Groupon, how to get the best deals for fairer prices!

I’ve had some recent experience with Groupon and I have to say I’ve ended up rather shocked. If you don’t already know Groupon is an app on your phone which brings you so much. You can purchase discounted items through the app along with experience days and other treatments. Groupon literally brings you hundreds of offers everyday, you can either browse them overall or be location specific, I would always suggest location specific. Firstly let’s talk about the items that you can get through Groupon. Groupon offers discounts on a whole range of items, from water bottles, televisions and toothbrushes! However it has to be said although the discounts look amazing in first glance they might not be as good as they seem. I would always suggest taking a look online first, I’ve found the items online so much cheaper 9 times out of 10 so it always pays to…