The Epic Gift Guide

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Another year has past and it’s time to get the Christmas shopping started!! It doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing all year long, the year always feels like it’s flown by! One thing I will say is that I’m doing my Christmas shopping all year round and I spoil everyone way too much at Christmas that’s for sure!

If you’re Christmas gift shopping and fancy getting someone something a bit more interesting, a little out there and something that everyone is going to love no matter who they are… take a look at this awesome Christmas gift guide that I’ve put together. You’ll find all sorts of Christmas gifts, something to suit everyone.

If you love any of the products in this Christmas gift guide, just click on the title and go get it for yourself or someone who means the world to you! If you can’t spoil someone at Christmas, when can you!

Athens Urbanista Headphones

I don’t know about anyone else but one great thing that came out of 2020/2021 had to be that people were getting out more, enjoying their walks and getting healthier with their exercise. That being said, although I love my walks I tend to keep to myself and listen to my music.

I’ve had headphones in the past that last for a few months and then start to go downhill, they were nothing like these Athens headphones by Urbanista! The sound quality is amazing, I can hear everything and block out everyone around me. They are super easy to connect up to your phone and fit in the ear with ease! I’ve got some for someone as a gift, I won’t say who in case they read this though!

If you want something that will really put a smile on someones face this Christmas, give them some super headphones for Christmas! You never know it might be you they walk past next, wearing them and ignoring you…..

Rufus Needs A Haircut Book

Does anyone else love to read or knows someone that always has a book to hand or has one very close by? It’s time to get stuck into a good book, relax and get lost in new adventures. If you want to get someone a book that is going to keep them amused, wanting to read more and something they’ll actually enjoy, this is the book you need.

It looks amazing and I’ve personally read it all myself, it’s a nice little break from reality and great for a university student or someone who works way too much! It’s a great stocking filler and I don’t know how much more I can praise it but I LOVE it! Go and get something amazing for someone who means the world!

Sensica Sensilift – Anti-Aging

Okay so do you have someone that you get along with really well? You’ll need to get along with them if you’re thinking about getting them this anti-aging wonder product! This Sensilift uses a professional tightening treatment that you’d have to pay through the teeth for if you went private and to a clinic, this way you can do it at home and for a fraction of the price!

I don’t think there’s any shame in wanting to look your best, I’m 28 and I have a skincare routine to make myself feel more confident and positive every day, this is just another amazing tool to help people feel confident in their own skin! If you know someone like me, they’ll love this for Christmas for sure!

I’d also like to point out that just because there’s a woman on the box, men can use it as well! I intend to that’s for sure and I would suggest to anyone that looks after themselves, to take a look at this amazing self-care product! Plus, get one of these for someone for Christmas and think of all the brownie points!

Ramer Sponges

Looking for some amazing stocking fillers? I have just the thing for you! Stockings can be expensive, confusing and a nightmare to sort out for older people! There’s only so many pairs of socks you can get people for Christmas and I’m pretty sure we all love getting chocolate but don’t want a stocking full?

If you’re looking for something a little more meaningful, practical and thoughtful I’d suggest taking a look at everything Ramer Sponges have to offer! They have something for everyone, men, women, people with a busy lifestyle who go to the gym often and people who love spending time in the shower singing their entire album!

No matter who you’re putting a stocking together for, you’ll find a product that suits them on Ramer Sponges for sure! Don’t just get more socks and chocolates, get a sponge or two!!

Contigo Travel Mugs

Know anyone who has a nasty commute to work every morning? Someone who loves long walks in the countryside or just drinks too much coffee? These mugs are the way to go. They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks piping hot for longer! They look amazing and do exactly what they’re supposed to do!

They have so many different styles, shapes and sizes and colours to suit anyone needs. I personally think they’re perfect for university students, as I’ve just gone back to university myself I use one on my morning commute and although I’m not a huge coffee drinker, I do love my tea!

If you have a university student or someone in the family you think could benefit from this mug, what are you waiting for! Christmas is just around the corner so get something thoughtful that they’ll love!

Sugru, Handy Home Repair Kits!

know someone who needs to constantly mend stuff around their home? This is the ideal gift for them. It has everything you need to make quick fixes at home and hardly costs a thing! Cheaper than buying something new and it makes the perfect stocking filler! I’ve already got one for my dad and I think you should too!

Tweezers & Nail Set

So keeping myself looking good can be a pain and that’s why I use these amazing tweezers! I hope he doesn’t read this but I got my husband a pair for Christmas, they’re great little stocking fillers! You’ve probably heard, no pain no gain and that’s the situation here! Also, they’re gold and they look amazing!

If you have that special someone in your life who likes to get their nails looking good, take a look at this little nail kit. Another great stocking filler, low cost and so much fun!

Dr Bronner’s Pepermint Range

I love Dr Bronner’s and have been using them forever now and I am yet to turn back! Their products are super sustainable and totally versatile. I prefer their liquid soap over the leading brands and they leave my hands soft and fresh, unlike other soaps that can damage the skin! If you know someone in your life who is forever washing their hands, get them some Dr Bronner’s peppermint liquid soap! They also have it in bar form as well.

They also have it in handy travel sizes as well, I’m always jetting off to somewhere new and I can say their travel sizes are perfect! If you have a person in your life that LOVES to travel, check out their range today and get them an amazing little secret Santa gift or stocking filler for a loved one!

Toff LGBTQ+ Watch

If you have an LGBTQ+ member in your family or friendship circle, this is the best gift I can suggest. It’s a lovely LGBTQ+ watch with the pride flag on it. I wear mine almost every day and I can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not part of the community, you can still be an ally.

It’s made really well, looks great and feels nice as well. You can find them on the Toff London website and I can’t recommend them enough! Go take a look at their whole selection as well.

Nona Pegs

If you’re looking for a climate positive product that you can gift someone this year, look no further. The planet needs saving and we all need to do our bit. Drying your clothes outside instead of using a dryer is the first step, using these environmentally positive clothes pegs are just the thing you need to gift this year!

I’ve gifted some to family members already and they love them! Give someone a thoughtful gift this year and show that you care about them, the future and the planet.

Arran Glenashdale Body Care gift set

If you’re looking to get the ultimate body care set for a man this Christmas, I have to suggest you check out Arran. I’ve used them personally myself and have to say their products are out of this world. They’re easy on the skin, smell amazing and a little goes a long way so you know you’re getting your value for money!

Any man would be lucky to get an Arran gift set for Christmas so show them you care by letting them take care of themselves the best way possible!

PÄRLA PRO Toothpaste Tablets & Brush

You may remember these guys from Dragons Den? I knew from the moment I saw them that I had to give them a go and I’m happy to say I did and I love them. They’re easy to use, work really well and the plastic waste is reduced so much as well! If you know someone who is conscious about the environment and want to do their bit, this product is for them.

Of course taking care of your dental hygiene is important but so is taking care of the planet. Kill two birds with one stone as they say and get someone these amazing toothpaste tablets for Christmas! At the same time, get some for yourself! The PÄRLA PRO are amazing!!

Dentek Dental Care Products

While talking about dental care, I would suggest you use these eco friendly floss! I know a few family members who are always taking care of their teeth because if you don’t it can be very expensive which I know with two root canals coming up! Make sure you’re helping your family members with their dental hygiene and get them some Dentek products.

These are affordable, work well and would make great stocking fillers. When you get older you know that gifts like this mean more than when you’re a child, a bit like socks! So think outside the box and get these great stocking fillers!

Echor End Of Day Candle

Do you know someone who works way too much? This might be the best gift for them at Christmas. It’s one of the best candles I’ve smelt. It helped me to unwind and relax at the end of the day and I can’t recommend it enough for someone who works too much and never gets a chance to just chill!

Check out their entire range if you want even more stress reducing products to gift this Christmas!

Temperature Display Bottle

So I’ve been hearing all about these lately. They seem to be the in thing especially if you use the gym or you have an early morning commute. This bottle literally tells you what temperature your drink is and I guess that’s great for your early morning coffee so you know it’s still hot.

Do you know someone who drinks coffee on their way to work or likes ice cold water at the gym? Get them this and show you totally support their drinking habits!

Poo-Pourri Festive Limited-Edition scents

I have no way of telling you how excited I am about these. Everyone in my family uses them and that’s why I know they’d make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas! They’re affordable, smell good and my mum once used some as perfume as she got a bottle mixed up!

You have to check out not only their limited edition Christmas scents but the entire range for yourself and while you’re there get some as gifts!

Consult a Penguin Custom Puzzle

I LOVE this! You can get a puzzle made up with your own photo. We got a puzzle printed up of us for grandparents who are unfortunately in a home, I’m sure they’ll love it and it’s such a simple process it’s unreal. the puzzle is great quality and you know what you’re getting as it’s on the box.

If you’re looking for something quirky and unique this year, I can’t recommend these puzzles enough! Go get yours for someone and make them smile this Christmas time!

Give An Expirence For Christmas!

Getting someone something for Christmas can be really difficult so get them something they’ll remember. This year I got an amazing Harry Potter studio tour and a journior car racing experience to gift and I can’t tell you how amazing they look. We’ve given these gifts before in the past, wine tasting, days out and we got some nice Prezzo meals for our wedding and couldn’t wait to use them!

This year get someone an experience from Buy a Gift or Red Letter days and give someone something they’ll remember forever, it’s a no brainer!

PorePatrol Skin Renewing Pore Extraction System

I’ve seen these about but never really used one. I have to say my life has changed. If you know someone who needs this as well or has hinted towards wanting one, I can’t recommend the PortPatrol model enough! It works really well, it’s easy to use and my face looks 110% better within a couple of weeks of use.

It’s affordable compared to some models out there and as adults, we love gifts like this, just like socks! So think about getting someone something they’ll actually use this Christmas with this PorePatrol!

Tony Hawk SS 540 Highway Complete Skateboard

So skateboarding isn’t really my thing, I fall off way too many times. However, my brother loved this and if you know or have an older child they’re going to love it as well. It’s really sturdy, you’re not going to break it no matter how many trials and errors take place and it’s actually super affordable.

I would say it’s great for people who know how to skateboard but aren’t perfect at it. It also looks really super cool and who doesn’t love a cool looking board? I wish I had a good picture of it but it’s so big I’m afraid I don’t however the pictures on the Skates website do it justice enough! I’ll add one below.