Mens Adult Scooter Frenzy Recreational Scooter The Best Christmas Present!
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Mens Adult Scooter Frenzy Recreational Scooter The Best Christmas Present!

The Frenzy 230mm Recreational Scooter really is the best Christmas present a guy could want. I say a guy because it’s an adult scooter which makes it so great. Obviously at the moment I can’t drive, I’m just getting off the crutch and I need to put my ankle to good use a little bit more to build up the strength; this is the perfect way! If you have a hard to buy for guy at home and have no idea what to get him for Christmas, keep reading. You might have seen my last minute mens gift guide, this trumps anything on there, #Sorrynotsorry.

I have to say the scooter as well is built well, I mean I’m not skinny! I’m so glad I was gifted this adult scooter so that I could show it to the world and I can’t wait to show it off even more in the summer when I can take it out almost every single day and not have to worry about the constant rain we have in Bournemouth at the moment!

Why Should You Buy A Frenzy 230mm Recreational Scooter

Good question, because it’s amazing. I’ll go into detail though. The scooter is stable and isn’t going to fall apart, the Frenzy 230mm Recreational Scooter quality is amazing, if you’re looking for a mens adult scooter this is the one you want. Of course there are others on the website but I liked this one and I went with this one. I thought it looks stylish, sleek and understated which is a good thing. Some people want to show off and be centre of attention but that’s just not me; if that’s you though maybe check this one out? The red really helps it to pop and stand out I think.

How much is a Frenzy 230mm Recreational Scooter going to cost? It all depends on if there’s a sale, if so you can grab for under £100. Normally though you’re going to pay around £120 which to be fair, for an adult scooter isn’t all that bad of a price. I’ve seen some stupid priced scooters out there, for around £200-£300. With this one you’re getting a great product at an affordable price.

Frenzy Recreational Scooter The Best Christmas Present!

What Does The Frenzy 230mm Recreational Scooter Come With?

I’m not going to go into mega detail about what comes with this nifty adult scooter, if you want some mega information then check out the scooter out and you get all the information needed on the page! ! You get the instructions in the box, make sure you read them and don’t just try and put it together like I did. You also get a sticker set, a cool wristband and a couple other bits but you’d have to check out all the specfications on the website if you want to full run down! The adult scooter also comes with some nifty alan keys which are perfect because I know I have 20 of them already, I just have no idea where!

Do I love The Frenzy Recreational Scooter?

Of course or I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’m sad to say that it’s been raining for almost two weeks, every day in Bournemouth so I’ve been unable to take some nice pictures outside which is a shame! Don’t tell my landlord but I might have had a little spin on the scooter in the hallway and downstairs though and I have to say it’s a smooth ride! Make sure the handle bars are fixed nice and tight though and read the instructions.

Frenzy Recreational Scooter The Best Christmas Present!

As you can see I’m not the best model but you get an idea of how it looks! I need to also point out that there’s a great size guide on the website, wich means if you’re a little unsure of what to get you can take a look at that and get the right one; saving you having to send it back if it’s wrong!

How Long Do Orders Take On

Next day delivery on a lot of items, and with next day delivery you won’t be waiting around for your new toy to arrive. In fact you still have a few days to get your Christmas orders in time, order by Friday 21st and you’ll have it in time for Chirstmas. I love Christmas delivery because it takes the pressure and stress out of gift buying. Also if you’re ordering for Christmas and your order is over £40 it doesn’t cost you a thing with free Christmas delivery so it’s worth it.


It’s the best adult scooter I’ve ever tried, I’m miffed I can’t use it outside at the moment but I’m hoping that the rain buggers off some time soon! It’s perfect for a university student like myself, someone who lives close by to work or just a big kid you know who loved their scooter when they were younger and want to re-capture that! do so much more than just adult scooters though, they’ve got a range of scooters for sale and kids scooter. As well as scooters they have roller skates, skateboards and clothes along with much more. I love their balance boards and how amazing would it be to get one for Christmas, might have one on my Christmas list already! Can you imagine me on a balance board!

The last thing I want to say as a money blogger as well, make sure you check out the sales because you’ll be able to find a nifty bargain, save money and get some nice new toys in the process. The scooter beats any cheap scooters hands down though and you should buy one! Let me know if you get anything from and what you’ve got your eye on as well! This really is one of the best mens adult scooter about.

Mens Adult Scooter Frenzy Recreational Scooter The Best Christmas Present!

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