International Cat Day!

Some products were gifted for this post.

I don’t know about you but I love cats! Most people I know are dog people but I think cats are better, not saying I hate dogs because that would be mean but I much prefer a cat. They are stubborn, and won’t bug you all the time but show love and affection their own way.

We have recently moved and found that the house comes with its very own cat. She comes around every day and we’ve called her Gemma, a weird name I know but it suits her. That’s why this year I’m totally loving international cat day and quite frankly have spoilt Gemma, a cat that isn’t technically ours, totally rotten!

I’ve gotten her treats, toys, and a house that works! Take a look at some of the items below and you’ll see some of the stuff I’ve gotten her!

Webbox Cat Treats

Cats love treats, our cat Gemma can’t get enough of them. She’ll come around asking for treats all the time. It’s like she’s a child always wanting snacks! If you’re in the UK you’ll know we’ve been experiencing some heat waves and Webbox Lick-e-lix is the perfect treat for your cat in this heat. Stick them in the fridge or even the freezer and your cat will thank you, in their own way that is.

There are loads of different that Webbox offers, Gemma isn’t the biggest fan of the soup although she LOVES the tasty sticks and went through the in a matter of weeks! If you want to spoil your cat, get them some Webbox treats!

Vet’s Kithen Cat Treats

I’ve been using Vet’s Kitchen treats for a while now. The dogs love them, I didn’t know they did cat treats though! Gemma totally loves these. We mainly use them with her to help train her, you know to stop biting our big toes which seems to be one of her favourite things to do!

They come in a variety of flavours and so far my fluff ball seems to love them all. I’ve run out of a couple of packs and you can best believe I’m buying more when they’re used up. If you’re looking for some lovely little treats to use for positive reinforcement for your cat, these would be the ones to get!

Wooden Cat House

Okay now please ignore the picture with a dog in it, I got it for Gemma as she’s an outdoors cat and would never stay inside long enough. I’m yet to put it up but you can bet when the days get colder it’ll be up and ready for her to use. If it stays outside, however, well that’s a different story I suppose.

I personally think it’s a house fit for a queen, like Gemma. However, I don’t think she’ll be needing the door on it somehow. More of her palace over a cage!

Cat Treats – International Cat Day

So of course international cat day is a day when you can really spoil your little fluff ball, that being said I’m buying Gemma stuff all year long and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon. One thing I will say is, don’t just buy random stuff in a supermarket because it’s cheap! Cats and dogs both have very fragile stomachs, regardless of the fact they eat everything so you don’t want to make them unwell.

Gemma has tried all of the above treats and gives them her approval so I wouldn’t recommend them to my readers if she hadn’t. Let me know if you give your cats any treats I haven’t added or if you get them any toys because Gemma really can’t be bothered with toys and I’d love to get her some she’s interested in.

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