Pet Lovers Gift Guide

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If you’ve got a pet at home you might be thinking, what can I get them for Christmas? Well, one thing I think we can all agree on is that most animals love food, being pampered and playing about with their humans and toys! So that’s exactly what I’m going to feature in this little, unique gift guide I have going here.

I mean shops are full of products being thrown at us these days and correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t people spoilt for choice and most of the time we’ve never seen or heard of the product before and yet we’re left buying it? Well not anymore, take a look at these products and see what’s what!

Be:loved Pet and Person Range

If you want something totally out there, something you’ve probably not seen before and something that you can both use on your pet and yourself I have just the product for you!

I must say as well the packaging for this is so lovely and it’s something you want under your tree! The fact it’s vegan speaks volumes to me and you know that the ingredients are going to be natural and not harm anyones skin!

Lily’s Kitchen Pet Food

I love advent calendars and it’s not Christmas without advent calendars and why not get some for the pets? I mean we don’t want them feeling left out as well do we? These Lily’s advent calendars are perfect for both dogs and cats and the best thing to give them on their countdown to Christmas!

Give your pet a treat everyday on the run up to Christmas and then you can give them everything else in this gift guide to make their Christmas special as well!

Nylabone Dog Treats

My dogs always have something in their mouth, that’s never going to change and that’s why I love these bits from Nylabone. If you’ve got a kong I fill mine up with peanut butter and they love it! Although every dog is different so treat them with what they love and before they go to bed they can have some dental snacks for their teeth!

Bakers Dog Treats

These Bakers treats are only £1 in most shops and great value if you want my opinion! My dogs open their presents themselves and whenever these are under the tree they love them and go straight for it! Get yourself down Poundland, Home Bargains or B&M and get your pups some!

So the moral of the story, get your pets something for Christmas and make sure they have a magical Christmas just like yourself!