22 Free Ways To Use Alexa For Productivity – Free Alexa Commands For Productivity

If you own an Alexa then you might know some tricks that she does, however, a lot of people don’t know how valuable Alexa can be when it comes to helping your productivity. I use her often to make sure that I’m doing stuff when I need to be doing stuff and it helps me get a lot more done throughout the day, as I hate wasting time.

If you’re like me and have to do lists everywhere and want to be as productive as possible when working from home, your Alexa might be just the thing you need. If you’re looking to use your Alexa more, take a look at this Free Ways To Use Alexa post.

How To Be Productive With Alexa

There are various ways you can be productive with Alexa and they’re super simple and easy to use. Depending on your type of job or what chores you’re looking to get done will depend on what commands you use to get the most out of your Alexa.

22 Alexa Productivity Commands

Take a look at the commands for Alexa below and get yourself in the productive mood.

Alexa Set An Alarm

You can easily have Alexa set you an alarm so that you can set yourself a time limit for any chores you might have to do around the house. You can even set an alarm tone or song/playlist for when your time is up if you want to have a little dance to celebrate your hard work.

Alexa Play White Noise

Some people find it helpful to have white noise on in the background, this doesn’t have to be a static noise though, it can be sounds of a rain forest, leaves blowing or waterfalls. Whatever makes you feel comfortable works and it can prove more productive than listening to a song and getting distracted by singing.

Alexa Add My Meeting To My Calendar

You can connect your Alexa device to your calendar via the app. I connect mine with my Google Calendar and every time I have a new meeting or event coming up I ask Alexa to add it. It’s a simple way to not forget about your meetings, which many of us do.

Alexa Phone Charlie

If you have your Alexa synced with your contacts via the app then it’s easy to have your device call whoever you need if you’re looking to make a personal or business call.

Alex Send A Text

You can easily ask your Alexa device to send a text to someone if you’re busy doing something else but have something important that needs to be conveyed. You can also use this to text yourself reminders so you don’t forget anything!

Alexa Send An Email

With the right apps, Alexa can send texts to anyone on your phone. It’s quick and easy to do and it’ll free up a lot of time, otherwise, you’ll have to pick up your phone, get typing, put it back down and Alexa could have sent two texts in that time!

over 22 things Amazon Alexa can do

Tick Off Your To-Do List

Todoist is one of the best calendar apps out there which can easily help you keep track of your tasks. It also integrates well with Alexa, which means when you’ve completed a task you can ask her to tick it off of your to-do list.

Alexa Find My Phone

Can’t find your phone and have an important work call coming up? Easily ask alexa to find your phone, using some of the best apps out there you can easily hook them up to your Alexa and have her ring your phone so it’ll never get lost again.

Alexa Have I Got Mail

With certain apps you can ask Alexa if you have mail and you can also ask if you have mail from specific people. If you’re waiting on an important email and can’t bear to check your emails for an update, let Alexa do it for you!

Send And Hear Slack Messages

You can have apps that are compatible with Alexa to read out and send messages via Slack which is used by many companies for employees to keep connected. It’s a great tool for people who work from home and love their smart speakers. The only issue is with some of the apps you have to get your wording right as Alexa doesn’t always understand all words.

Alexa Play Music – Alexa Play A Podcast

If you like to multi-task like I do, you’re going to probably ask Alexa to play you some music or a favourite podcast of yours. I am forever sitting at my desk working while singing to mad music, you should try it!

Alexa Check The Weather Forecast

Going out, need to make sure you don’t get soaked wet through or wear a coat and end up in a meeting sweaty. Ask Alexa to tell you the weather forecast while getting dressed and wear the right clothes!

Alexa Tell Me The News

Need to keep updated with the news to make sure you have everything up to date, maybe you write about current events or make TikTok videos to keep people informed? Alexa can help with that by giving you the news highlights.

Get Traffic Updates

If you’re commuting then you’re going to need to ensure the roads aren’t closed due to some accident, so ask Alexa if there are any traffic updates in the area. She’ll be able to tell you how public transport and the roads are looking but I’m afraid she won’t know if the neighbour granny is taking up the pavement so you’ll miss your bus.

Control Your Home

Have a busy work day, working from home and need to get more done. If you have a smart plug you can easily get Alexa to start your washing or start your coffee machine in the morning and you’ll not have to worry about setting off mundane tasks that you could save time from.

Motivational Quotes

Need a little help during the day to get you into the work mood? Maybe you’re fed up of looking at the same PowerPoint for hours and getting nowhere. Ask Alexa to read you out some motivational quotes so you can get back into that working mood!

Alexa Drop Ins

Are the children off from school? Is your partner in the other room and you want to say hello? Ask Alexa to drop into another room and have a quick conversation with anyone else in the house. Keep in mind I’m not responsible for you dropping into another room and a stranger answering, for that I suggest this finger print lock!

Alexa Enter Focus Mode

Ask Alexa to enter focus mode so you’re able to concentrate with the task at hand and not get distracted by notifications.

Access Meditation

Feeling stressed? Had enough of work and it’s only 10am? Why not take a quick break and try meditation or yoga. Alexa can help with that.

Goodnight Routine

Set up a goodnight routine so you can have a peaceful nights sleep. Personally, when I say goodnight to Alexa she will play white noise at the volume I want and that helps me to sleep well.

If you’re in the Christmas spirit anytime of the year take a look at these free Christmas Alexa Commands and have a bit of fun to break up your work day. I would also suggest having your own Christmas playlist to play when you’re in the festive mood!

If you didn’t want to read the entire list above, take a look at the too long didn’t read ways Alexa can help with productivity below for all the information fast.

TLDR; 22 Ways Alexa Can Help With Productivity

  1. Set reminders and alarms for important tasks and appointments.
  2. Create and manage to-do lists to stay organised.
  3. Set timers for cooking, workouts, or other time-bound activities.
  4. Check the weather forecast to plan your day effectively.
  5. Get news updates and stay informed about current events.
  6. Manage your calendar and schedule meetings or events.
  7. Use voice commands to control smart home devices and appliances.
  8. Set up routines to automate repetitive tasks.
  9. Listen to productivity podcasts or audiobooks while multitasking.
  10. Get motivational quotes or daily affirmations to boost productivity.
  11. Use the “Drop In” feature to quickly communicate with family members in other rooms.
  12. Dictate and send emails or text messages hands-free.
  13. Access your favourite productivity apps and services through Alexa Skills.
  14. Use the “Find My Phone” feature to locate your misplaced device.
  15. Set up voice profiles for personalised responses and reminders.
  16. Ask for tips or strategies to improve time management and productivity.
  17. Access educational content or tutorials for learning new skills.
  18. Use the “Focus Time” feature to minimise distractions during work or study sessions.
  19. Get traffic updates and plan your commute more efficiently.
  20. Use voice commands to add items to your shopping list or reorder essentials.
  21. Access guided meditation or relaxation exercises to reduce stress and increase focus.
  22. Enable the “Goodnight” routine to wind down and prepare for a restful sleep.

I would just like to point out that I am not working on behalf of Amazon or any of the apps mentioned in this post. Some I use myself and others I have yet to try. If you have any suggestions on additional ways Alexa can help you be more productive, let me know!

I hope Alexa helps your productivity and please do let me know if you found this post helpful. If you know of someone working from home with an Alexa device, send them this post!

22 Free Ways To Use Alexa For Productivity – Free Alexa Commands For Productivity

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