Some items are gifted for inclusion.

It’s the summer of love, well what’s love got to do with it when you can spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day with some amazing gifts!? Every year I get told by my husband that he doesn’t want anything and let’s not do gifts, well I’m not having that this year and I’ve got an amazing selection for you!

Take a look at the list below and let me know what you think. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your partner is like, they are going to love something from the list!

Monogamy Board Game

Fancy a game night with a little bit of a romantic twist on it? Monogamy is the best game for it. Monogamy has had millions of sales worldwide and you can buy it from all sorts of places, which just goes to show its popularity. Millions of people can’t be wrong, spice up after dinner board games, ditch monopoly and crack out Monogamy, what have you got to lose? Maybe your clothes??

ARRAN Reed Diffuser & Bath Salts

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is life, honestly, their products are amazing and I can happily say that with two of their candles, a reed diffuser, soap in my bathroom, a travel wash bag that just went to Amsterdam and will be going to Florida and a load of other products. Their soaps are in TGI Friday’s bathrooms and I’ve seen them in other small business cafes which I love.

Why would you not want to get your partner some ARRAN products for Valentine’s day? This year you can get your partner a matching set, get them this after the rain reed diffuser and after the rain bath salts. That way they can have a nice, relaxing bath and let the stress melt away, what’s not to like?

Made By Coopers Self Care Set

Self care? Yes, please. This self care set from Made By Coopers is the perfect Valentine’s gift. You can get it for your partner to let them know you appreciate and love them. Valentine’s with a mate, get matching care sets! Or just treat yourself because why not. This set has it all. Scented candles, an amazing bath salt blend, pillow sleep spray and a very comfortable sleep mask.

If you’re planning a busy valentine’s with your partner, you know what I mean; you might want to treat them to this self care set so they can manage the next day!

Swizzels Chocolate Love Heart

I’m sorry but I love Love Heart sweets, I love chocolate and this has to be the best combination in history since Beyonce and Shakira! If you don’t get your partner one of these for Valentine’s day do you even love them? I mean really love them. Please pass on the generic chocolate you’ll find in shops, your partner doesn’t want that, they want this, get them this!!

Enjoy the Silence Classic Candle – The Copenhagen Company

Fancy your house smelling nice and calm? Well in that case either buy yourself or your partner this candle for Valentine’s and enjoy. Seriously though, this candle smells amazing, looks amazing and compared to a lot of overpriced candles out there this one is affordable and the scent actually lasts. They have a whole range to pick from on The Copenhagen Company website and even vegan options! Go check them out.