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I love talking, I wrote everything down and made them into posts. I believe life should be a lot easier than it is and that’s why I make the content I do!

Hi, I Am Louis (Lou)

I’m a two time student, life survivor and talking enthusiast.

Take a look around, there’s something for everyone and if there isn’t something for you now, there will be.

Mental Health

As a mental health survivor myself I know a thing or two about living with and dealing with mental health.


Blogging is a huge part of my life and I love to spread positivity and advice for new bloggers!

Student Life

I’ve done my undergrad and I’m now doing my postgrad, I’m either mad or ambitious.

Product Reviews

I can’t stop buying and there’s nothing worse than spending money on bad products or food! I have an opinion and I write them often!

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“Real Reviews”

I’ve never met someone so talented!


I wish I was as good as him!


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