Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Some items are gifted for inclusion.

It’s the summer of love, well what’s love got to do with it when you can spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day with some amazing gifts!? Every year I get told by my husband that he doesn’t want anything and let’s not do gifts, well I’m not having that this year and I’ve got an amazing selection for you!

Take a look at the list below and let me know what you think. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your partner is like, he’s going to love something from the list!

Edifier’s TWS1 Pro Earbuds

Who doesn’t love listening to music? My partner has just joined the gym and he loves using these. The sound is clear, crisp and he doesn’t have to worry about any background noise because he can’t hear it! They look sleek, fit easily and no matter what piece of gym equipment he’s using, they stay in his ears.

They have a nifty carry case so you won’t lose them and the charge lasts forever. I’m pretty sure they’ve been charged once and he’s not had to charge them for over two weeks now! What’s not to love. Get your partner some amazing earbuds this year and make sure they’re happy.

Edifier’s TWS1 Pro earbuds

International Chilli Collection with 7 Chillies – Spice Kitchen

Who doesn’t like cooking? I just love this spice collection. The other half loves cooking and loves a kick of spice in everything he makes so he’s going to love this set. Personally, I like my food a little milder, then again you don’t have to pour the whole kit into one recipe!

The set looks amazing, it’s extremely giftable and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, someone is going to love this. Compared to other kits on the market, it’s affordable and you have a lovely tin for future use! Take a look at this Spice Kitchen beauty and get your partner one!

International Chilli Collection with 7 Chillies - Spice Kitchen

Jimmy Lion ET Socks Pack

SOCKS!! Who doesn’t love getting socks? I’m pretty sure that the older you get, the more you want socks. It’s a couple of months after Christmas, did your partner get enough socks? If not these are the best gift you can get him. This pack is stunning and if they’re a fan of ET they’re going to love it, my partner did!

I would like to point out that Jimmy Lion have loads of other socks on their website so don’t think they just sell ET because that’s a mad thought! Check out their entire range and get your partner some cool socks!

Jimmy Lion ET Socks Pack

Valentine’s Rum & Treats Gift –

Who doesn’t love an amazing hamper? It’s personal to the person you want to get it for but at the same time, you’re not having to traipse around stores or browse several websites online to find one thing they might like! Take a look at this super tasty Valentine’s rum & assorted treats gift hamper, would your partner love it as much as mine? also have a wide range of hampers on their website so make sure you take a browse on there to see if there’s anything your partner would love. The hampers are very affordable and there is literally something for everyone!

Valentine's Rum & Treats Gift -

ARRAN Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Hand Care Gift Set

Want something that smells nice for your partner this year but they got way too much aftershave or perfume for Christmas? I can relate, which is why this hand care gift set is the best thing possible! This set smells amazing and what’s better, everyone can use it so it’s kind of a gift for you as well if you think about it! Plus look at that presentation!

ARRAN have a huge range on their website to pick from. I personally have used their products for years and really enjoy their travel pieces so take a look at them if your partner loves to travel! There’s something for everyone and with ARRAN you really can’t go wrong! Say you love someone in style!

Allsopp’s Pale Ale Gift Set

If your partner loves ale as much as mine does, he will love this gift set. The presentation is amazing, it doesn’t just look good but it’s affordable as well which makes it the perfect gift. With the gift set, you also get a pint glass so they’ll always be able to remember what you got them!

Take a look at Allsopp’s website and see if there’s something your partner would love this Christmas.

Allsopp's Pale Ale Gift Set

Magnitone London DermaQueen

Now I’m not saying only ladies can use this but I think I’d get funny looks from my husband if I gave him this! What I will say is that this is an amazing gift. I asked my best mate, my sisters and my mum and they all said they’d happily get this as a gift! It looks fancy, it’s packaged really well and I hear they work like a charm!

They’re currently on sale, head over to their website to grab a bargain and make someone happy this Valentine’s Day!

Magnitone London DermaQueen

BIGDUG Garage Shelving Unit

Here’s something a little different that most people wouldn’t give a second thought, shelving units! Who would have thought that a shelving unit would have made a great Valentine’s Day gift! It does though and it’s the perfect colour as well. I was unable to take a picture of mine however I’ve used an image from their own website below.

It’s affordable compared to shelving units that we’ve got in the past and it’s sturdy as well which is great. It’s also easy to put up, if it wasn’t surrounded by mess, I’d show you myself! Go and check out the BIGDUG range and see for yourself how amazing they are!