All year round I shop at Tesco. I normally find myself in the reduced section of the store, or at least one of them in the hopes to grab as many reduced bargains as possible. After all who doesn’t love filling up their freezer for £40 and having it last most of the month? At the same time I love collecting my ClubCard points, I also love topping them up with my wombling.

However I’m not one of these people who decide to spend their points every month and I don’t spend hundreds at Tesco each month for it to amount to anything worth spending. How do I solve this? I make sure I don’t cash out monthly and I wait till the end of the year to reap the rewards from all my spending.

I know many people who have never heard about this before and had no idea that it could even be done. I was one of those people until a couple of years ago and this year I decided to make the switch. Mainly because it really comes in handy towards Christmas and not having to worry about how you are going to afford everything!

The process is really simple. You can either go online and through your account so that you can activate this. Although personally I decided to phone them up, this way I could speak to someone and I found it to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. It didn’t take long, they took all the details they needed and within a few minutes they had my account switched.

Now you get all your points in vouchers towards Christmas, November time. This is so that they arrive in time and you have them to spend on Christmas. The best thing is because there happens to be loads of reductions around Christmas you can get some amazing reduced bargains and save even more! if you happen to be as savvy as me you might end up just using your points on Christmas shopping and not needing to pay anything extra towards it all!

Now there is another use for the vouchers, a use that I intend to put into full force. I will be waiting for the January sales to spend my vouchers. If I manage to get £50 in vouchers, that’s £50 that I can spend on reduced, discounted gifts which will get put away for Christmas 2018. Cuts Christmas shopping down loads because we all know how low smelly sets can get in the reductions.

This system works great for the people like me who don’t spend hundreds although I assume it would work even better for the people that do and they can really enjoy the vouchers at the end of the year. Do you gather up all your points till the end of the year or do your prefer to get them every month to help out with a little of the shopping? I’d love to know!

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