Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

{Some items have been gifted for the post, affiliate links are present}.

Now I know adults can be difficult to buy for but they’re nothing compared to some children! I have a younger brother and unless it’s over £100 he probably doesn’t want it. Children can be a pain to buy for and sometimes you just need a little help and inspiration, which is what this post is going to give you!

Sneezy Panda Game

Every child likes games right? When it’s raining and they can’t go to the park that means games and board games! No more tablets and laptops out, grab Sneezy Panda and have some fun. It’s designed for children but the whole family can get involved and enjoy it! If you know a child or even have one that loves playing games like this one, it’s a no brainer! Get them one for Christmas.

Stomp Rocket Super High Performance Stomp Kit

If you’re looking to ditch the screen time and get children outside next year to enjoy the sun, I have just the thing for you! Stomp rocket is one of the amazing games that you can play pretty much anywhere as long as it’s not too windy! Get the children outside, get them stomping their feet and see how far you can make the rocket sore!

Waboba® Wingman Ugly Sweater

Now let’s talk Frisbie, not the dog kind either. These ugly sweater wingmen are just the thing to enjoy around Christmas and also getting everyone outside. Again make sure it’s not windy but you’ll going to have hours of fun with a wingman that’s for sure!

Go Glam Nail Kit!

Painting your nails and nail art is very popular at the moment and not just with girls. If you have a child in your life that loves painting their nails and making them look the best they possibly can, this is the gift you must get them! You’ll find everything you need in the kit to have a nail biting good time!

The kit can be purchased pretty much everywhere, Amazon, studio, Argos and in popular stores across the country. You literally have no excuse not to give this amazing gift to someone this year!

Fun Dig Kits!

What child doesn’t like digging and making a mess? If that sounds like a child you know, pay close attention because these kits are amazing! I’d like to first draw your attention to the world of gemstones dig kit. Any child with this can dig their way to fame and fortune, okay maybe not literal fame and fortune but they can find some amazing gems along the way!

You also have the very fun and messy Dig and Display Fossil Kit which I personally think looks amazing and like so much fun! Not only will a child learn something new about fossils and where they came from but they’ll also have fun in the process! What’s not to love!


So I was about to say any child is going to love this playfoam but that being said, I think it’s a great sensory item and even adults will love it, I know I do! This foam is amazing to play with, model any way you want and really relieves stress. It’s great for anxious children and adults and I can’t recommend it enough! Just keep it away from carpets and rugs!

Reaxion Xplode

Think dominos (not the food) but even better and reimagined! This game is a so fun, I ended up playing it with my brother and we played for two hours without even realising it! It’s super fun to play and actually gets you thinking and using your brain to make sure everything is stacked up the right way.

It makes a great gift and I can’t recommend it enough. If you have a child in your life that loves games like this, it’s the game they need for Christmas!

Botley® 2.0 Activity Set + Costume Set!

If you have a child who loves to learn, have fun and wants to actually get stuck into something and not just play with something that’s going to be thrown away after a few uses, this is the thing for you! Botley is an amazing coding robot, it’s easy to use so children can wrap their heads around it and they achieve something which is great.

You can have hours upon hours of fun with this cheeky chap and there’s so much to do. You can also get the Botley costume set so you can dress him up as you go. It’s hands on, fun and teaches both children and adults how to code! It’s also very affordable compared to similar items on the market!

Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® Fire Truck

This interactive fire truck set is just the thing to get that child in your life this year. I loved fire engines growing up. You hardly see them compared to other emergency service vehicles and I think that’s part of the charm. You can get this bolt buddies fire truck and make someone smile this Christmas.

The fire truck is great for younger children as it helps to improve motor skills and concentration with all the different elements so totally check it out, it’s affordable and worth it!

Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz Game

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter! I have to say most the gifts on this page are towards younger children but I must admit I think all ages would suit this game. I’m 28, my older sister is 33 and we both played this and loved it! It’s loads of fun, interactive and it doesn’t get boring either.

It’s affordable, would make an excellent gift and did I mention it’s so much fun? You can pretty much buy it anywhere, Amazon, Argos, WHSmiths, the range and so many more places so go get yours, I mean go get this for someone else…

Mache Magic

This Twist and Press Maché Magic comes with really simple instructions that even I could understand. It’s super fun and you can create so much it’s mind boggling. Once you have this kit, all you really need is an imagination to get started and children have some of the best imaginations around!

You can get yours in Smyths or online at the Smyths website. It’s super affordable, easy to use and would make an excellent gift for a creative child this Christmas.

Nexcube 3X3 Classic Cube

This Nexcube is just the thing for creative children and children that love a challenge. I’m not going to even pretend that I know how to beat it because I wouldn’t have a clue but I know loads of children who would love this for Christmas, would yours?

Jaques London Chess Set!

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always play chess! I started learning how to play chess at a young age with a Harry Potter chess set after the first film came out. That being said you can’t beat the traditional chess set, you know the ones you see old people playing within the park in films?

Jaques London have you covered, they have amazing chess sets ranging from all different prices and are suitable for all ages. I am going to show you how they come packaged, you’ll see that you don’t even need to wrap it up because it’s presented so well! Just stick a tag on it or put it in a bag!

If you know someone who likes chess, get them this set! We’re taking our set with us to Amsterdam this Christmas to play with in the hotel as some restrictions are in place! Don’t forget to follow me on insta to see how I get on!

Children’s Christmas Ideas

Christmas is a time all about family and I think board games are the best way to achieve this, a board game night where the whole family can take part doesn’t have to just be at Christmas! Also, why not slip in something that is good for them? Books are just that! What are you getting your child this Christmas?