Some Items in this post have been gifted for inclusion.

Every year you can count on one thing, Christmas is coming. That also means there’s going to be a lot of food and drink involved. Below are some of my favourite food and drink suggestions for either Christmas parties, Christmas feasts or Christmas gifts. I hope you find something you love or something someone else will love.

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate!

I love Wickedly Welsh, their chocolate is divine and Welsh just like my husband, what’s not to love? Their chocolate tastes amazing, it’s mouth-watering and now you can enjoy it even more. If you’re looking for an epic Advent for you or a friend, get the Wickedly Welsh Advent!

Wickedly Welsh of course have more to offer than just their delicious Advent. Fancy Three French Hens? The Wickedly Welsh Three French Hens are to die for, they’re so smooth and filled with chocolate heaven.

Plus, if you’re bored with the same boring tree decorations, get their Bryn The Christmas Bauble it looks festive, fun and tastes delicious. You can eat it all up on Christmas day as well. Whatever you end up going for from the Wickedly Welsh collection, enjoy it!

Swizzels Sweets!

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? With Christmas just around the corner there’s no better time than now to stock up on sweets. Swizzels have the best sweets on the market, they have all of the classics such as Love Hearts, Double Lollies and more!

If you’re looking to stock up, getting ready for Halloween or attempting to make Christmas the sweetest yet, you should get this 3kg Party Pack of Variety Mix (vegan) and thanks to the fact they’re vegan, everyone can enjoy their favourites.

You can also enjoy the Swizzels Advent Calendar if you’re looking forward to a different sweet treat every day on your run-up to Christmas. With a different favourite every day the journey to Christmas day is sure to be an exciting one.

Double Dutch Mixers

So I’ve already said about how I love my Gin but you need something to mix it with and I must admit, lemonade can be a bit boring after a while. That’s when Double Dutch have your back. They have a whole range of mixers, whether it’s a skinny tonic for the fussy drinkers out there, cucumber and watermelon for the fancy drinkers and so much more for the whole family, as long as they’re 18+ of course.

I’m not saying get this set for someone for Christmas, well you can if they really love gin. What I’m saying is you need to buy this for Christmas so that everyone can enjoy a gin and nobody is moaning that there’s no tonic they like. I’ll be making some recipes using Double Dutch tonics very soon so watch this space.

Liquid Death

Looking for something a little different this Christmas? I have just the thing for you, Liquid Death! Liquid Death might sound like the last thing you want for Christmas but trust me, you’ll love them. They’re sparkling drinks that are bursting with flavour, obviously unique and their advertising it totally out of the box.

If you’re looking for a drink that’s going to get everyones heads turning or perhaps a gift that will make someone both happy and confused this Christmas, Liquid Death is what you need!

GoE Wellness Snacks!

Looking for some healthier snacks to chomp on between Christmas and New Years? Maybe you have a friend or family member that just wants to focus on themselves and their mental and physical wellbeing next year? I have the perfect thing for you! GoE Wellness have some amazing food and drinks that are designed to have you feeling fuller, full of energy and happier in your bodies health.

Take a look at all of the various products GoE Wellness has to offer on the GoE Wellness website. If you’re looking to get brownie points with someone this Christmas, gift them the groovy brownie snack bars, they’re to die for!

These snacks aren’t just great for Christmas. Looking to get back into shape and put in place a healthy routine once the new year hits? Take a look at how GoE Wellness can really help you achieve the best you possible with their entire range!

NOMO Chocolate

Want some chocolate this year but can’t have dairy or other nasty allergens? Well, I have just the thing for you! NOMO are free from chocolate that doesn’t have all the nasties in them, which means everyone can enjoy them. I can’t have dairy that much so NOMO saved my Christmas this year. I don’t have to worry about being unwell. I will also love to point out that the NOMO reindeer make AMAZING stocking fillers and don’t break the bank. Check NOMO OUT!

These NOMO boxes are to die for. They’re the perfect alternative to your standard chocolate you get each year, without the ingredients that make people have a bad boxing day stomach!

Lizi’s Indulgent Granola

Why wake up to the standard, boring breakfast cereals every year? Isn’t it time to spice up Christmas morning? Get these amazing granola packs and kick off Christmas morning with the same energy you want to have all day long! Lizi’s have various flavours but if you want my honest opinion, get the sea salt fudge granola for something truly unique and amazing!

Make sure you order any granola you might want with plently of time before the big day, get your Lizi’s Granola Here.

The Festive Favourites Hamper!

Want something lush to gift this year? I suggest this amazing hamper. You can either get it delivered in a stunning basket or a practical bag. It’s full of goodies that you’re bound to love and if you’re a little unsure, take a look below.

This hamper is affordable, full of treats and well worth the price! Get yours here!