Mothers Day Gift Guide

Did you know that Mothers day happens every year and yet people still leave buying gifts to the last minute, crazy right?! With this gift guide, you won’t need to leave your gift-giving to the last minute because you’ll soon remember and you’ll have all the best gift ideas at your disposal.

You’ll find something for every mum in this list, if you don’t I’m so sorry but you can’t sue me, so no small claims court. Are you like me and getting mothers day sorted weeks in advance or do you leave it last minute and hope for the best? Let me know in the comments!

Cadbury Chocolate Gift Set

So I wanted to start with something that everyone can appreciate that would make the best Mother’s Day gift out there! A big bo of Cadbury chocolate and let’s face it, who doesn’t love Cadbury? This box is packed with so much amazing chocolate it’ll keep your mum happy for days and easily make you the favourite child!

This box has a variety of different chocolates in, you can find more through this link however I will say it’s great value for money, looks amazing and is filled with some firm favourites, plus the presentation is amazing so it can’t get much better than that!

Stunning Toff London Watch

This watch is the perfect gift to give a mum who literally has everything. It’s so cute, made really well and just looks amazing. If your mums a dog person like mine I’m sure she will love this and it’s such a thoughtful gift as well!

The watch is on sale at the moment which means you’re grabbing a bargain and you can still impress the most important woman in your life! Pair this watch with some amazing chocolate and you’ve just won Mothers Day, well done!

Grüum Wünder Bars

If you have an eco-friendly mum like mine you might want to think a little outside the box, which is why these vegan, plastic-free soap bars are just what you need! I love these bars so much, the packaging is 100% plastic-free and palm oil-free as well!

The set comes with a soap holder and three bars, your mum will have enough to last her quite a while and something to hold the soap in. They’re incredible and very well priced for the eco-friendly product you’re getting! Think outside the box with these soaps!

Nurture Picture Hannah Turlington Designs

How about something a little different that I just LOVE! Stick this photo in a photo frame and give it to your mum so she can look at it every day and remember just how much you love her! Brownie points, unlike chocolate it’s there to stay.

Hannah has a whole host of pictures on her website that you can pick from, they’re one of a kind and quite frankly you’ll find it difficult to pick a favourite, why not get yourself something while you’re there!?

Nurture Picture Hannah Turlington Designs

Booja Booja Truffle Selection No3

If your mum loves chocolate but doesn’t want the “norm”, I have the best thing for you right here! I’ve seen a lot of chocolate in my lifetime but I have to say these are some of the finest I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The price is amazing, it doesn’t cost the earth, and normally when something is organic or vegan the price tag increases, well not this chocolate! If you’re looking for the best vegan chocolate truffles, you’ve found them!

Stunning Hand Creams

I’m not sure if your mum is anything like mine but she’s always busy doing something. Which is why I recommend hand cream every time, Mothers day, birthdays or even Christmas. Getting your mum hand cream is the best gift you can give, even more so now she’s washing her hands so much.

Heathcote & Ivory have some of the best-known brands and the best hand creams for amazing prices on their websites and I’ve got two that you should totally check out! If you’re stuck for an idea, you aren’t any longer!

Copper Clothing – Copper Infused Clothing

So I’m sure you’ve heard about copper bracelets, I’ve purchased some as gifts in my time and I’ve heard great things about them. Well, now you don’t have to limit yourself to a hefty bracelet!

There are so many benefits to having copper clothing and getting them as gifts. They protect against germs, infections, odours and so much more! You can find all the information on the copper clothing website but I just love them!

I got the Anti-Microbial Copper Compression Gloves which are amazing and feel so great! I also got the Copper Blanket Throw and I have to say it feels amazing and keeps you nice and warm! If you want to get your mum something with meaning, this does the job!

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

If you’re looking for something a little different, this scotch is the perfect thing. I know most people wouldn’t dream of getting their mum scotch for Mother’s day but in a world where we’re all stuck inside, it’s time to think outside that box!

This Whiskey comes in an amazing bottle, looks fancy as hell and you’d think it cost three times as much as it does. If your mum has class and good taste, she’s going to appreciate this!

VEX Gift Vouchers

Do you have that mother who says “just get me a voucher or something” but never says what for? Well, now I have just the solution so you can get your mum the perfect voucher.

The VEX voucher allows you to give your mum a voucher this Mothers day and she can exchange it for any voucher she likes. VEX has B&Q, Sainsbury’s, IKEA, M&S and so much more to pick from, you’re giving a perfect gift and an excellent choice.

Piglets Pantry Hello Spring Afternoon Tea

I love this fun idea for Mother’s day, over the last year we’ve not been able to spend much time with our loved ones but getting this amazing set is going to fix that.

It comes with a whole host of amazing, artisan foods and I can’t praise it enough! The cakes are to die for and I’ve never had a better sausage roll! Check Piglet Pantry out and make the day even more magical!

Oggs Zesty Lemon Cake

If you’re lucky enough to spend time with your mother this year, I can’t shout about this cake enough. I know it’s not a birthday so most people won’t have cake but this is a must. My mum loves lemon cake and she loves Oggs so it was a no-brainer for me!

I also love lemon, make a lot of lemon drizzle cakes, and love everything vegan which I can happily say this cake is totally vegan and cruelty-free. There are loads of reasons why you should treat your mum to this on Mother’s day, the main one being because you love her. If you’re a whizz with icing you can always put a little message on top!

Mothers Day

I’m sure you’ve now got enough ideas on what you can get your mum for Mother’s day. Let me know what you’re thinking about getting your mum and if you’ve decided to order anything for yourself, because why not!