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It’s the summer of love, well what’s love got to do with it when you can spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day with some amazing gifts!? Every year I get told by my husband that he doesn’t want anything and let’s not do gifts, well I’m not having that this year and I’ve got an amazing selection for you!

The Best Valentine’s Gifts

Take a look at the list below and let me know what you think. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your partner is like, they are going to love something from the list!

Food & Drink

Lindt Lindor Chocolate

If you’re looking to gift something amazing this Valentine’s Day then I will always suggest Lindt chocolates. They are divine, they taste amazing and they’re the perfect gift. They come individually wrapped so you won’t eat them all at once either. They’re also the perfect gift for sharing so if you’re lucky you might even get some yourself.

JP Chenet Wine

Are you looking to make a nice homemade meal for your Valentine? Maybe you fancy taking a bottle of something delicious on a Valentine’s trip? These JP Chenet wines are the perfect treat. They’re affordable, stunning to look and and even more impressive to drink.

My personal favourite has to be the JP Chenet Smooth & Fruity Sparkling Light Rose, the fruity flavour is crisp and takes your tastebuds to a whole new level. However, the JP Chenet ICE Sparkling White is just as nice and is the perfect wine for celebrations, maybe you’re deciding that popping the question is now, celebrate with a JP Chenet.

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate

Who doesn’t love getting chocolate for Valentine’s Day? However, the same chocolate every time can get a little boring. Nobody wants a chocolate gift that they can just buy themselves from the supermarket during their monthly shop! That’s why I love Wickedly Welsh chocolate and it makes the most amazing, breath taking gift!

Your ‘Friday Night In’ Collection; Introducing the “Friday Night In” trio, featuring the latest Wickedly Welsh creations for a perfect evening. Indulge in the freshly launched Eton Mess bar, paired with a new Penderyn Welsh Whisky in Dark Chocolate Bar, and complemented by an outstanding, award-winning Raspberry & Vodka in Devilishly Dark Chocolate. Each of these handcrafted artisan chocolates has received prestigious awards for their exceptional flavours?

Your ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Collection; Introducing the inaugural chocolate bar from the collection: Orange & Honeycomb in Moreish Milk Chocolate. Bursting with vibrant orange notes and a delightful crunch, this bar is a sweet tooth’s dream. The citrusy zest of orange perfectly complements the creamy texture, creating a harmonious blend of flavours. Rich and indulgent, it’s a favorite among both children and grandparents. Even the most hesitant chocolate enthusiasts will find its citrusy yet creamy taste irresistible. Although it’s a set of three, it’s easily my favourite!

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm 3 Hot Chilli Sauce Deal

Looking for something hot and slightly different to kick your Valentine’s Off? Does your partner crave hot food and can’t get enough of it? With these chilli sauces from Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm they’re bound to be in for a treat. You don’t have to gift them this set, you can cook their favourite hot dish with it instead and make sure they have a spicy treat on Valentine’s Day!

Ghost Tears; Experience the perfect blend of sweetness and spice with Ghost Tears. Whether drizzled over chicken, pork, or your favourite Friday night kebab, this sauce delivers a spicy punch that adventurous flavour seekers crave.

Scorpions Bite; Elevate your burritos, enchiladas, and chilli con carne with Scorpions Bite. This versatile sauce adds a fiery kick while enhancing the overall flavour profile of your dishes, making it a must-have for heat enthusiasts.

Reapers Creepers; For those who crave intense heat, Reapers Creepers is the ultimate hot sauce. Chill your beer, uncork the wine, and fire up the grill before adding this sauce to your favourite Indian dishes. With hints of sweetness, garlic, and a gradual blistering heat, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Fancy a drink on Valentine’s but don’t want the hangover the next morning? Maybe you don’t drink but still want to try something new. CleanCo has you covered with several alcoholic drinks available through their website there’s something for everyone.

Use them in cocktails, have them with some tonic or just embrace them with some ice in the garden with your loved one. It doesn’t matter how you use it, all you need to do is enjoy it.

Home & Garden

Seep Valentines Edition

Do not get your loved one cleaning products for Valentine’s Day, I repeat, do not get them cleaning supplies!! Instead, get yourself this lovely Eco All-Purpose cleaning cloths that have zero plastic in them and get cleaning! Scrub that kitchen and make sure it looks amazing for when your loved one gets up, who doesn’t love the gift of a tidy kitchen?!

Health & Beauty

Doll Smash Make Up

If you’re looking to gift something with a little style this Valentine’s Day, I have a great suggestion. Who doesn’t love makeup? It’s loved across nations and you can create any look you want with it! Doll Smash have some of the best make up on the market, you might not have heard of them but once you try their makeup, you won’t look back.

The Expressionism Eyeshadow Palette is a coveted limited-edition essential for makeup aficionados. This stunning palette showcases twelve meticulously selected shades, combining matte and metallic finishes to inspire versatile and imaginative eye makeup creations.

Crafted with velvety matte shadows, the palette enables effortless blending, accommodating both subtle, everyday looks and striking, bold effects. Infused with high-impact metallic pigments adorned with shimmering particles, each shade exudes glamour and sophistication, perfect for any occasion.

The REBEL XL MASCARA is the ultimate choice for flawless lashes. Elevate your beauty game with unparalleled volume, remarkable length, and a captivating effect that steals the spotlight.

Say goodbye to flaking and clumping. Our innovative formula guarantees a seamless application, evenly enveloping every lash for a sleek, impactful finish with each stroke. Effortless beauty is now within your reach.

Doll Smash have some amazing, affordable and unique makeup on their website so make sure you check it out and give a gift that keeps on giving this Valentine’s Day!

Aviela Skin Care

If you’re looking to gift someone skincare gifts this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than Aviela. The Shea products smell lush, they work like a charm and compared to other similar products, they’re really affordable.

I personally love the Aviela Shea Hand Butter, it works wonders for my dry hands and leaves them smelling divine for hours even after I’ve washed my hands! Aviela offer a wide range of products that leave your skin glowing and soft to the touch! What more could you want?

Djusie Beauty

Are you looking to gift something a little more unique, eye catching and still incredibly healthy for the body? I have just the gift in mind. Djusie have some amazing products that are fairly new to the market place, they work like a treat and both look and smell amazing.

They’re not something you’re going to find in every supermarket next to the Lynx sets and it’s a gift with thought behind it. If I had to pick one of their products that I would recommend the most it would have to be their Fruit Glaze which does wonders for my skin and makes my face look as if I’ve had more than 4 hours’ worth of sleep!

Evolve Beauty

I quite personally love Evolve Organic Beauty and use many of their products regularly. I adore their hand cream and their lip gloss. Evolve Beauty offers a whole host of products that are perfect to suit any skin needs.

If you’re looking to gift someone a product that is both good for the skin and the planet, Evolve have you covered. Their extensive range is more than enough to spoil someone on Valentine’s Day!