The Green Lantern Movie, Was It Really That Bad? ~ Film Review

Green Lantern, Ryan Renyolds

For starters I love Green Lantern, he’s in my top 5 favourite super heroes and he’s going to stay there! The fact that Ryan Reynolds played it as well means he’s even better! However there’s been loads of negative press towards the film, I mean deadpool goes back in time to shoot himself before the film!! Come on it wasn’t that bad, right?

I mean the fact that it has over 580 reviews on Amazon and it’s still a four star means a lot! People can’t hate it that much to get all them great reviews? Mine isn’t one of them either, so it’s not a bias result on there.

Firstly I’ve watched justice league since I was a kid, just check out the little review I did on the animated series! That aside, I think Ryan really put something into the charchter. Sure he wasn’t able to make it as funny or sassy as Deadpool but he still put his own little spin in there. I don’t know how much the studio held him back but maybe they shouldn’t have and it might have been a huge success like Deadpool was?

That being said they made around $200,000,000 on the film and went on to release games! They could have released a Funko Pop then I would have been happy! So it’s not like the franchise didn’t make money from it all! To continue on that as well there’s going to be a Green Lantern Corps film coming out in 2020, so the 2011 film couldn’t have killed it that much.

So yes I loved the film, is there anything I hated about it? Well I thought the villian was a little weak in all honesty. The villian didn’t hold the sinister feel that most do in other films, which was a total let down! At the same time I hated the mask, I mean it was a bit bland and I’d rather see his face more than a little green mask!

The film started a little slow but overal I really enjoyed it! I mean I’m a huge Green Lantern fan and all the film needed for me to make it a 5 star would have been a surprise visit from the Flash!! That being said I would totally encourage you to watch the Green Lantern film, if you hate it or love it at least you’ve experienced it! Oh and if you fancy getting it just click one of these below, super cheap at the moment at £3.90 and on Amazon prime!

The Green Lantern Movie, Was It Really That Bad? ~ Film Review

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