Four Frugal Ways To Stay Warm At Home In Winter!

Frugal Ways To Stay Warm In Winter!

Every year it feels like winter is getting colder and I don’t know about anyone else but my flat is freezing. Well, I don’t know about you but I’m looking to keep warm this winter!

You might have seen my post on frugal ways to keep cool during a heatwave, now we’re on the flipside talking about keeping hot in winter! IT seems whatever the weather, things need changing!

I live in a private flat, which means for us that we don’t have control over our heating and it’s only put on for a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening which is no good, the temperature gets around 5 degrees during the day which is not good when you work from home!

I’m afraid that staying in bed all day just isn’t an option sometimes, you know you’re going to have to get up for a wee or something to eat at some point so let’s talk about little changes to make at home for heating shall we!

One thing I will say, if you have problems sleeping due to the cold try and invest in a weighted blanket, they’re great for sleeping and also do wonders if you suffer from anxiety!

keeping your home warm in the winter
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Keeping House Warm In Winter

If you’re looking for keeping house warm in winter tips then you really are in the right place. I’m all about cheap ways to heat your home in winter and I hate spending money so you know they work well!

Tips on keeping your house warm in the winter don’t have to cost a fortune and if someone is trying to get you to spend a fortune, look somewhere else or find a better quote!

I’m going to talk about some home remedies for cold situations, what you can do to keep warm at home and keep the cold out of your house or flat. One of the good things about living on a first floor flat, heat rises.

Insulating Your Home

Now I’m not going to tell you about sticking foam in your attic or anything like that because I don’t have enough knowledge. I’m talking about natural instulation in your home to keep it warm.

Keeping doors closed in your home will stop drafts, I’d also suggest getting a draft stopper for your doors, it will stop the draft coming through and making the room colder!

I would also suggest that you get some nice thermal curtains if you can, they’re not cheap but they do such a great job with keeping the heat in the room and making sure you don’t have to put the heating on! Who doesn’t love reducing heating bills in winter!

Keep Warm, Use Blankets

So I have a few throws in my flat now, my favourite is my Mulan throw that I got for Christmas, although it’s only really good for one person and a smaller person at that as they’re not big.

I would suggest getting a nice big throw blanket to keep yourself warm, I’d also suggest that if you have someone around, give them a cuddle under the blanket to produce body heat, heat for free and who doesn’t love a good cuddle.

Keep warm in the winter
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Making Home Cooked Meals

This might sound strange but cooking at home really does heat up your home. My husband works at a desk in the kitchen at the moment thanks to lockdown and it gets cold, when the oven is on it soon warms up.

You don’t have to cook something really complicated, try this amazing and easy beef and bean burritos recipe, something yummy to munch on and it keeps the kitchen nice and hot.

Use A Small Heater At Home

One thing I would suggest doing, get a little portable heater to use at home, I have a couple and they normally stay in my front room and bedroom but they’re only used if it’s really freezing cold.

Make sure you check out the different portable heaters, they don’t have to be really expensive to do a good job, take a look what’s on offer, read the reviews and find the best portable heater for your money.

Warm Home Discount scheme

Lastly, this won’t work for everyone, but if you are a pensioner or get certain benefits, it’s worth seeing if you can get £140 off your electricity bill this winter with the Warm Home Discount scheme.

Every electricity supplier has different rules – check what your supplier offers. It’s always worth taking a look, even if you’re unsure!

Conclusion Round Up

So there’s some top frugal tips for keeping warm in the winter time while you’re at home. I hope these ways to keep warm have helped and your flat or house isn’t a freezer like mine!

As you can see there are a few ways to keep warm and I make sure to practice them all! All these things to keep warm and without having to spend a fortune, amazing! I’m thinking about doing a post about staying warm outside and ways to stay warm outside but not sure yet.

I like to light candles as well. Some people say they don’t heat up the room at all, I beg to differ. The thing is, even if it doesn’t give off that much heat; it makes you think differently.

The sight of a candle brings warmth and in the cold winter nights, that’s totally what’s needed. So maybe pop into somewhere like home bargains, pick yourself up a nice candle and light it when it’s really cold and you need some comfort!

I’ve always got one ready in my anxiety comfort box just in case. Just remember to stay warm in the winter without having to put the heating on and spending a fortune! Remember to keep warm stay warm!

Four Frugal Ways To Stay Warm At Home In Winter!

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