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Now I know adults can be difficult to buy for but they’re nothing compared to some children! I have a younger brother and unless it’s over £100 he probably doesn’t want it. Children can be a pain to buy for and sometimes you just need a little help and inspiration, which is what this post is going to give you!

Bunny Hops! Game

This game can be enjoyed easily by all. It’s a unique card game where you stick a card to your forehead and have to guess the world. It could be a celebrity, word or song. Are your guessing skills up to the task?

This fun, affordable game is the perfect treat for the whole family after you’ve stuffed your face full of Christmas goodies!

Bunny Hops!

Pass The Bomb! Game

You’ll need to be quick on your feet with this game, you’ll be frantically scrambling to find the word containing the letters that you have on your card. Can you guess the word and pass the bomb to the next player or will you get caught out?

This game is intense, fun and great for the whole family. It has the recommended age range 8+ which is suitable as you’ll be solving word puzzles so to speak. With only seconds left on the ticking time bomb, will you be able to guess the word before Christmas day runs out?

Cutie Climbers Flower House

The Frutties Family Pack is a purple flower house with engraved mini blue flowers. It’s the perfect stocking filler that your child is bound to love and what’s more, there are various cutie climbers to pick from so you could think about getting them the whole set!

These interactive pets love to climb, the tree opens up and it’s a whole world of discovery in one toy. It’s bound to keep them entertained for a while.

The Genius Star Game

The Genius Star Game is a logic puzzle game designed for ages 8 and up. It is a single-player game that can be played in solo mode or in a race against the clock.

This single player game is just the thing to keep children busy over the festive period. They can play however they want and the game itself works the brain and helps with hand eye coordination, what’s not to love!

Mizzie The Kangaroo

This Mizzie Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy is the perfect choice for any mum or dad for their new bundles of joy. This touch-and-feel book is bound to have a child’s senses working over time as they discover new experiences.

The Mizzie’s Teething Toy is great for your children who just seem to put everything in their mouths and bite everything, much like a dog! It’s made from natural Australian rubber and is bound to keep a child quiet and a parent happy.

Have You Seen The New Forest Unicorn Book

Have you seen the New Forest unicorn? You may be lucky enough to see the unicorn the next time you’re in the forest! It may be hiding behind the Gorse by the Stone Water Trough at Wootton. Maybe Willow was right… it may go to Setley Pond for a drink!

Are you looking for a book full of wonder, and mystery with a decent storyline? You need to get the Have You Seen The New Forest Unicorn Book. It would look great in a stocking, under the tree or maybe in a Christmas Eve box.

Have You Seen The New Forest Unicorn Book


Your child might not want Sudocrem but their parents will. Sudocrem Is perfect for young children if they have nappy rash, Sudocrem will sort the issue. There are various Sudocrems available on their website and they even have a naturals range! Keep an eye out for limited edition packs like the one below!

Sudocrem is the perfect stocking filler for any parents who have younger children.

Pop Up Super Mario

Who doesn’t love Super Mario? He’s been a staple in every household for years and now you can get your children the amazing Pop Up Super Mario game for Christmas! Who’s going to get Mario jumping? Who’s going to win? It’s a great game for children and for the whole family after the festive meal.

Get your Pop Up Super Mario game now, while stocks last.

John Deere Kids Key ‘n Go Johnny Tractor

Do you have a little one in the family or friend circle who loves tractors? Maybe they have an obsession with keys? This John Deere Kids Key ‘n Go Tractor is the perfect gift to be wrapping up and putting under the tree for them at Christmas. Using the key gives the tractor different sounds and expressions, it’s an interactive toy that includes batteries so it can be played with right away!

Get your amazing John Deere Kids Key ‘n Go Johnny Tractor here!!

Build Your Own Dragon

This has to be the best stocking filler possible. Are your children creative? Do they love making things when they’re bored? This build your own dragon kit is perfect for them. It’ll also make an amazing addition under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.

There are also other build your own kits as well so make sure you check out the entire range and maybe totally spoil your children this Christmas!