Some items were gifted for this post.

I love reading, books are a passion of mine so it would only seem fair if I rounded up some of the cool books I’ve been sent this year in a post so others could also see what I’ve been enjoying. The books below are some that I’ve been sent, some have been included in book tours I’ve done and others I’ve just been sent to read or may have purchased myself. They are all, in my opinion, great suggestions and I hope you find something you love or something a loved one will love to read.

Romance Books

Who doesn’t love a good romance book? I know I do and they’re perfect for the festive period. You can read a good book and enjoy a nice hot chocolate at the same time, what’s not to love. Take a look at some of the romance books below and get yourself or a friend something amazing to read this Christmas!

Love in Winter Wonderland: Happily ever after may be just around the corner and in this masterpiece you’ll follow two souls who just so happen to turn that corner!

Only for the Holidays: Another Christmas read with an amazing ending, if you’re looking for something that will have you gripped and loving the festive season, this is it.

Personal Growth

If you’re personally looking for a book to help with personal growth or you’re buying for something you think might benefit from this type of book, I have some great suggestions! Take a look at the books below which I personally love and get the gift of giving back this Christmas.

People In Their Element: People in their Element will help people lead their life, manage themselves and work practices better and will help them tackle difficult questions and personal dilemma head on. It’s a great book for someone who is looking to achieve more in all walks of life.

Making A Difference: This book is perfect for people who love to give back. This book is packed full of ideas on how people can give back to their community, make a positive impact and feel good. It’s perfect for positive personal growth on multiple levels.


Who doesn’t love some fiction? Fiction is one of the best gifts you can give because it taps into the imagination and the possabilities are quite literally endless. Take a look at some of the great fiction books below for some amazing suggestions.

Sarah Needs Saving: Fast paced, action packed and full of enough twists, turns and disasters to keep you hooked from start to finish. This book is gripping, will have you on the edge of your seat and is well worth the read.


Life is a never ending rollar coaster. That’s why it’s important to find books that delve into that and sometimes they don’t have to be traumatic, they can be fun. Take a look at some of the interesting novels below.

Mary and Her Seven Devils: Well written, action packed and an impelling story. Mary learns what’s most important in her life and what’s holding her back and she find that one size does not fit all.

Good and Bad Times at University: Book 2 in the series, however you can easily read this as a stand alone if you want. University is full of bad times but equally mixed with the good times and this book goes through them all. This is an intellengent book and a very imformative read.

Student Fun and a Mammoth Discussion: Masterpiece. This child genius breaches the topics of big discussions, some of which may be very relatable, such as rumours. Great book if you want a funny read.

Comedy Alcohol Trauma and Games: Want to hear about some of the outrageous things students have done while using alcohol, this hilarious novel will have you gripped when Becky helps trauma and anxiety plauged people along the way.