Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide!

One thing I love to buy people every year is Christmas food. Along with some merry Christmas drinks as well because some people love a drink at Christmas!

However, when it comes to Christmas food, there are so many options out there it can be a little confusing can’t it! Take a look at my selection below for some inspiration.

Blue Coffee Box

I don’t know about anyone else but before university, I like to make sure I’ve had a cup of coffee to wake me up! I know the other half loves his coffee on the way to work and we’ve been trying different coffee out all year! This year I’m happy to say one of my favourite coffees to try are from the Blue coffee box subscription!

You get coffee sent to your door every month so you don’t forget. It tastes amazing and it gets you up and running for the day ahead. I can guarantee we’ll be drinking it in 2022 and I think if you have a coffee lover in your family, get them some coffee from the people at Blue Coffee Box!

Opies Food

If you love baking as much as me you’re going to love Opies. I love their ingredients, they’re so yummy, varied and you can make so much with them! They can be purchased in stores across the country, I get mine in Asda. You can get them via their website, Amazon and pretty much anywhere. I have even seen them on GBBO!

I’m looking forward to using their pineapple in spiced rum to make an upsidedown cake very soon! I’d love to know what you’re making with them. If you know a baking fanatic then you have to get them an Opies selection for Christmas!

More Taste & Less Waste CookBook

If you love cooking or know someone that loves cooking but hates food waste, this is the cookbook you want to be getting them. This recipe book has amazing recipes that taste great obviously but also helpful tips that help you reduce food waste. All their recipes are created to maximise the food used as well so you won’t be left with that much food waste in the first place.

The More Taste & Less Waste cookbook is a great gift, it’s helping the planet and it’s thoughtful so whoever you gift it to will know you care!

Winter Warmer Hamper With Red Wine – Regency Hampers

I can’t be the only one that loves getting hampers for Christmas right? This Regency Hamper has everything you could possibly want and need to enjoy a nice night around Christmas time. The great thing about it, it doesn’t have to be used up right away as the products have long dates on them so you can plan a nice night in whenever you want!

It’s packed full of goodies, affordable and would make the best gift for family or any loved one! My favourite are the chocolates and I guarantee they won’t last long, whoever you gift this to will love it, or just keep it for yourself! They are never easy to take photos of but go check out their website for the full range of hampers they have to offer!

The Secret Garden Christmas Gin!

I think everyone loves gin right?! The Secret Garden make some of the best gin that I’ve ever tasted. They have their very own limited edition Christmas gin on their website and I dare say you need it! It tastes amazing and I can’t wait to make it into a recipe or cocktail.

If you know a gin lover who also loves Christmas, this is the best gift for them. Compared to other Christmas gins on the market it looks great and it’s affordable. It would make a nice statement gift and did I mention it tastes amazing?

Alcohol Free Treats – Virginia Hayward Hamper

Know someone who prefers to go alcohol free? I know I do sometimes and I tend not to drink around Christmas as I love to remember everything that happens. This Virginia Hayward hamper is the perfect thing to either get yourself or a loved one who prefers not to consume alcohol around Christmas.

It’s jam packed with goodies, the Cottage Delight Sparkling Raspberry Meringue Kisses were in my opinion the best thing I’ve tasted all year. This hamper seriosly shouts class and anyone you gift it to will love you forever. It’s also under £50 which in my opinion is totally affordable and it comes in a nice basket as well!

Paddy and Scotts Christmas Tea & Coffee • Gift Hamper

Coffee is a big thing in our house, my husband loves it and he loves Paddy and Scotts that’s for sure! This hamper has everything you could possibly want as a coffee lover and tea drinker! 3 bags of coffee, brew bags so you can have coffee on the go or at work like my husband and tea pigs tea bags which I will say taste amazing.

This box has everything you could possibly want. It makes an amazing gift and it’s actually really affordable and presented really well. You can see more pictures on their website as mine obviously don’t do it justice! Go get a coffee lover the best gift ever this Christmas with this Paddy and Scotts Hamper!