Some items have been gifted for this post.

I’m a huge geek, a total nerd and I love getting cool stuff for Christmas. It can be geeky, nerdy, gaming or anything that fits into the parameters of that and I love unwrapping them. I’ve made this little list of stuff that I’d love to get for Christmas and hopefully I’ll help inspire others to get their loved ones some amazing presents this year!

Star Trek Universe Figures

What self-respecting geek or gamer doesn’t like Star Trek? Don’t get me wrong, I would rather watch Stargate over Star Trek any day but I still really enjoy Star Trek! Now imagine someone who can’t get enough of Star Trek, you’d obviously get them something Star Trek related!

These Star Trek figures are the perfect choice for a Trekkie this Christmas. There are several to pick from but let’s face it, everyone wants Data! If you know a die-hard fan of Star Trek and have someone in mind get them there!

Sonic Prime Action Figures

Know someone who loves the Sonic Franchise? Maybe they got way too hooked on the recent films that came out or are just a die hard fan from back in the day. These action figures are the perfect gift this Christmas to put a smile on their face!

With all your main characters in the pack nobody is going to get left out. They might not even want to open it and just display it on their shelves. Either way, it’s the perfect gaming, geek gift this Christmas and super affordable!

Sonic Prime Action Figures

TheraTears Screen Eyes 5 in 1 Eye Drops 10ml

TheraTears Screen Eyes 5 in 1 Eye drops are formulated for reducing eye strain, relieving eye irritation, and refreshing your dry, and irritated eyes caused by eye dryness and extended screen use. That means anyone who is gaming for long periods of time doesn’t have to worry about their eyes hurting at the end of each game.

These screen eyes eye drops are affordable can be found in stores such as Boots, Tesco, Asda and other retail stores. They’re easy to apply and are long-lasting so you won’t have to apply them continually all night when you’re gaming!

If you know someone who loves to game, is always staying up all night when a new game is released or is playing multiplayer games often and can’t take breaks then you need to get them these eye drops for Christmas. They’re the perfect stocking filler for gamers!


I am in love with Exogrip! I’m forever playing on the PlayStation and to finally have something moulded to my hands that make gameplay so much easier, this is what you want, no this is what you need. If you love playing on the PlayStation or know someone who can’t put their controller down, get them Exogrip!

Playstation Glass Stein

Having got a Playstation 5 for my graduation I am now a huge Playstation fan and it’s all my husbands fault. That’s probably why whenever I’m playing the Playstation now he brings me this stein full of Pepsi Max (or other generic fizzy drinks brand here). If you know someone who is obsessed with the Playstation as much as I now am, they need this for Christmas so go and get them this very stylish, very affordable Playstation Glass Stein!

Groot Something Wild!

I LOVE Groot! Baby Groot to be exact. If you know someone just like me I’d suggest getting them this amazing game. It’s got baby Groot with a Santa hat on it. This card game is super fun, at a really affordable price and it’s a great present for either under the tree or a great stocking filler. They have other variations and I know I have my eye on the Spiderman one. If you know a geek that would love this for Christmas, don’t waste time, get it now!

Ted Lasso Party Game

Who doesn’t love Ted Lasso? I mean I’m not going to lie, I had no idea who he was before I got this game but now that I’ve played it, I’m addicted! This game Is great for the whole family, it’s not too pricey and I feel like everyone can get involved and enjoy it, I do feel like if you’re 20 years old or more that you’re going to enjoy it even more. This is one of the best games you can play over the festive period, who doesn’t love family game night after all?

Star Wars Tumblers

Star Wars! I think I’ve mentioned loads of times on Lousnews that I am a Star Wars baby! I was born May 4th which makes me a product of Star Wars so I’m going to love everything Star Wars Related. This Star Wars tumbler set is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan! I’m going to be gifting these to my dad this Christmas and I would suggest if you have a dad who loves Star Wars as much as mine, get them this and feel appreciated.