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Got a pet? I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s either a cat or dog and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless you’re one of my sisters who have rabbits. Most of the UK has dogs and cats and that’s why I thought I’d put this little gift guide together to showcase some bits that they’d love to enjoy this Christmas.

Let’s face it, sometimes we spend more on our pets than ourselves and you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that! Check out these items for some inspiration and see if there’s anything you want to get them this Christmas!

Le Wag Treats & Toys

I love Le Wag, they have so many amazing toys and treats and they’re the perfect choice if you’re looking to get your dog something this Christmas. This Churro toy is a lot of fun, stuff the churros into their cone and watch your pride and joy get them out.

You can also stuff the cone with some yummy Le Wag treats. We recommend these delicious (my dogs words, not mine) peanut butter bones. Dogs love peanut butter and these bones are the perfect treat, they also fit in the cone amazingly!

Churro Cone

Not only is the Coffee and Donutz toy from Le Wag amazingly cute but just like the Churro Cone, stuff them donuts in the mug and watch your pup dig them out. It’s a fun, interactive toy that they can get a lot of enjoyment out of. It keeps them stimulated and they’re sure to sleep at night after keeping themselves entertained!

If you’re looking for a little treat for your pups, maybe they’ve been good or they just want something to munch on while you’re eating dinner. These Veggie Knotted Bones are the perfect treat. It’ll take them forever to chew down and they’ll enjoy them. Perfect for dogs who like to bite and chew everything!

Doodlebone Treats & Accessories!

Looking for some amazing treats which are brilliant for training? Maybe some accessories for your new pup? Well, Doodlebone has you covered for whatever you’re looking for!

Doodlebone has amazing treats, their duck flavour went down a storm in our household and was gone in days. Their beef flavour was also well received as well. They have various flavours on their website and you should check them all out. They’re perfect for training. The Doodlebone treats are a sure favourite.

Doodlebone also have some exceptional accessories. We suggest their combinations though. My pup looks amazing in his Doodlebone collar, harness and lead when he goes for walks. They even have an amazing size guide on their website to ensure you get the best clothing for your pups.

Seriously, if you’re looking to kit your pup out in the best there is, check out the Doodlebone accessories and clothing options!

Nylabone Chew Bones

Nylabone has some of the best bones on the market. If you have a teething puppy at home who is trying to eat everything in sight, Nylabone is the choice for you.

Their bones are packed full of flavour which means your dog will instantly want to get them and have a chew. They have a whole range of bones and other treats/toys on their website which you can browse. If you want your pup spoilt this Christmas, go with Nylabone!

PetLove Toys

We all know that dogs go through literally hundreds of toys in their lifetime and love to rip them to shreds! PetLove has some of the best toys I have ever seen and our pup tried them out himself.

His favourite is the Wonky Woolies Tuggerz Sheep, the rope on the sheep is great to either hold onto or let your dog use as a tug. PetLove have a whole range of toys on their website that you can pick from and they’re all shapes and sizes to suit your dog.

Cat Calming Diffuser

Pets can easily get anxious and scared, most people think that it’s just dogs that get scared when it comes to the likes of fireworks but actually, most animals do and that includes cats.

This calming diffuser amits a drug-free pheromone formula that helps calm your cats down and manage problematic behaviours in cats. If you’re looking to get your cat something for Christmas that they’d appreciate, this is it.

Tangle Dog Bowl

Looking for a unique dog bowl that your pup can appreciate and you can feel better about your shopping purchases? Know someone who has a new dog and they need a bowl which helps save the ocean by being made from recycled fishing nets and looking stunning.

This bowl feels great, looks great, helps save the planet and compared to competitiors on the market, is very affordable. Let a dog eat in luxury this year.

Squishmallows Maui Pineapple Pet Bed

Did anyone order a super cute dog bed? If you haven’t, you should. This pineapple Squishmallows dog bed is super cute, fluffy soft and is nice and durable no matter how many times a dog jumps in and out of it. Do you have a doggo in your life that needs this bed? Maybe someone you know just got their own dog and needs a bed for them?

This Squishmallows Maui Pineapple Pet Bed is the perfect thing to get, get it here!

Jazwares Wham-O Pets Frisbee Squeaksbee

Looking to get outside with your dog this coming summer but need to get some new toys? Maybe your friend has a new puppy who loves his walks in the park. You should consider getting every dog you know one of these durable, flexible squeaking Frisbees, which squeeks! Get yours here!

Jazwares Wham-O Pets Frisbee Gripsbee

Want to get your furry family member something with a little grip? Something that you can play with outside which isn’t going to fall apart after a few throws? This frisbee is easy to grip which is great for both throwing and catching! It’s bright, lightweight and does the job it was made to do! Get yours here!

Hug Pet Food

Have I got a treat for you, or I should say have I got a treat for your furry friend! If you’re looking for an exciting treat to give your dog for Christmas this year, Hug Pet Food have you covered. They have an amazing festive feast for your dog with their Three Bird Roast Dinner!

I always say I wish dogs could eat more human food but a lot of it is bad for them and can cause serious issue. Hug Pet Food have sorted that out, made healthier and safe food for dogs and made sure they can eat more exciting foods and what better time than at Christmas!