Every year it’s Father’s day and yet people have no idea what to do or get for their dads, well don’t worry. With this handy Fathers day list, I’ve got you covered with a whole list of ideas you can use and get your dad something nice for Christmas.

There really is something for everyone in this gift guide. I know that dads can be very picky or never know what they want, wouldn’t it be nice to have people in your life who knew what they wanted? Well check out the list below and see what you can find!

Swizzels Sweets & Chocolates

I’ve loved Swizzels for as long as I can remember. My dad also loves them but his most asked sweets for Christmas as these Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites so it makes sense that I’ve gotten him these for Father’s Day! The Swizzels love hearts are also super sweet and make an amazing gift although the more I look at it the more I want to eat it!

Swizzels are one of my favourite sweet brands and they do so much more than what you can see below. Swizzels have their own suitcases which are so super cool and I wish I’d known before I got a new suitcase for my upcoming holiday! They also do their own Swizzels personalised sweets for weddings and other fun occasions. Totally check them out and see what you think! Who doesn’t want a sweeter life?

Oxford Rye Whiskey

I am in love with this Oxford Rye Whiskey Purple grain anniversary edition! I’ve had Oxford Rye before and love their Oxford Rye Vodka, which I’ve used to make my own gin at home. You don’t need high quality vodka to make gin like the Oxford Rye Vodka but I wanted to make sure it turned out perfect and it did! If you’re looking to make your own gin, I can’t recommend their vodka enough.

If your dad loves whiskey, you should probably get him this Oxford Rye Whiskey! Not only does it looks stunning and like a luxury item, but it’s also a lot cheaper than other specialised whiskeys on the market. The flavour is superb, unlike any other whiskey I’ve tried before and even though it’s not Father’s Day quite yet I have had a glass with my dad and we were both in agreement that this whiskey is one of the best we’ve ever had.

Oxford Rye obviously have more products than the whiskey so make sure you head on over to the Oxford Rye Website and have a little browse.

Löfbergs Coffee

Anybody else got a dad who drinks way too much coffee? I know mine does and that’s why I’m making sure he has this Löfbergs coffee for Father’s Day. My partner has been using the coffee for quite a while now so I know how tasty it is. He has some every morning that he takes to work and he can’t get enough of it, if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for my dad as they’re both fussy!

Löfberg Have loads of coffee on their website so make sure you check them out. I’ve tried the beans and ground coffee that they have to offer and even though I’m not the biggest coffee fan, I quite liked them. Visit the Löfbergs Website and take a look at all the coffee they have on offer. I mean what coffee loving dad doesn’t want coffee on their day?

John Deere 1/32 8RX 410 Prestige Collection Toy

Is your dad a tractor fan? Mine is. Growing up down south with the country side around us we used to go tractor spotting, I don’t understand it but he did. If your dad is anything like mine this John deere collectors piece will be one of the best gifts you can get him.

Of course, if your dad is just a huge toy fan and still has a collection of prestige cars, trucks, tractors and lorries, this would also make an amazing git. Personally, with children running around it would be difficult to keep it in the box so make sure if your dads the same that he’s putting it on a very high shelf so it doesn’t get damaged. As something who collects Funko Pops in the box, I know what an amazing product in the box means!

Get it on Amazon and surprise your dad with an epic gift this Fathers day, or Christmas because I love Christmas!

Manchester Drinks Co. Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur

Not to make it about me but I’ve been following the Manchester Drinks Co. for quite a while now after getting some of their bottles for Christmas. Now that I live in Manchester I feel it’s my duty to buy more of it and that’s why I’m looking forward to gifting this bottle to my dad who I know is going to love it. He shares my passion for all things gin and I know he’s going to love this.

I’m gifting him the Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur although if you’re looking for something a little different I’d check out their website. They even have Parma Violet gin liqueur which I’ve tried in the past and it’s delicious. Make sure you take a look at their website for more amazing bottles you can give to your dad on Father’s Day!

Hawkshead Relish Company

I’ve recently discovered that I’m gluten intolerant and let me tell you, it sucks! Thankfully there are some amazing foods out there that I can enjoy, one such as this relish from Hawkshead. My family are rallying around me and eating foods without gluten which is great but I will admit, I don’t want them getting their hands on this relish because it’s so yummy!!

If you have a gluten-free father who loves his food, this relish is just the thing. It can be paired with almost anything, they taste amazing, they’re gluten-free and you can even cook with them. Imagine spiced mango chicken breast, slowly simmering away in the slow cooker for when you get home. If you dad loves to cook, you should already have this relish in your basket!

PLAYin CHOC chocolate

What kind of dad doesn’t want chocolate for Father’s Day? Personally, I can’t have gluten so I think everyone else should have to suffer with me, thankfully with this PLAYin CHOC you don’t have to suffer because it tastes amazing. In the past, they’ve had some amazing chocolates for children but now they have all sorts on their website including chocolate for adults in all kinds of flavours!

Take a look at the PLAYin CHOC website and see for yourself. They have something for everyone, they’re affordable compared to some of the specialised chocolate on the market and you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure!