Weight Loss Report ~ March Edition

It’s time to change things up a little, if you check out my early monthly reports you’ll see that I tried going to the gym. However due to an unfortunate injury I’m now having to give up the gym for the foreseeable future; which yes does suck but also provides more avenues. I’m going to be changing the structure to this post so I hope you like. So what have I been doing?! Without the gym I’ve had to look at other ways in order to lose weight, one of these ways happens to be something I spoke and wrote about before; MyFitnessPal. If you have no idea what it is I’d suggest reading my post on it, however I’ll give you the quick run down. MyFitnessPal counts calories, it gives you a daily limit you’re allowed and you’re not supposed to go over that; that’s if you want to…

My Gym routine & Weight Loss ~ February Report.

Welcome to another one of my reports. Hopefully I’ve lost weight this month and hopefully you’re here to cheer me on. If you have no clue what I’m chatting about check out my other gym reports and check in with my progress over the last few months. With the many trips I have coming up in 2018 I decided it was time to get rid of a few extra lbs, even more so with a plane trip in a few months! I’m really excited about this. No time like the present so I joined the gym and thought I’d keep log of all the work out time I’m putting in, as well as everything I’ve spent in order to maintain my gym lifestyle. I hope you’ll stick with me through this and look forward to my monthly reports! The Gym… I go to the gym in Bournemouth whenever possible. I…