Some items were gifted for the post, all opinions are my own!

Did you know that Mother’s Day happens every year and yet people still leave buying gifts to the last minute, crazy right?! With this gift guide, you won’t need to leave your gift-giving to the last minute because you’ll soon remember and you’ll have all the best gift ideas at your disposal.

You’ll find something for every mum on this list, if you don’t I’m so sorry but you can’t sue me, so no small claims court. Are you like me and getting mothers day sorted weeks in advance or do you leave it last minute and hope for the best? Let me know in the comments!

LOVALL For All Women

If you’re looking to treat your mum this Mother’s Day with some amazing clothing, I’d suggest going for LOVALL, literally for women; all women! They have an amazing selection of clothing that are the perfect fit for women all shapes and sizes and they pride themselves on having inclusive fashion.

Does your mum need a new pair of jeans or just something to make them feel and look better? Spoil them this mothers day with LOVALL!

LOVALL For All Women Clothing

The Mother of Honey

I personally think The Mother of Honey is an amazing book for Mother’s Day and the fact that mother is in the title totally sells it for me. Take a look at it, get your mum it and get them brownie points for Christmas!

This captivating narrative traces the life of Iracy, a woman of indomitable spirit who challenges the norms of her era, battling against the injustices of imperialism, poverty, and patriarchy.

From the rugged landscapes of rural Brazil to the bustling cityscape of Sao Paulo, Iracy’s odyssey brims with love, sorrow, and triumphs. Alongside her sisters Maria and Ana Maria Luisa, she confronts the stark realities of indigenous and African slaves in colonial Brazil, as well as the formation of pioneering mixed-race families.

Narrated through the eyes of Iracy’s daughter, the guardian of tales, “Mother of Honey” stands as a poignant homage to the resilience of the feminine essence. Delving into the profound impact of ancestry on our lives and those of our kin, this narrative illuminates the human capacity to surmount even the most daunting adversities.

Thirty-Eight Days of Rain

This book is so gripping, what’s more important to you being a mother or being a daughter! Ekk!! This is just the kind of book my mums always reading, it’s not boring and it’s 100% immersive!

At the age of twenty-four, Androulla finds herself newly wedded and facing the harsh truth of her infertility. In her pursuit of Cypriot citizenship through adoption by her stepfather, she contemplates the possibility of one day adopting a child of her own.

As the weight of this reality sinks in, Androulla’s marriage begins to unravel. Amidst bureaucratic hurdles and medical consultations, she grapples with the essence of identity, womanhood, and the inevitable quandary of prioritizing her core values when faced with an impossible decision.

iWALK Portable Charger

I remember a holiday I went on with my mum once, she never charged her phone and it would run out of charge so often! I’ve given her this iWALK portable charger and it’s great. She uses it all the time and for once when I call her it doesn’t go straight to voicemail! The iWALK comes in various colours as well, a colour to suit every mum out there!

I actually have one of these on order for myself, a black one. I’m going to Flordia soon and I thought this would be amazing to take. It’s so small you can slip it into your pocket if you wanted and use it anytime you want. It’s affordable compared to other, more bulky chargers on the market and it does the job just as well!

Canal Toys So Bomb DIY Aroma

Bath bombs! Mum loves them but she always says the whole bath bomb process is a little too short! Get her one of these, I did! Also great for mums that have small children running around the place. An activity for the whole family, super fun and very affordable!

I would also like to point out that this is super affordable and you wouldn’t be able to buy three bath bombs on their own in some of the high street shops for this price. It looks expensive and you just know that even though people say it’s the thought that counts, they like something that looks pretty and expensive!

KASBAH – Soumaya Scarf – Silver Fox

This scarf is beautiful, feels amazing and is affordable. It’s the perfect gift for your mum, especially with the increase in heating costs! I love KASBAH, they have so many wonderful pieces on their website and there’s something to suit every mum out there. I love the silver fox colour as well. If you want to win one of your own, go take a look at the competition! First, get your mum one for Mother’s day!

Seriously though, I’ll be keeping an eye on their website. I want to get a few bits for Christmas gifts but I’d love to see them do some accessories for men perhaps, the scarf is so soft I just know a men’s version would be just as amazing!

SS O’Connor Book Collection!

Is your mum always asking questions or looking to start a conversation about lord knows what. Then she’s going to love this book collection. I say collection because you’d be foolish to only get her one! Each book holds answers anyone may have been searching for, amazing conversation starters and quite frankly it’s quite the hoot that you wouldn’t have thought books like this could be lined with humour!

They are all available to buy on Amazon which means you won’t be waiting around ages to get your mum these gifts. There’s nothing worse than it being the day before Mother’s day and you have no idea what’s going on or where the gifts are! Order today, don’t delay!

Varuna Ss Crew Thyme Crane T-Shirt

I took my own picture, it sucked. I thought the one below from the official website did the t-shirt a lot more justice! This top is soft, it’s luxurious and my mum loves it but she wouldn’t model it sorry. I love Sherpa, their clothing is all fantastic and they’re a company with a mission. Their mission is to ensure children across the globe are educated. Don’t just give your mum a gift this Mother’s day, help out a child at the same time!

Mother’s Day

I’m sure you’ve now got enough ideas on what you can get your mum for Mother’s day. Let me know what you’re thinking about getting your mum and if you’ve decided to order anything for yourself, because why not!