Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

{Some items have been gifted for the post, affiliate links are present}.

Now I know adults can be difficult to buy for but they’re nothing compared to some children! I have a younger brother and unless it’s over £100 he probably doesn’t want it. Children can be a pain to buy for and sometimes you just need a little help and inspiration, which is what this post is going to give you!

The Positive Doodle Diary

These days it seems like all parents are worried about their children, which I totally understand and I feel children don’t have that outlet anymore with the endless social media posts and bigger classroom numbers. That’s why I’m loving that I can shout about the positive doodle diary, your children can finally write about their day, express how they feel and totally let go in safety.

This diary not only lets children be themselves but it’s going to help them open up longer term and someone who’s able to say I am who I am, is going to lead a much happier life and that’s what I think all children deserve! What are you waiting for? Go buy one now!

Windy Knickers Board Game

If playing games at Christmas puts a smile on your child’s face then this is a must-have under the Christmas tree this year, without a doubt! It’s a hilarious game that you’re going to want to open up after Christmas dinner to get the laughs flowing and you can bet the kids will love it!

The Danger Gang Book

If you’re trying to get your children reading a little more this year I’d suggest this book, it looks huge but it’s worth the read and your children will be captivated in it for days (depending on how fast they read)!

It looks amazing, I’ve been told it’s “epic”, “easy to read” and “there’s so much stuff going on in it”. I mean what’s not to love? Seriously if you want to get them reading, this is what you need to get.

Wordsearch Board Game

I was hooked on word searches when I was younger, well it turns out that they’ve now been modernized and they’re so much more fun and interactable. The best part is when you’re finished with it you don’t have to throw it in the bin because you can use it again and with other people, what’s not to like!

Children’s Christmas Ideas

Christmas is a time all about family and I think board games are the best way to achieve this, a board game night where the whole family can take part doesn’t have to just be at Christmas! Also, why not slip in something that is good for them? Books are just that! What are you getting your child this Christmas?