Work with me?

“My life wouldn’t be the same without him!” ~ Louis’ Mum
“His YouTube videos help pass the lonely hours when I’m alone” ~ The Dog
“His YouTube channel is as good as his cooking!” ~ The Other Half

I hope the Glowing recommendations above  made you stick around. I’m more than just an amazing cook, a YouTube sensation and a life changer though. Lousnews is a paradise where I talk about Mental Health, Money saving and so much more! After starting in March 2016 I’ve never looked back. I’m amazing at working to a deadline, something that university has taught me well!

I’m so special I’ve been able to work with some equally special brands as well, such as Yazoo, Benefit Drinks, Spectrum Noir, SuperDrug, Paladone, Evo Shave, Bluebeards Revenge and so many more! I’d love to have your company name added to the list! I’m rather versatile in my approach,

what I can bring to the table.. (Not just amazing cake!)

  • Product Reviews
  • YouTube Video Content
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Freelance Writing
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Events
  • Social Media Campaigns

I’d also like to point out that’s not everything. If you think your company might not be the right fit for my website but you’d love to work with me, check out these other cool amazing websites I own! Also an amazing food blog my partner runs!

  1. CubsOnTour
  2. Mattscafe
I’m always checking my inbox, most days. So if you want to know anything else, how I can help you or how to be featured on another website then drop me an email at