The Best Fathers Day Gift Guide

Every year it’s Fathers day and yet people have no idea what to do or get for their dads, well don’t worry. With this handy Fathers day list, I’ve got you covered with a whole list of ideas you can use and get your dad something nice for Christmas.

There really is something for everyone in this gift guide. I know that dads can be very picky or never know what they want, wouldn’t it be nice to have people in your life who knew what they wanted? Well check out the list below and see what you can find!

Bird & Blend Tea Co. Tea Set

This happens to be one of my favourite pieces on the gift guide this year and that’s why I’ve started with it! It’s a well-known fact that everyone in the UK loves tea right? Although people might be getting a little annoyed with your normal, basic tea and I know I am! That’s why I love the Bird & Blend Best of British Gift Box, it’s got a big tea variety and even comes with plastic-free teabags!

I will also like to pay attention to the Bird & Blend Earl Grey chocolate bars, if your dads a tea lover and is partial to a bit of chocolate, it’s the perfect combination and the best Fathers day gift!

Bird & Blend Tea Co. Tea Set

Vineyard Tour with Afternoon Tea or Lunch for Two – Red Letter Days

If you want to get your dad something special this year, consider an afternoon tea for two and a nice little vineyard tour to go along with it. It doesn’t matter if your dad takes his partner, takes you or just goes alone and eats food for two people! If he has a great day, that’s worth it. You might be thinking it’ll cost a fortune but at the moment it’s only £49 so grab up a bargain and treat your dad this Fathers day!

Vineyard Tour with Afternoon Tea or Lunch for Two Red Letter Days

Lynx Car Air Freshners

If your dad is always driving but his car smells like a garbage truck, this might be the perfect gift for you to get him! Get him some Lynx Air Fresheners! The best part is you can get them for as little as £2 at the moment so you can get him a few so his car is smelling nice and sweet, you know for next time you need dads taxi!

Lynx Car Air Freshners

Lokumcuzade Fez Box of Rose and Lemon Flavoured Turkish Delight 275g

Now I don’t know about you but my dad loves Turkish delight and quite frankly I can’t stand the stuff. If you want to get your dad something that only he’s going to enjoy, this Turkish delight is just what you want. It also has great decoration and I will say it has Doctor Who vibes and reminds me of the fez in that!

Lokumcuzade Fez Box of Rose and Lemon Flavoured Turkish Delight 275g

Mens Copper Pyjamas & Mens Copper Boxers

It’s not just Christma where you can get your dad new Pyjamas and boxers, there’s Fathers day as well! These Copper Pyjamas and boxers look really nice, feel really nice and come with added health benefits. So why not show your dad you love him this Fathers day with something that’s going to actually benefit him and not just make him fat, even if everyone does love chocolate!

These items of clothing are self-cleaning, but that doesn’t mean you don’t wash them yourself. They are soft on the skin and aren’t going to cause irritation. Compared to other items on the market that are similar, these copper items are cheaper and by far a better value for money! So go check them out now!

Mens Copper Pyjamas & Mens Copper Boxers

Black Insomnia Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? My dad can’t get enough of the stuff which is why I think this Black Insomnia coffee is the perfect thing to give your dad for Fathers day. I will say that they don’t just have a standard coffee to enjoy but you can get it in all shapes and sizes. I got these Black Insomnia Coffee grounds to use along with Black Insomnia Coffee Drip Bags.

It doesn’t matter how your dad takes his coffee, they have something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want coffee beans, grounds, drip bags or coffee bags, they sell it all! The coffee tastes amazing and you won’t find much better at a decent price! Get your dad something nice for Fathers day, something he’ll wake up to enjoy every day!

The black insomnia coffee company Fathers day gifts

Pick & Mix London Movie Night Bundle

Does your dad love sweets? Probably not as much as me! This Movie night bundle is amazing. Get your dad something that he’s going to love for Fathers day and something that he can really enjoy with a good film! Your dad is going to get a huge bundle of sweets, there’s such a big variety there’s bound to be something he enjoys, and if not you can finish the sweets off right?!

The packaging is amazing and really reminds you of that cinema sweets feeling. It’s cheaper than you’re ever going to pay at a cinema and the perfect gift in my opinion!

Pick & Mix London Movie Night Bundle

The Personal Shop Personalised List of Love Black Framed Print

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, I would suggest this framed print. You can have it customised however you want and you can enter all the details you’d like on there online so you never have to worry about emailing someone or waiting for them to get back to you. I will say that It’s rather large so make sure he has somewhere to hang it!

It’s terrible to take photos of, however just know that it looks amazing, feels amazing and doesn’t cost a fortune for something that means a great deal to your dad.

The Personal Shop Personalised List of Love Black Framed Print

Cranes Cider Selection!

If your dad loves cider, he needs to have Cranes cider. When I say it’s the best around, I’m not joking. Cranes cider is bursting with flavour, there’s so much choice when it comes to what flavour you want to try and it doesn’t cost the earth unlike other ciders on the market. You need to get your dad some cider this Fathers day, and it has to be Cranes cider!

Cranes Cider

Lost Sheep Coffee

If you fancy some coffee with a flavour to give your dad this year, Lost Sheep Coffee have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you want to get your dad some chocolate flavoured coffee or coffee infused with toffee, you’ll find every type you want on the Lost Sheep website!

I will say as well, they look amazing, yellow is my favourite colour, they come very well presented and you can still smell how amazing they are individually. They really are the perfect gift and I’m in love with them! You can also sign up to their subscription service or get your dad one!

Lost Sheep Coffee

El Camino Bracelets

If you’re looking for something a little bit personal, something that’s always there and looks amazing, El Camino has your back! I’ve personally never seen anything like this and I love it! You can get your dad a really nice bracelet this year with milestones included. If you’ve ever been on holiday with your dad and made exciting memories, now is the time to remind him.

You can get a stunning bracelet along with “Steps” to add. These steps are rings with names on them, I have one myself with Greece, Amsterdam and Bangkok on as they’re three places I’ve been to and that I loved. You can customise your dads to look however you want! So go crazy, get him something amazing and truly personal! Excuse any reflections, they are such great quality they shine!

Elcamino Bracelets

Aura Frames Digital Photo Frame

One thing I love about memories is that they can be captured in photos and be a constant reminder of the good times! I’m sure your dad has loads of photos on his computer or phone that he never gets round to looking at right? That’s why an Aura digital photo frame is just the thing you need to get him this Fathers Day!

I wasn’t able to get a decent photo of it due to reflections however you can see from their website they are amazing and the photo I added below is just as great! They’re well worth the money and is bound to put a smile on your dads face this year!

Aura photo frame

Henry Bell Bird Feeder Collection!

Is your dad someone that loves to spend time in the garden? Planting something new, making his trees grow tall and feeding the birds? Well, I have just the thing that your dad is going to love! This amazing bird feeder from Henry Bell is exactly what you need to get your dad this Fathers day! The Henry Bell Decorative Collection Bulrush Peanut Feeder is my firm favourite and you can also get the amazing The Henry Bell No Grow Mix so your birds will never go hungry!

Henry Bell Bird Feeder Collection!

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Caledonian Sleeper London Travel Bag

If your dad loves his travels and can’t wait to get back out there now that restrictions are being lifted, might I suggest this amazing travel bag from ARRAN Sense of Scotland! The set comes with everything your dad is going to need for his trip, body wash, hand lotion, conditioning shampoo and an amazing smelling sleep mist for a great nights sleep.

The bag is great quality, really tough and can be used over and over again, you’re not just getting him the smellies inside but a travel bag he can use throughout the years and always remember where he got it from!

Caledonian Sleeper London Travel Bag

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka

If this Fathers Day you want something with a little flair, elegance and something that looks amazing, organic vodka is just to thing! This Oxford rye vodka is the perfect gift for your dad this year and you can bet he’s going to love it!

100% organic, looks amazing and taste even better! What’s not to like about this stunning piece! The hint of caramel is sweet and soothing after a long day at work or maybe just a sunny day while enjoying retirement? It doesn’t matter where your dad likes to have a drink, it matters that he’s got the very best to enjoy and that’s this Oxford Rye Organic Vodka!