The Epic Gift Guide

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So 2020 has been a bit of a mess for everyone, but one thing I love and that’s Christmas! Christmas brings joy to everyone and I believe in planning early so that everyone can have the best time possible, it makes sense right? Which is why I’ve put together this gift guide, it’s something different, a little bit of everything thrown in for the whole family!

If you have no idea what to get someone, well take a look at this list and hopefully, you won’t be worrying anymore and you’ll know what to get people without doubting yourself!

Bluebeards Revenge

If you know me you’ll know that I take great care of my hair and for that reason, I’m always using Bluebeards revenge products on it! This year however I’m showing you something a little different! Bluebeards Revenge soap stack and their brand new aftershave which smells amazing!

The soap stack kit is amazing, especially at the moment with everyone washing their hands so much and the classic blend eau de toilette is the perfect thing to have them guys smelling nice this Christmas!

Lynx Car Air Fresheners

I’ve spoken about these before on the blog and it’s simple why, they smell great and make the car a much smellier place, for the better! You can get different scents and they’re great for any blokes car! If they loved Lynx as a teenager they’re going to love it again. You can get your Lynx care fresheners from Halfords and they’re only £3.99 each so a super bargain!

Mermaid Vodka

Who doesn’t like vodka? I know I do! This salt-infused vodka is the perfect thing for any cocktail, not to mention the bottle looks stunning and you just know it shouts class! You can get this vodka in most stores, one example John Lewis. If you’ve got that special someone who loves vodka and you want to spoil this Christmas, this is the statement gift you need to get!

Mermaid Vodka - Gifts For Men And Women

Mermaid Gin

I LOVE GIN! Just saying, this Mermaid blue gin and Mermaid pink gin is to die for, it looks amazing, the bottle shouts expensive taste and the best part is it taste amazing! If you love someone, get them this gin and they won’t stop thanking you!

Opies Foods

If you love baking as much as me you’ll want to take a look at Opies! I’ve seen their jars in every supermarket I’ve been in and their products get cheeky features in GBBO if you look closely enough! I’ve used their cherries myself in an epic cherry chocolate fudge recipe and their mixed berries in prosecco for a berry sorbet recipe! Seriously if you know a baker, get them a nifty hamper full of Opies products!

Opies - Gifts For Men And Women

Our Remedy

Do you have a house full of women? Well, I grew up surrounded by them and I have to say if they had “Our Remedy” back in the day I could have scored some awesome brownie points! Get the women in your life this emergency remedy kit for that difficult time, a great Christmas gift to keep them happy!

Our Remedy - Gifts For Women

Skinny Brands Premium Larger

Who doesn’t love a cheeky drink at Christmas? Well I do but I hate putting on weight if you want something stripped back with fewer calories to have with that Christmas dinner, may I suggest this what I like to call Skinny Larger?! It tastes amazing, isn’t full of calories to stretch them Christmas pyjamas and you can get matching glasses to really complete any Christmas dinner! Get your skinny larger on Amazon now ready for Christmas!

Skinny Larger - Gifts For Men & Women

Buzzyblends Honey

Who doesn’t love honey? It’s great for cooking, eating as it is and makes a really nice gift! However plain old honey can get a little boring sometimes and that’s why I’m loving this Buzzyblends Honey! I love this honey gift set, it’s the perfect introduction to anyone wanting to dive into the land of honey and makes an excellent gift!

Buzz Honey - Gifts For Men & Women

Ink&Drop Pictures

If there’s one thing I like and that’s making my work area at home a little more personal and there’s nothing better than having some inspirations photos and posters hanging about the place! If you know someone who’s having to work from home at the moment then get them something to make their workspace that little bit more bearable.

TaskMaster Game

Everyone loves a play at Christmas and it’s time to break away from the monopoly and play something a little different don’t you think? With this Taskmaster game, you’ll have nothing but laughs this Christmas, I’ve tried it If you’ve watched the TV show you’ll know all about Taskmaster and you’ll love this game, trust me and give it a go!

Sugru Organise Small Spaces Kit

I’ve been a fan of Sugru products for quite a while now since I got some in a BlogOn goodie bag years ago! This Sugru organiser kit is the perfect thing to keep handy in my humble opinion. It’s on hand to offer quick solutions to various issues you might have and perfect for anyone that loves DIY, so keep it in mind for a handy gift this year!

I think I’ve given you enough ideas for Christmas this year don’t you? What would you want under your Christmas tree or in your stocking this year? Let me know in the comments!