When you hear about Yazoo you think milkshake! You might also think that it’s packed with calories, sugar and everything bad for you. So if you’re on a diet you’re going to avoid it right? Well thankfully you don’t need to anymore and I’m here to tell you how you can enjoy milkshake and not put on loads of weight! I didn’t think it was true either but I guess I got proved wrong!

If you haven’t checked out my monthly weight loss reports I would suggest giving them a try. I started off going to the gym although soon found out that it’s more about what I’m eating and the amount of calories everything contained! So I obviously set of for yummy treats that I could have which wouldn’t pile the weight on! Thus Yazoo was discovered!

Yazoo low carloies chocolate

So this particular chocolate Yazoo comes with no added sugar, which is key. I’ve seen loads of no added sugar food and drinks get added to my shopping list every month now. They’re better for you and as my dentist used to say they won’t rot my teeth! Here’s the good part, the whole bottle only contains 96 calories. If you don’t know much about calories then let me give you a little knowledge. I’m allowed 2,100 calories per day in order to actually lose weight by the end of the month. This little treat helps me not only spend less calories but also enjoy the fact that I’m losing weight!

Of course it depends on a person’s preference I suppose. Some people might hate chocolate so this wouldn’t be the right thing for them. However If you’re trying to lose weight I would suggest these in a heart beat. I have a load in the fridge and whenever I want to snack I’ll have one and all my cravings will fade away! If you want to check out more about the drinks then check out the Yazoo website, all the information you need is there!

Parent hack!

If you’re fed up of your school sending your child home with food that they aren’t supposed to have then fear not! Yazoo is accepted. It actually reads on each bottle “YAZOO meets government guidelines for use in schools.” So when a snotty teacher tries to tell you that your child isn’t allowed it in school you can show them what it says and if they have any problems take it up with the headteacher! Because at the end of the day children should be able to enjoy school and their lunches, I used to as a child!

I literally can’t suggest these enough, if you love them as well please let me know! If you know any other foods or drinks with low calories I’d love to know and check out my monthly weight loss reports to find out what my monthly star is, Yazoo will be the treat for March!

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