Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Review
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Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Review

I’m a huge fan of Pokemon if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’m always out and about playing Pokemon Go and capturing Poke gyms! If you’re late to the scene and haven’t got the Pokemon go app then I totally advise you to download it and get playing, it’s never too late to start! Now I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was a child, I started on the Gameboy and now I’m on the Pokemon go app!

Today however I’m talking about the Pokemon Go Gotcha wristband. The other half got me one for Christmas as he knows what a Pokemon Go fan I am and that the Pokemon go wristband would be really handy when I’m driving or on the bus to university! However I didn’t have a clue about the Gotcha until I started to mess about with it and I had quite a few questiosn that are only answered if you read a reviews like this or get stuck in yourself! I’m hopefully going to answer a few of your questions today though and put your mind at ease for when you buy it! So here is my sort of Pokemon Go Gotcha review and I hope people find it helpful.

Is The Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Good Value?

As I talk about saving money and all sorts of things money related I wanted to start with this question. Well the gotcha wristband isn’t an official Pokemon merchandise, which means it’s a lot cheaper. The gotcha wristband price is £29.95 at the moment on Amazon which in my opinion is a good deal. Espically if you use the wristband almost every day like I do. Whereas the official pokemon go wristband is around £40, however I can’t seem to find it on Amazon or many other sites so I’m unable to link to one! I can say though that a pokemon go wristband accessory is around £25 which shows how expensive it can be! So in my opinion I’d totally go for the gotcha wristband, it’s better in price and easily found online.

How Big Is The Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband?

So I have fat wrists, it’s a fact. I was a little worried that the gotcha wasn’t going to fit me and that it would be too small. However that wasn’t a problem. When I put it on I use the second hole, which shows I have a bit of space as well and it fits really well. Because of the material it’s made of, I think silicone but don’t quote me! It’s really comfortable and doesn’t dig into your wrist like other material might. It’s a comfortable fit and I really like it.

I’d also like to point out that you can get some really nice replacement wristbands for the Pokemon gotcha on Amazon and I may have some on order right now so I’m excited to see what they’re like when they arrive. If you want to see more of them, check me out on Instagram! Also they’re only £9.99 for a pack!

I’d also point out that you can get carry cases for pokemon go gotcha wristbands and they’re so much easier to use. You can have them in your pocket, attached to your belt or on your keys so you have it with you wherever you go! They’re super cheap and make catching pokemon so much easier! Black is my favourite but you can get these cool pokemon go accessories in different colours.

What Can A Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Do?

Quite a lot, I don’t have all functions turned on however. The main thing is that it can catch pokemon for you. The great part is that you can pick which pokemon, you can either get the pokemon go device to catch new pokemon that you’ve not had before or any pokemon in your circle area; I have mine on catch everything so that I collect loads of stardust. You can also get the pokemon gotcha to spin pokestops and it even spins the ones in the gyms as well. The only problem I see with these two functions are the queue. The device will do whatever showed up first, so if you have 5 pokemon and a pokestop and the 5 pokemon turned up first, it’s going to go after the pokemon before spinning the pokestop.

This can be really annoying if you’re driving and you’re not in the area of the pokestop long, but at the same time you get some pokemon so it swings and roundabouts. I must say my Pokemon go bag is full up most of the time anyway so I’m not as worried about it, that’s even after I’ve upgraded my bag to hold 700 items! It does come with a Pokemon Go Gotcha manual as well so it’s easy to set up.

What Pokeballs Does The Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Use?

This was a question I didn’t know I had until the second day of using it. Pokemon go gotcha poke balls were a bit of an issue. The Pokemon go wristband only uses basic poke balls and none of the other balls. This is a little annoying because these balls get used up pretty quickly and you won’t be able to catch anymore pokemon till you get more. The thing is with basic pokeballs it’s more difficult to catch some pokemon which mean a lot of pokemon flee at the same time. One thing I will say is don’t buy poke balls and just work for the gyms so you can use the coins you get from the gym instead.

One more thing, there isn’t a function to change this on the wristband. It’s a set feature which is why I’ve decided to focus my wristband more on spinning pokestops when I’m commuting to university rather than catching pokemon. Either way I’m getting stardust without having to open my phone and that means I can upgrade my pokemon whenever needed.

Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Review

Collecting Stardust With The Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband

This is one of the things I love with the wristband, the amount of stardust you can get. If you commute to work, driving that is then you can have your wristband on capturing pokemon and spinning pokestops, earning you stardust each and everytime. After a day of having my pokemon go wristband on I normally have around 50k stardust waiting for me so that I can upgrade my pokemon.

The pokemon go wristband has been a huge help in regards to having my pokemon stronger, before the wristband it took forever to get good CP for my pokemon so the wristband really is a life saver and that’s another reason I’d totally recommend it!

How Long Does The Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Last?

Good question, it is supposed to take an hour to charge but I leave it on charge a little longer. Just because I mainly forget about it, or I’ll have it on charge overnight. The Gotcha wristband is supposed to last for 12 hours as well, however I have to say when I use my wristband I have charge for at least 15 hours, sometimes up to 20. I’ve not done a study but that’s my opinion on how long I have mine on for. It’s great value in money and it means you don’t have to have it on charge for ages which is another thing I love.

How Does The Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Connect?

Bluetooth. That was short and sweet. It takes around two minutes to connect the wristband to the Pokemon Go app initially and then after that it’s just a case of pressing the pokemon go button on the app and phone while your bluetooth is on and then it connects within seconds. That’s what makes it so handy, it doesn’t take long and you can just press a couple of buttons before you go out and then you’re ready to go!

Pokemon Go Gotcha Instructions Manual

One thing I hate with some products is that theres either no instructions inside or they’re terrible and hard to read! The pokemon go gotcha instructions are really easy to read and get your head aroun though. The gotcha manual is all laid out for you to easily digest and understand. It’s all on one page and the gotcha go instructions are easy to follow English as well.

Pokemon Go Gotcha Instructions Manual

Pokemon Go Wristband Conclusion

I love it! I’m so glad the other half got me one for Christmas and it’s been a total game changer. If you’re like me and like going for walks but don’t want your phone in your hand the entire way then it’s a perfect tool. I listen to podcasts on my phone with my headphones in while the app is closed but my gotcha device is still doing the work for me. Does the Pokemon Go Gotcha wristband take the fun out of it? No, in short. I still battle in the gyms, I don’t always use the wristband but it just makes it all a lot easier for myself.

If you fancy getting one yourself and you’re still on the fence then I hope this post has been helpful enough to make up your mind. As I said before they’re on Amazon for under £30 which really isn’t that expensive at all. IF you have one and you’ve encountered any issues or love it for another reason I’ve not mentioned then leave me a comment to let me know. Plus I know some people get a bit funny because it’s not official Pokemon Go merchandise but I really don’t mind, I’ve been a fan of Pokemon for years and I’ve always spent a ton of money on it so I’m allowed off this once!

Also this wasn’t a Pokemon go gotcha vs plus review but I’d still buy this one over the Pokemon plus if I’m honest. Plus the Pokemon go gotcha instructions are really easy to follow and I love it when items come with instruction manuals. Also it’s all easy to understand and no broken english in the Pokemon gotcha instructions. Keep an eye out for my Pokemon Go Nintendo Switch review which will be coming soon, if you liked this post don’t forget to share it with your mates and fellow Pokemon fanatics! I have to say the Go-Tcha would make a great gift for Christmas, which is when I got mine. Also the Pokemon Got-Tcha would be a great birthday gift or random gift for a love one.

Pokemon Go Gotcha Wristband Review

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  1. This is really cool Louis. I wanted to get around to getting the ‘official’ Pokemon wrist band but never did. This one looks even better so will probably get this one instead.

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