Reasons Why Bloggers Should Do Blogmas
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Reasons Why Bloggers Should Do Blogmas

Christmas 2018 I decided to take part in blogmas, which meant I had to post a post every single day for the 25 days of Christmas; kind of like an advent of blog posts. I know a few bloggers love to take part, other bloggers do an Isntagram post per day as well and if you’re versed in YouTube you can always vlog per day as well.

There arent real rules to blogmas or vlogmas but to have fun. However, it can be a little tough when you’re new to blogging and you have no idea what to do! So I fancied talking a little more about it to help people out.

When To Start Blogmas

There’s not real time frame on when you can start writing up your blog posts, however you’ll need to start them before December 1st otherwise you won’t get the posts out every day. I started my blog posts at the start of November so that I could get them all done in time.

However I soon found that it’s not as easy as you might think, I got behind after going away for a week and then found myself having to write a load of blog posts mid-December when I should have had them all scheduled and ready.

Next year if I’m doing blogmas and not vlogmas I think I’m going to start in October, that way even if I do get behind I’ll have some already scheduled and ready to go out and take the pressure off myself.

How Will Blogmas Help My Blog

Personally I see a nice boost in views everytime I do blogmas. I also try and do 30 days of September, which can be really difficult. I see that the Christmas content I put out there get the most views over the course of December as well.

If you’re into SEO, hopefully, a good SEO Christmas post is going to rank well the following December so you’re going to get some nice repeat views. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do Blogmas the next Christmas as you’ll be getting views from the previous ones you did.

Blog Post Ideas For Blogmas

It took me ages to think of blog post ideas if I am being honest. Which is weird because I LOVE Christmas and think about it all year round. I guess that when you’re having to write a whole blog post on something it can get a little trickey.

I’ve written about saving money Christmas food shopping, the best Christmas songs and the best Christmas movies to start with but there are loads of ideas you can come up with. I found that I got loads of inspiration a few days before Christmas which was mental because I’d already written 20 Christmas blog posts.

If you need some blogmas ideas then I’d check out this nifty post that’s got a huge list of post ideas you can write about. They won’t all apply to everyone but it’s a great starting point and I did take a few ideas of inspiration from the list!

One thing I would suggest, don’t go writing the same thing every time, which can be difficult. I find if I’m stuck I’d rather get some posts written up by Content Conga so they don’t all sound the same.

What Is Vlogmas

So I wanted to talk about vlogmas a little bit as well, vlogmas is pretty much the same thing although mainly for YouTubers in my personal opinion. It’s where a vlogger will upload a video per day. These videos can be about anything Christmas related, they can be pre recorded as well or they can just be filmed a day in advance. Some more pro vloggers with huge followings might film the whole day, edit and then put the vlog out that night. However I think most people don’t have the time and energy for that!

12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of Christmas, I’ve never done it. It’s basically just doing 12 days of vlogs or posts on the run up to Christmas. I’ve seen a few advent calendars only having 12 doors now as well. Does anyone else remember when you’d get 25 doors to open and a big one on Christmas day? I’m not sure when that stopped but it’s a shame!


A really good way to do Blogmas without having the time or energy to do all the posts yourself would be to get guest bloggers in to write some content. You’re able to give them a nice link back to their blog and they’re able to help you by giving you a blogmas post. I’m not too sure if this is possible with the whole vlogmas thing but with bloggers it’s a path worth considering. If you’ve taken on the challenge this year or any year I wish you the best of luck and hope that it helps with your blog.

If you’re totally new to blogging or fancy starting a blog in time for Blogmas then take a look at this “How to set up a blog” post for some amazing advice, hints and tips!

Reasons Why Bloggers Should Do Blogmas

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