The best skincare routine for a better complexion
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The Best Ways To Get A Better Complexion

If there’s one thing in life I’m not a fan of, it’s skincare routines. As I get older though, I think it’s time I start liking it because my skin is not getting any better on its own! This post might be a little more centred towards skin care for men however I can guarantee that anyone can take hints and tips from this post to ensure you have a better complexion in the future. I would like to point out, I’m no expert so if you have reactions to certain products etc. make sure you double check everything.

I hate getting blackheads and I find that I have loads of blackheads on my nose and around that area, it sucks. It’s actually a common problem for men as they get older and that’s why skin care for men is vital. Women are prone to acne so these skin care tips will help with that as well.

I’m not going to talk about the “best blackhead remover” because there are thousands of products out there that claim they do a great job when in actual fact they’re rubbish. I’m going to talk about some more natural ways that you can avoid acne and avoid blackheads and also talk about some exfoliator products that I’ve used and what I thought about them.

Natural Ways To Prevent Blackheads

I much prefer natural ways for a good face cleansing if I’m honest. Most of the time it is cheaper and can actually be enjoyable or have even more health benefits. Some of them might sound like common sense but not everyone will think of them. Sometimes the most obvious way does the best job. I know that not everyone will have access to the methods below but if you can, go for it.

Water Helps Complexion!

If you find yourself prone to acne or have a lot of blackheads, drink more water. I mean water as well, don’t drink coffee, fizzy drinks or energy drinks and say they have water in them! Drinks are full of added extras that are terrible for your skin, sugar being the worst culprit in my experience. Drink water, it doesn’t have any nasty extras in them and it helps flush out all the bad toxins in your skin.

A few years back I used to have terrible acne, I now drink water daily and it’s improved. I know that a lot of people don’t like drinking water or they’ll only have bottled water, there’s no need. Get yourself a water filter that can easily fit in the fridge and you’ve got purified and cold water whenever you want it! I know this won’t be for everyone as there are people out there that hate drinking water, I would however, suggest that you give it a go!

Exercise & Saunas

No, exercise doesn’t solve everything but it can help with acne and removing blackheads. When you exercise you sweat and you essentially lose all of the bad crap in your body which means anything that causes blackheads or acne is being forced out. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for skin care for men or skin care for woman, exercising can help everyone. Exercise also comes with added benefits, you can train so your body is to your liking, and it helps with confidence and helps build great mental health.

I know exercise isn’t always affordable for everyone. I do have a handy post for tips on how to lose weight at home so check that out if you can’t make it or afford the gym and hopefully you’ll sweat it all out in other ways! Walking is a great way although you won’t sweat as much depending on the weather.

I love sitting in a sauna for like half an hour, although I can’t say that as there are time limits on these places and I hardly ever abide by them. The sauna is a great way to sweat everything out without having to exercise loads and it guarantees you’ll sweat everywhere, which means if you just want a better face complexion, it’ll help sweat out the pores. Clogged pores are why people get blackheads and acne, the sauna can help.

I have a sauna at my gym, I don’t think many gyms have saunas though so you may want to try and find a decent sauna near you. I know not everyone will feel body confident enough for the sauna so I have a solution! You can get a home sauna or a sauna suit! They’re really cool and you don’t even have to leave your house, they might be a little more expensive than actually going to the sauna but they’ll pay off!

Using a sauna for a better complexion

Consistent Skin Care Routine

The thing about having a skincare routine is to make sure it’s consistent and you’re not just doing it once a month and expecting amazing results. This is where products can become a little expensive which is why I like to try as many natural ways as possible before paying out for products. A consistent skin care routine could be making sure you drink a certain amount of water per day or making sure that you go to the gym every week for three days.

It doesn’t matter what your skincare routine is, as long as you are consistent. Everyone will have a different skincare routine, after all if you want the blackheads on your nose or acne to vanish, it’s a process and it won’t happen overnight. It can be as easy as making sure you scrub your face in the shower every day. If you’re looking for the best foot peels I have just the ones. They’re on the pricey side and you can pick them up cheaper in B&M but if you don’t want to go into town, it’s the next best thing!

The Best Exfoliating Products

If you’re looking for a good skincare routine you’re going to want some decent exfoliator products, that’s a given. However, exfoliator products do not come cheap and there are so many on the market that it can be tough to decide which ones you want to go for. I have some that I’ve tried and that have worked well for me. There are some terrible adverts out there, I’ve seen so many cringe adverts for this green tea cleansing mask on Amazon and although the adverts look terrible, it actually works a treat!

Jojoba Bead Cleanser

I really like this cleanser, it’s not for the faint hearted though. I say that because it has a strong smell to it over that of other cleansers I’ve used. That being said I do really like this face cleanser. It works really well, doesn’t sting too much if you get it in your eye (like I did) and leaves your skin feeling smoother and less oily. Oily skin can be a huge issue, especially for men’s skincare so I’d easily recommend this to any man looking to add something to their skincare routine.

One of the things I like about this face cleanser is that it’s a vegan face cleanser. It’s also cruelty free, made with natural ingredients and it’s made in Australia. I’m not sure if the Aussie part will mean much to my UK readers, but it’s a fun fact! It is one of the higher priced face cleansers that I’ve used, it’s worth it but they also do amazing sales so that’s the time to get more than one!

Dr Irena Eris Cleanology

When a simple wash won’t cut it you want something that’s going to go easy on your skin and this cream is great for dry and sensitive skin. I have terrible skin, it reacts to almost everything and I have to say, it didn’t with this. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t see a huge difference with this one and that’s probably because I don’t wear makeup. I gave this to my sister to use and she LOVED it!

It’s great for a women skincare routine that’s for sure. If you or someone you know wears makeup on a daily basis, this cream is going to work wonders on your or their skin. When they say it’s a face and eye Makeup removal lotion for all skin types they aren’t lying. It’s a higher end cleanser that does the job for all skin types.

HedoxSKIN Exfoliating Enzyme Mask

I love this mask, it’s got to be one of the best exfoliating products I’ve used and I’ve used loads in my quest for better skincare. I use mine once a week and it has great results. My skin is left feeling smooth, it doesn’t feel oily after and it has a slight glow to it, like you’d find in a skincare advert on TV! Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, up to 30 minutes and it does its job well.

There’s no strong smell so you can keep it on your face without having to pinch your nose. It comes in a fancy little tube as well and personally, I wouldn’t say no to getting this as a gift! It’s great for men and women and I’d advise putting it on clean skin, no makeup and make sure you wash first. I hate when some people don’t wash their faces first and then say they aren’t getting any results from their products. If you want to use this exfoliator, make sure you give it its best chance for success!

Pharmaceris Exfoliating Night Cream

When it comes to exfoliators I never thought that night creams did any good, I was wrong and I’d like to apologise now. I quite like this cream because if you’ve had a depressive day or you just can’t be bothered all you have to do is wash your face and apply this before bed. I would suggest applying a thin layer, you don’t want to roll over and have it all over your pillow.

It works well, I was a little shocked at first because it peeled slightly but it was all part of the process. When it comes to blackhead removal, this cream works by itself, overnight and does the job. I use this alongside any other product. So I will have my morning skincare routine and then I will apply this before bed. I don’t do this every day but mainly on the days when I know I have time in the morning for a decent shower and not when I’m rushing out to the gym.

Mens Skincare

Skin care for men I feel is still a touchy subject. You see memes floating around where they say men use the same towel for their whole body, use one shower gel product and their skin is amazing, that’s just not true. Maybe back in the day when there wasn’t as much food choice, chemicals in the atmosphere or knowledge on the subject but these days men’s skincare is something that most men will want to know.

I will do a whole separate post on men’s skincare because I feel it’s important both personally and that a lot of people want to read about it and see what they can do for better skin. I wish I knew all about the best blackhead remover products when I was in school, now that I’m in my 30’s I want to know about the best products to use to clear blackheads on the nose which is a very common issue amongst men as they get older.

Let me know what skincare products you use to get the best complexion. I know some people that don’t have a skincare routine at all and they look flawless, I also dislike them people and put them with the people who can eat loads and never put on weight. If you found any of these tips or products helpful do let me know, remember though; sometimes all you need is a simple face wash to get the best complexion and it doesn’t always have to be expensive!

If you found this skincare post helpful please share it with your friends and family. You can also add it to Pinterest using the picture below. I hope you have a great day and a great complexion.

The Best Ways To Get A Better Complexion

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