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Another year has passed and it’s time to get the Christmas shopping started!! It doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing all year long, the year always feels like it’s flown by! One thing I will say is that I’m doing my Christmas shopping all year round and I spoil everyone way too much at Christmas that’s for sure!

If you’re Christmas gift shopping and fancy getting someone something a bit more interesting, a little out there and something that everyone is going to love no matter who they are… take a look at this awesome Christmas gift guide that I’ve put together. You’ll find all sorts of Christmas gifts, something to suit everyone.

If you love any of the products in this Christmas gift guide, just click on the title and go get it for yourself or someone who means the world to you! If you can’t spoil someone at Christmas, when can you?

WAHL Mini Massage Gun

This Cordless Mini Massager Gun is the perfect gift for someone who loves going to the gym way too much or just has joints that ache and need a little work done on them. It’s affordable compared to other massage guns on the market, travel size and comes with its own carry case.

WAHL have an incredible history, they make amazing products and are well worth it. If you want to gift someone this Christmas, get this massage gun and make their exercise routine that little bit easier in the future.

Wonderland Set of Three Votive Candles

Scented candles make great gifts and these candles are the best of the best. These Avery candles are designed for relaxation and will have your mind, body and soul at ease. It doesn’t matter if you have these candles flickering in your front room, lit by the bath or burning while reading a book, they’ll do the trick.

If you’re looking to get somebody the gift of relaxation for Christmas, get this set. They’re bound to love it and I’m sure you’ll be getting brownie points every time they use them.

Danilo Calendars

I love Danilo, they have a whole range of calendars, notebooks and collections that you can gift at Christmas. I mean who doesn’t love getting a fresh diary every year? They’re perfect stocking fillers and look amazing.

I personally love their collector’s gift sets. They have this amazing Chelsea Football Club set which I’m going to obviously gift to my football mad dad and so many more so you’re bound to find something you love.

Take a look at their extensive collection and gift someone something worth gifting with Danilo!

Dogmopolitan Book Boxes set of 3

How cute are these dog boxes. Who could have thought that storage boxes could look so amazing. The box sets come in two different designs as well so you get your pick. Personally, I’d suggest getting a set for yourself and the other set for the person you’re buying for.

These affordable dog boxes are the perfect present for a dog crazed person or just someone who wants their house to look amazing and unique. What are you waiting for?

Dentek – Protect Your Teeth!

Dentek, is the best stocking filler on the market. Seriously, teeth are expensive and everyone knows dental hygiene is important. After having a tooth out, two root canals and a couple of fillings after the pandemic you can bet I use Dentek daily and I’d suggest everyone use them.

Dentek are the affordable, eco-friendly and highly effective dental tools you should be using on a regular basis because brushing your teeth isn’t enough! If you’ve got children who get stockings, put some Dentek in them! They don’t just have to be stocking fillers though, you can wrap them up, put them under the tree or just get them for yourself! I do love Dentek!


Sudo cream is one of the best things you can get for Christmas and there’s several reasons why. Did you know that Sudocrem is great for acne, check that out in this How To Remove Blackheads On The Nose post.

Sudocream is the perfect gift to be gifting new parents at Christmas. It makes an amazing little gift or maybe the perfect stocking filler? Babies goes through loads of cream while they’re in nappies so save a parent a trip to their local supermarket and get them this epic Christmas gift.

Diesel Fuel For Life Eau de Toilette Men’s Gift Set Spray (75ml) with Shower Gel x2

Looking for the perfect gift set for a man in your life, found it. This Diesel Fuel For Life gift set comes with two shower gel that smell gorgeous and if you like them, you’ll love the spray. This is a perfect gift to get anyone for Christmas and maybe yourself as well, you deserve something after all that Christmas shopping right?

It’s an elegant gift, doesn’t break the bank and looks the part. Perfect to be wrpped with a bow tie and placed under the tree for Christmas day.

Prezzee eGiftcard

Looking to give someone a gift card this year but have no idea what to actually get them, Prezzee has you covered! All you have to do is get a Prezzee gift card, gift it to someone and let them pick their perfect gift card from hundreds of options. It’s the perfect e-Gift Card for anyone and there’s no useless paper or plastic to throw away!

Get your Prezzee e-Gift Card on the Prezzee website!

Studio Creator 360 Degree Video Maker Kit

Need that extra bit of lighting to enhance the pictures of the presents you’ll be getting this year? Maybe you know a mini influencer in the making and want to gift them something they’ll actually use this Christmas. Either way, the studio creator kit is the perfect thing to wrap up and stick under the tree for them this Christmas, or just wrap one up for yourself and put from Santa on the lable!

Get your Studio Creator 360 Degree Video Maker Kit while stocks last!!

Studio Creator Ultimate Video Maker

Critically Endangered Socks

Looking for a more thoughtful gift that people are going to like and you’ll both know that you’re doing some good out in the world? Critically Endangered Socks has you covered. These socks are a fit from all the rest, they look amazing, feel like super quality and quite frankly; ROCK!

Stop giving boring, mass produced socks for Christmas! Criticall Endangered Socks give back with each purchase. Thier socks help important charities, with each sale they donate 10% to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). So get someone (or yourself) some socks that mean something this year!

Get your epic socks here!!

Aldi Aftershaves and Perfumes

You wouldn’t have thought that Aldi is the place to go when you’re looking for a decent aftershave or perfume but you’d be wrong. Aldi dupes are world famous and their aftershave range is just as good! If you’re looking to gift something amazing and don’t want to spend your life savings, take a look at these!

They have a stunning Lacura range that’s bound to make anyone happy this Christmas and not to mention their epic Hotel Collection. You can find all of their amazing gifts online or in store!