room. Personally I never see many toys when I’m waiting at the doctors and it’s really sad when a child might need cheering up if they’re unwell.


There is loads you can do with unwanted gifts, there is literally something for everyone. If you want to be charitable or make some dosh for yourself there’s ways you can go about it. Just remember that when you have a pile of unwanted xmas gifts this Christmas and don’t get down about it. I have to say as well, everyone gets them. I make a Christmas list every year, I think I’m the only one who does and I still get stuff I don’t want or can’t use. I love the regifting option though because you can save a ton of money next Christmas or even use them on birthdays during the year if they’re not festive.

Let me know what you do with your unwanted Christmas presents and if you do anything with them that isn’t on my list. I’d love to extend the list so that other people can really benefit and not have clutter laying about their home. Next time you get them unusual presents, remember what you can do with them!

What To Do With Unwanted Christmas presents



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