Television shows to help save money

I was casually sat down watching TV when I thought, any money saving programs to get my motivation going? I wasn’t disappointed either! There’s a whole pool of choices when it comes to television although you need to know what you’re looking for otherwise you can get bogged down and spend a couple of hours catching up on Homes under the Hammer!

I love sitting down watching television and I thought I might as well share what I found with everyone reading this post. I mean who doesn’t love sitting down and watching tv shows about saving money and other personal finance TV shows. You’ll also see that the programs can be tv shows about debt, helping to save and make money means people won’t end up in debt as often, I espically love the shows around Christmas time when people get into seasonal debt!

Bargain Hunt

So I said there’s one that everyone’s watched and of course everyone (I know) watches bargain hunt. I love watching the contestants finding all the weird and wonderful items to sell. I’ve been watching the show for years and I have to say I’ve even found out that I’ve got a few gems myself hidden away and made a tidy little profit. Don’t forget to check out the bargain hunt website when you have a chance! I find myself cheering on certain teams every single episode and can’t get enough of it! If you’re a keen antique collector or auction house goer then you should probably watch Bargain Hunt! You might pick up a thing or two while sat on the sofa having a nice cuppa!

Bargain hunt presenters

See this is something that always confuses me as they keep changing, Tim Wonnacott who you can see below will forever be the original presenter for me however he did take over from David Dickinson. However Bargain hunt have since been through quite a few presenters, Thomas Plant, Christina Trevanion, Charlie Ross, Paul Laidlaw, Natasha Raskin, Anita Manning, Charles Hanson and Eric Knowles. As you can see Bargain hunt have had quite the line up when it comes to presenters.

Bargain Hunt Applications

Feel like trying your hand at being on Bargain Hunt, well to find a Bargain Hunt application all you need to do is click here. It’s super easy to apply for bargain hunt and if you’re super savvy then you should earn a bit of money in the process!

Bargain Hunt experts

There are 19 experts in total which can be found by clicking on this link. However here’s some of my favourites, Kate Bliss because I feel that she knows her stuff. Charles Hanson because I feel that he’s all over the place but in a good sort of way and not forgetting the dapper John Cameron.

Bargain hunt

Money For Nothing

A recent discovery that I love! Sarah Moore goes around recycling centers picking up everyday junk that people are throwing away in order to turn them into something new! It takes upcycling to a whole new level and I love it, so much so that I have the series on record. I must add that she gets special permission from the tip to go around asking people for the junk out of their cars, if you did the same you may get arrested! Which is a shame because the wonders that come out of what she finds are amazing. It’s amazing what she finds and literally makes money from nothing!

In the episode I just watched she turned some old coffee sacks into something amazing, and them chairs!! I don’t want to spoil it so I’d suggest getting the TV on and finding out for yourself. Of course she has help from some amazing professionals but the stuff they do with the rubbish people are throwing away, breath taking! If you love to upcycle and can’t get enough of cool creations, you really need to check out Money for Nothing and don’t waste.

Money for nothing designers

If you fancy checking out a favourite from the show you need to look at Neil Wragg who creates masterpieces! After a new bag? Check him out! However there are other designers, let’s name a few from the money or nothing TV show. Zoe Murphy who econstructs mid-century furniture, rejuvenating it with her unique and instantly recognisable bright, colourful prints. Anthony Devine has worked in the furniture making and upholstery industry for nineteen years, and runs the UK’s leading Upholstery school – Ministry of Upholstery, how cool does that sound!

Money for Nothing

Eat Well for Less

A very personal favourite of mine and one that we’re always watching in my house. Eat Well for Less is amazing if you’re looking to cut back on your food bill. I love how shocked the family looks at the end when they find out how much money they can actually be saving all year round. I also love it when they’re trying the food throughout the show and they’re sure that they are eating food they’re not used to, when it turns out it’s the same food they’ve been eating for years!

If you’re looking to cut down on your shopping bill and not too sure where or how to start? I’d suggest watching a few episodes and picking up some tricks. Gregg and Chris really make the show what it is, I have to say though one big tip that they really drive home is not going for main brands and to maybe swap where you shop! I mean when I changed supermarkets we ended up saving roughly £300 a month! That’s mental right, if not for this show I wouldn’t have made half the changes I have! Plus who doesn’t love to eat healthy for less I know I do!

Eat Well For Less Book

Who knew that eat well for less had a cook book, I didn’t until I found out of course and it’s great! It just shows that you can eat for less like they say. The cook book is so great it should be eat more for less! The eat well for less vegetable stew is also to die for! If I was you I’d get the book and have a look for yourself. It also seems that they bring a book out every year, taking on what they learned from the show. Totally check them out, I only have the latest version but I’ll probably get the others as well! Below you’ll be able to find the links to Eat Well For Less (book 1), Eat Well for less: family feasts on a budget (book 2) and eat well for less: quick and easy meals (book 3). Myself, I do love my eat well for less cook book!



So there you have it, three top shows that I love to watch to save me money in general. I go back to Homes under the Hammer though, I love that show and I have to say if you’re looking to do up a new house and need inspiration then you should watch it and pick up some tips.

3 Top money saving TV programs I love to watch!




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