My Best Low Cost Snacks For Slimming World

My Best Low Cost Snacks For Slimming World

I understand that diets can become expensive over a period of time, slimming world being one of them. I’ve tried slimming world before and I ended up spending a fortune, on the classes and food designed just for the diet; until I realised I really didn’t need to.

You see the thing is, with slimming world you’re sucked into this whole community you forget to look at the big picture! Money can be a big factor, in order to lose weight you need to buy good food and unfortunately these diets make you think that good food means big prices! Which just isn’t true. Although I follow a calorie counted diet for the moment, a lot of the foods I eat are also perfect for slimming world!

I know people who go out of their way to spend a fortune on snacks just because they’re slimming world friendly and they never turn around and look at “normal” snacks because they don’t have the special logo on the box!

Well along my weight loss journey I’ve managed to find some pretty amazing snacks that are low in cals and syns! So I thought why not share the knowledge with everyone at home trying so hard to lose weight, just like I am! So take notes, find out how much money you can save and smile when you’re snacking!

Slimming World Snacks

So let’s take a look at the best slimming world snacks in my opinion. I like these as the snack syn value doesn’t change that often so I know they’re going to be around the same syn count and still taste great.

One thing I will say is that if the slimming world snack has a low calorie content then it’s probably going to be low in syns which is perfect when you want low syn snacks!

If you’re looking for great slimming world meals and fancy more healthy slimming world recipes I’d take a look at because you’re bound to find something tasty to love!

Slimming World Skinny Whip Bars!

These are amazing! I’d never heard of them until I went into home bargains and saw the big 99 cals stuck on the front of the boxes! They taste amazing! It’s difficult to describe, milky way mixed with double decker although if you get the toffee one it’s like biting into a lion bar!

They are amazing, they fill you up and keep you going! The best part is they’re low in calories and low in syns, with each bar only costing you 5 syns! The perfect naughty treat you need to get you through the day and not push you out of your syn comfort zone!

You can also get skinny crunch bars now, very much like the skinny whip bars, skinny crunch slimming world bars as I like to call them when I buy 6 boxes of them!

Slimming World HarvestMorn Rice Bars!

So I prefer the orange ones, just because they’re lower in calories. They’re okay for a quick snack when needed. I wouldn’t have them daily like the skinny whip but they’re the perfect treat to compliment any lunch or to tide you over until dinner time!

I always find myself having one for pudding these days instead of huge bars of Cadburys, because we all know they’re not low in syns! Each one is going to cost you 4.5 syns each so not bad at all!

I find that if I’m in a rush I don’t have time to make a heatlhy slimming world breakfast so I grab one of these instead, they’re easy to have on the go and are full of flavour in the morning!

Slimming World Freddo chocolate!!

I’m not sure how much these are now if I’m honest. I remember when they used to be 5p, although with inflation they’re probably around 25p these days! Chocolate is getting more expensive for less and less!

Now one of the little freddos is going to set you back 5 syns, which in my book is totally worth it! Without a doubt, I have loved them for years and I’ll carry on loving them until they get to 50p!

Slimming World Tips

Although snacks are amazing, don’t forget you can fill up on drinks as well. When it comes to slimming world, drinks that are diet, zero or sugar free are syn free on slimming world which is great; after all no one likes to get into a diet and find out that everything they loved before is now on the no list!

Let me know if there are any snacks you can’t live without on slimming world and what kind of syns are in them. I’m always on the look out for low syn snacks because they normally have low calories at the same time which means I can carry on losing as much weight as possible and that’s great with me! I’m also loving low cost recipes that can be made on a slimming world diet as well so check out that post, like now! 

This post has been updated 12/01/21 and all syn counts were updated so if they’ve changed since, I’m sorry just let me know in the comments!!

The best Low Cost Snacks For Slimming World

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  1. Hi great advice and info here. I’ve just discovered the Skinny Bar range. They have just created two new bars called Skinny Dream. Choc toddy and a choc peanut. They are yummy and 4 1/2 syn as at November 2020.

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