Winter seasons, it’s all cold weather and I don’t like it. I like warm temperture, not too hot and not too cold. Summer 2018, I wrote a post about staying cool inside during a heatwave, check it out if you haven’t because it might come in handy. This time around however I’m writing a post about staying warm in the winter, trust me it’s needed! Our flat is super cold, our landlords only put the heatin on for two hours in the morning and two hours at night. It’s not enough but that’s that. So I’ve had to become inventive and keep myself warm all day because otherwise I’d just stay in bed where it’s warm without a doubt!

So I’m going to run through some of my frugal ways to keep warm. Ways to keep house warm in winter. They’re not all gonig to be free so you might have to spend some money but they’re better alternatives to putting the heating on all day and having a mega bill at the end of the month, trust me on that one! So if you’re cold these winter months make sure you take a look and get some ideas!

Closing the doors to keep warm

So I shut all the doors in my flat, I find with the doors open it’s so much colder. So I’d advise you to go round your flat or house and close your doors, there’s also less of a draft that way. I’d also suggest closing all the windows and curtains, espically at night. It keeps the warmth in the room and with the doors shut it should soon warm up. I’m not saying the curtains have to be closed all the time, if you’re leaving the house or it’s not that cold then by all means open them up. If however your flat is like a freezer like mine, shut them all! I find this a really great way to keep warm if I’m honest, I can tell when I walk into another room and it’s freezing but then go into my front room and it’s nice and cosey!

Also I’ve just discovered something, room warming curtains I mean I didn’t know they were a thing! So from what I know, they’re just insulated curtains and black out curtains. I was on the verge of getting some but I’m thinking there’s not much point when they’re just the same as regular curtains in my mind. Anyone own some thermal curtains? Let me know what you think of them! So if you’ve been searching will curtains keep room warm well they do. Make sure you have some nice warm curtains for winter!

Grab a throw and a onesie!

If you’re curled up on the sofa at the end of the night, curtains and doors are shut and you’re still cold; here’s a little solution. Get yourself a nice warm throw, you can curl up under it and get warm. If you don’t fancy buying one, use your duvet. However it can be a pain moving your duvet all the time, not a problem if you watch television in bed but works as well. I’d also suggest, and this isn’t for everyone! Get yourself a onesie. In our flat we both have matching pikachu onesies, we wear them every winter and they keep us nice and warm. You obviously don’t have to get a pokemon onesie yourself! I would advise checking out eBay first before you hit town or Amazon because you’re able to get some bargains, same with the throws!

I mean you could always raid your clothes in the bedroom if you fancy putting together winter outfits to get you through the day, our flat is so cold I’d be wearing my winter outfit indoors, maybe I can fashion my throw into a jumper because after all I don’t have many winter clothes at all.

Cooking home cooked meals

Might seem like an odd one but stay with me. When you’re cooking at home you’re using the oven, which generates and gives off heat. It might not seem like a lot but if you’re in the kitchen making dinner and you have the door shut the room is soon going to heat up. I’m not saying bake all day to keep warm! When you get home from work though you might be a little cold and you can go make some dinner and warm up. It’s also the perfect excuse not to spend a load of money on take aways and you’re able to eat healthier! It’s a win win solution all round! Plus who doesn’t love a home cooked meal and it’s an inventive way to stay warm in winter!

Get a small heater

Finally, getting yourself a small heater. You can put it on when you’re home to heat up the room and hopefully feel a lot less cold. The thing I will say about this one, it’s going to cost more money then the other solutions. You’re going to need to buy the heater, you can pick them up cheak on eBay or Amazon though. You’re also going to need to pay for the electric you use. However if you’re only using them for a couple hours at night then you shouldn’t have a huge bill at the end of the month, unlike if you’re using them all day. It’s something to consider if all else fails!

Warm Home Discount scheme

Lastly, this won’t work for everyone, but if you are a pensioner or get certain benefits, it’s worth seeing if you can get £140 off your electricity bill this winter with the Warm Home Discount scheme. Every electricity supplier has different rules – check what your supplier offers. It’s always worth taking a look, even if you’re unsure!

Conclusion Round Up

So there’s some top frugal tips for keeping warm in the winter time while you’re at home. I hope these ways to keep warm have helped and your flat or house isn’t a freezer like mine! As you can see there are a few ways to keep warm and I make sure to practice them all! All these things to keep warm and without having to spend a fortune, amazing! I’m thinking about doing a post about staying warm outside and ways to stay warm outside but not sure yet. As a blogger I spend more of my time inside, let me know what you think? In the mean time, make sure you’re staying warm in winter.

I like to light candles as well. Some people say they don’t heat up the room at all, I beg to differ. The thing is, even if it doesn’t give off that much heat; it makes you think different. The sight of a candlr brings warmth and in the cold winter nights, that’s totally what’s needed. So maybe pop into somewhere like home bargains, pick yourself up a nice candle and light it when it’s really cold and you need some comfort! I’ve always got one ready in my anxiety comfort box just in case. Just remember to stay warm in the winter without having to put the heating on and spending a fortune! Remember keep warm stay warm!

Four Frugal Ways To Stay Warm At Home In Winter!




  1. Cora Harrison Reply

    Some great hints and tips here Louis. Thanks so much for sharing. We’ll be taking these tips to our new home for sure! 😀

    • Louis B Reply

      Thermal curtains perhaps?? 🙂 Get a lovely throw for the sofa, I mean we have 3!! They’re ace!

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