Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Some items were gifted for the post, all opinions are my own!

Did you know that Mother’s Day happens every year and yet people still leave buying gifts to the last minute, crazy right?! With this gift guide, you won’t need to leave your gift-giving to the last minute because you’ll soon remember and you’ll have all the best gift ideas at your disposal.

You’ll find something for every mum in this list, if you don’t I’m so sorry but you can’t sue me, so no small claims court. Are you like me and getting mothers day sorted weeks in advance or do you leave it last minute and hope for the best? Let me know in the comments!

Cadbury Love Mum Chocolate Gift

Who doesn’t love chocolate, there’s nothing better than Cadbury chocolate in my opinion! My mum loves Cadbury chocolate and I’m sure most mums in the world do as well. This Cadbury box is full of yummy treats that your mum is going to love and probably not share with anyone.

Get your mums this huge box of chocolate for mothers day and you’re going to have so many brownie points under your belt that you’ll be the favourite child for years to come!

Cadbury gift set

Amazing Books!

If there’s one thing my mum loves, it’s reading. I’ve got a set of books you’re going to love and not just because I’ve already got a favourite out of the three! All three books have their own style and there’s a book for every mother out there.

Redefining Selfish gives amazing advice on how to change for the better, subtle changes that aren’t going to disrupt your life completely but are still valuable and important. Sea State is book one of two and so captivating you’re not going to want to put it down until you’re on the last page, trust me I’ve read it! The Stealing, is amazing! I wish I could say more but I’d be giving too many spoilers!

If you love your mum I’d suggest getting all three of these books. They all have their own unique selling points and genres and they are all written beautifully!

Jackson Mystique White Figure Ice Skates

Mother and daughter bonding time can be difficult so if you’re someone thinking my wife or girlfriend could spend more time with our daughter, these are the perfect gift. Ice skating is one of the few sports and activities I actually understand and I can say it’s a great way for two people to connect.

If you have a look on you can get so many cool skates, ice skates, skateboards etc. So this mothers day why don’t you get your partner and your daughter something they can both do? Get some skates!

Jackson Mystique White Figure Ice Skates

Transformulas Marine Queen

What would Mother’s day be without some amazing cosmetics? These amazing cosmetic products are rich in vitamin C & E. I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about skincare but I do know this looks amazing. It comes with a lovely travel bag as well which is both practical and a nice touch.

Also if your mum cares about what she’s putting on her face and the environment at the same time these products are perfect. Transformulas have amazing vegan products and care about what they produce, what’s not to like! If you care about your mum get her this amazing set!

Guylian Chocolates

Chocolate! Who doesn’t like chocolate, I love Guylian! Guylian are perfect for any occasion, Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas, birthdays or any day ending in a Y. It’s simple, get your mum some Guylian for Mothers day and she’s going to love you and maybe she’ll even share some with you and in my opinion that’s a winning situation!

Love Leggings

Here’s something different to get your mum for Mother’s day, some leggings! My mum loves going to the gym and she’s always complaining about leggings being terrible. Love Leggings make some amazing leggings. My mum has tried them out and says they’re great for the gym or just wearing at home when she can’t be bothered with jeans!

She did however decline a photo opportunity so what I’ve done is I’ve added a picture from the website of her favourite pair! If your mum is bored of chocolate, books and gift vouchers, take a look at Love Leggings and make sure she’s not disappointed this Mothers Day!

Afternoon Tea Hamper!

Who doesn’t love a hamper, who doesn’t love tea? This hamper is full of amazing treats to keep any mum happy this Mother’s day! This afternoon tea hamper has some delicious treats, I have to say though that the tea is one of the best I’ve ever had and I’m a snob when it comes to tea!

However, BoutiqueGifts have a whole range of hampers to pick from so head on over and see what they have to offer. My mum and mother in law love hampers so you really can’t go wrong.

Green & Blacks Hamper

More chocolate, with a healthier twist this time! I love Green and Blacks, the chocolate is mega tasty but healthier than most. Organic chocolate and dark chocolate are much better for someone than pure milk chocolate. If you love your mum show her you want to treat her but want to make sure she’s happy with the mass amounts of treats she going to get!

Mother’s Day

I’m sure you’ve now got enough ideas on what you can get your mum for Mother’s day. Let me know what you’re thinking about getting your mum and if you’ve decided to order anything for yourself, because why not!