Why Do I Keep Getting Headaches?

Why Do I Keep Getting Headaches?

There could be many reasons as to why you keep getting headaches. Below are just some of the common causes of frequent headaches.


Chronic stress can lead to tension headaches – these tend to involve pain around the forehead and back of the neck (some people describe it as having a clamp squeezing their skull). Learning to manage stress can help to prevent these headaches. There are lots of ways to reduce stress including meditation, listening to music, taking hot baths and getting enough sleep. 

Eye Strain

Eye strain can also lead to tension headaches. This may be caused by sight problems – if you find yourself straining to read things up close or far away, it might be worth taking an eye test to see if you need corrective vision. Wearing glasses or contact lenses could help to prevent eye strain related headaches. For the biggest selection of glasses, try shopping online (wearing a style of glasses that you like will encourage you to wear your glasses). Other things that can cause eye strain include reading in the dark or staring at bright screens for long periods. 


If you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day, you could also be more likely to suffer from headaches. On average, we should all be consuming 7 to 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking large amounts of alcohol or coffee is likely to increase dehydration.

Skipping Meals

Some people experience hypoglycemic headaches and migraines as a result of skipping meals. This can be caused by glucose levels falling too low (in the case of migraines, it can be the result of a change in routine). It’s important to have a regular meal schedule. You should particularly avoid skipping breakfast.

Breaking Sleep Routines

If you experience intense headaches after lying in at the weekend after a week of getting up early you could be an unfortunate sufferer of the ‘weekend migraine’. This is caused by a change in sleep patterns. Some people find that the only way to break this is to get up the same time on a Saturday, while also keeping up the same morning routine (if you drink coffee or eat breakfast at a certain time on weekday mornings, you may want to keep this habit up). 

Food Triggers

Certain foods can trigger migraines for some people. Common examples include gluten, caffeine, alcohol, mature cheese, chocolate or MSG (commonly found in Chinese foods). Every time you have a migraine, make a record of the foods and drinks you consumed before to see if you can identify the trigger.

Hormonal Changes

If you’re on your period, going through puberty or going through your menopause, you may be more likely to develop headaches as a result of hormonal changes. These could be mild tension headaches or full blown migraines.


Certain medication can also cause people to develop headaches. Overdosing on painkillers may cause you more pain in some cases – this is a common cause of headaches. Make a record of any medication you take if you suffer from regular headaches. 

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