Every year it’s Father’s day and yet people have no idea what to do or get for their dads, well don’t worry. With this handy Fathers day list, I’ve got you covered with a whole list of ideas you can use and get your dad something nice for Christmas.

There really is something for everyone in this gift guide. I know that dads can be very picky or never know what they want, wouldn’t it be nice to have people in your life who knew what they wanted? Well check out the list below and see what you can find!

Swizzels Sweets & Chocolates

I’ve loved Swizzels for as long as I can remember. My dad also loves them but his most asked sweets for Christmas as these Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites so it makes sense that I’ve gotten him these for Father’s Day! The Swizzels love hearts are also super sweet and make an amazing gift although the more I look at it the more I want to eat it!

Swizzels are one of my favourite sweet brands and they do so much more than what you can see below. Swizzels have their own suitcases which are so super cool and I wish I’d known before I got a new suitcase for my upcoming holiday! They also do their own Swizzels personalised sweets for weddings and other fun occasions. Totally check them out and see what you think! Who doesn’t want a sweeter life?

Oxford Rye Whiskey

I am in love with this Oxford Rye Whiskey Purple grain anniversary edition! I’ve had Oxford Rye before and love their Oxford Rye Vodka, which I’ve used to make my own gin at home. You don’t need high quality vodka to make gin like the Oxford Rye Vodka but I wanted to make sure it turned out perfect and it did! If you’re looking to make your own gin, I can’t recommend their vodka enough.

If your dad loves whiskey, you should probably get him this Oxford Rye Whiskey! Not only does it looks stunning and like a luxury item, but it’s also a lot cheaper than other specialised whiskeys on the market. The flavour is superb, unlike any other whiskey I’ve tried before and even though it’s not Father’s Day quite yet I have had a glass with my dad and we were both in agreement that this whiskey is one of the best we’ve ever had.

Oxford Rye obviously have more products than the whiskey so make sure you head on over to the Oxford Rye Website and have a little browse.

Löfbergs Coffee

Anybody else got a dad who drinks way too much coffee? I know mine does and that’s why I’m making sure he has this Löfbergs coffee for Father’s Day. My partner has been using the coffee for quite a while now so I know how tasty it is. He has some every morning that he takes to work and he can’t get enough of it, if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for my dad as they’re both fussy!

Löfberg Have loads of coffee on their website so make sure you check them out. I’ve tried the beans and ground coffee that they have to offer and even though I’m not the biggest coffee fan, I quite liked them. Visit the Löfbergs Website and take a look at all the coffee they have on offer. I mean what coffee loving dad doesn’t want coffee on their day?

Delicious Wines!

Why not treat your dad to some delicious, flavourful wines this Father’s Day? I have some amazing suggestions that you’re bound to love and they’re affordable so there’s no reason to break the bank while getting your dad something amazing for Father’s Day!

Elia Côtes De Gascogne

Elia White Wine is a delightful option with its fresh and light 9% alcohol content. Crafted from sustainably grown Colombard grapes, it boasts crisp fruit flavours, including hints of lemon and grapefruit, culminating in an elegant finish. Ideal for pairing with salads, grilled fish, or Asian cuisine, this wine offers a refreshing accompaniment to various dishes. Plaimont’s approach involves reclaiming east and north-east facing plots in the Côtes de Gascogne vineyard, cultivating the Colombard grape for its fresh, aromatic profile and naturally lower alcohol content. This commitment reflects a modern wine style and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc

Indulge in Brent Marris’s single vineyard Sauvignon, known for its exquisite freshness and signature lime and gooseberry notes. Perfect for pairing with goat’s cheese or asparagus tart, this wine offers a delightful accompaniment for any occasion. Cultivated in stony alluvial soil near the Waihopai River, it exudes zesty fruitiness, featuring blackcurrant leaf and gooseberry flavours with a hint of smoky herbal undertones. Named after the nearby rugged peak, The Ned, this wine pairs excellently with fresh and smoked salmon, oysters, or spicy prawns.

Apothecary Beard Grooming Gift Set

Does your dad have a beard and moustache that he takes pride in? Then I’ve found the perfect gift for him. It’s affordable, stylish, looks elegant and he’s bound to love it!

Spoil your dad with this grooming gift set from the amazing Apothecary collection. It includes a generous full-size multi-purpose beard balm, suitable for both skin and hair. Crafted with a harmonious blend of gentle yet potent natural oils, it deeply hydrates and conditions, leaving a refreshing scent of cedar wood and lime. Complete with a sturdy wooden comb and elegantly packaged in a reusable tin, this set is both practical and stylish.

Salming Rebel Mens Indoor Court Shoe

Is your dad a tennis fan or does he just love wearing fancy looking shoes that make him look sporty? Either way, Tennis HQ have you covered. They have various pairs of shoes of all sizes (including half sizes) that your dad is bound to love.

I personally love these shoes, they’re vibrant, fit comfortably and look pretty sporty. Tennis HQ have everything you could think of tennis related and at affordable prices. If your dad loves tennis, this is the place to get him the best present for Father’s Day ever!

OOONO Optimised Traffic Safety Alarm

Looking to gift your dad something a little different this year? Does he spend most of his time in a car or driving for work? This device is going to help him out a ton. It has visual alarms and sounds that alert the driver of speed cameras and helps to increase safety on the road.

If you care about your dad and want to make sure he’s driving better or that he doesn’t get a speeding ticket, you need to get him an OOONO device which works across Europe helping thousands to drive safer. The best part, there’s no subscription or fees!

You can get OOONO directly from their website or via Amazon.