4 Self-Care Practices For Home Workers

With lockdown 2.0 on the horizon, many Brits are encouraged to work at home until December. However, it’s not unlikely that Boris may prolong this mini lockdown in the next month.

A winter lockdown presents new issues for employees. As painful as it was to stay indoors in the first lockdown, it was spring and summer, and so you could still enjoy the good weather in your back garden or on a walk.

But the winter lockdown is different. Shorter, colder days quickly dampen people’s moods. Add that to being confined to your home to work all day, and the second lockdown may feel unbearable.

To help you take the best care of yourself this winter while working from home, here are a few self-care practices to see you through and keep your spirits high over the next few weeks. 

Move From Your Desk

It’s essential to move away from your desk at lunchtime and maybe even venture outdoors for a walk to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. 

Being in one place all day every day is enough to cause cabin fever. Moreover, the constant glare from the computer screen all day could induce a severe migraine, which isn’t good for your work performance or your mental health. 

And so, even if it’s chilly outside, put on a thick jacket and a woolly hat and head outdoors, even if it’s just for 5 minutes on your break. In doing so, you’ll come back feeling much more refreshed and energised.

Connect With People

Just because you won’t be in the workplace anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have a chat with your favourite work colleagues each day.

Keeping in touch with people while working from home will give you insight into how others are and give you a sense of feeling like you’re in this together.

Whether you’re having a tough time and want to talk about it to your colleague, or you, have a funny story to tell. Keeping connected with others will maintain your well-being by preventing loneliness and adding variety to your day.

Find Pick Me Ups 

Think of a few healthy pick me ups that can keep you inspired and motivated at home. For instance, cbd gummies uk provide a calming effect to iron out any anxieties you may be feeling, like the pressure to perform at work from the confines of your home office. 

Or perhaps ordering a jumper from your favourite clothing store will give you a dopamine rush and add a bit of happiness to your day. Treating yourself is essential when you’re working at home to lift your mood and keep you positive.

News In Bite-Size Pieces

The news in large doses can be frightening. Unless it’s part of your job to remain up to date with current affairs, think about replacing the news with something more positive, like a good book.

The worries of Covid dressed across every paper can make any stable person’s anxieties hit the roof. And so, for your sanity, gain what you need to know from reliable sources such as gov.uk and the NHS website. And try to cut down on the news for a little while. 

Also, don’t forget to take full advantage of the significant positives of working from home! For example, you can work in your PJs. And, depending on the intensity of your work, maybe watch a movie in the background. You can eat delicious, smelly food without offending coworkers. And you no longer have to face a dreadful commute.

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