6 Effective Easy Ways To Clean The Kitchen

Effective And Easy Ways To Clean The Kitchen

I think everyone can agree, a clean kitchen is the best and who wants to bake in a messy, dirty and unkept kitchen? Which is why I take pride in cleaning mine to the best of my abilities.

Making sure my kitchen it tidy means I need to make sure I’m using the correct cleaning products and the best cleaning products in my own honest opinion.

Having a clean kitchen is only half of the battle however, there are various things in the kitchen that take quite a while to get right, like how to clean kitchen sink properly!

Have A Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

I don’t know about anyone else but my kitchen has a lot of elements to it and I have a lot of kitchen gadgets as well. This means I have different kitchen products for different areas.

If like me you also have your washing machine and dishwasher in the kitchen that’s even more than you need to clean. Mainting and cleaning your white goods is very important if you want them to live longer.

Cleaning tips are great, if you know where to use them. Make sure you have a kitchen checklist so that you know all the areas that need cleaning, this can be written down, on your phone or just mentally but you’ll make sure everything gets done!

Using Effective Cleaning Products

You might be thinking, great effective cleaning products means they’re going to cost a fortune! Well no actually, you can get amazing cheap cleaning products that work really well!

One kitchen product I love is Zoflora, you can pick this up really cheap at £1 a bottle in most places and they have amazing scents. Kitchen cleaning zoflora is something that a lot of people use so why not give it a try.

The Zoflora disinfectant is great, you can use it to clean the kitchen sink, clean the kitchen worksurface or even the floor if you have a steam mop. They also have seasonal scents!

The fabulousa cleaning product is another that I love, a bit like zoflora but with even more possibilities. You have Fabulosa air freshner, disinfectant spray, dishwasher cleaner, washing machine cleaner and good old disinfectant.

The best part about cleaning fabulosa is the huge range of fabulousa smells! I will also say the fabulousa washing machine cleaner works wonders and it’s the only one I use now, give it a try!

My final cleaning product tip would be dishwashing tablets, but for the washing machine! Chuck a couple in the washing machine, let it go on a long and hot wash and watch it clean all the dirt away. I do this once a month for amazing results.


I also love Astonish cleaning products, these are more used in the bathroom however and their anti-mould spray is the best I’ve ever used so be sure to check them and their cleaning range out!

Using A Steam Mop

I use my steam mop all the time. I also use it in the bathroom as well as it’s so versatile. If you have tiles, lino or similar flooring then you need to get yourself a steam mop as soon as possible.

The great thing about most steam mops is you can put your own product in if you want to, which means using zoflora or fabulousa and making the room smell amazing once you’re done.

We have a nice little shark steam mop and have to say it works wonders and does the job really well. Had no issues with it and it leaves a nice sparkle when it’s done!

I would say however, if you have pets maybe give it a vaccum before you use the steam mop as hair can get everywhere especailly with dogs and cats!

Making Sure You Clean Properly

I know a lot of people spend a couple of minutes cleaning their kitchen and think it’s done, not quite. I would say that deep cleaning is needed especially in some areas of the kitchen.

Cleaning the hob or cleaning the oven can take the longest, I like to use Ace power mousse for the hob, give it a couple of minutes to soak in and it lifts the grime and dirt up in no time.

These types of areas might take longer but once you’ve done them properly they’re easy to maintain every day and you won’t have to deep clean for quite some time.

6 Effective Easy Ways To Clean The Kitchen. ACE cleaning products.

Keep On Top Of The Cleaning

One of my top cleaning tips has to be keeping on top of it. I’m not telling you to deep clean every day, it all depends on how much you use your kitchen. I deep clean mine every week, while I clean up after myself when I cook.

I would also like to remind people to put the vaccum round more often, the amount of food that gets on the floor is unreal, which is why I’d never have carpet in the kitchen that’s for sure!

So in conclusion there are loads of effective ways to clean the kitchen. I have heard people talk about a clean kitchen sink with baking soda although I’ve never tried it myself though so let me know if it’s any good in the comments!

6 Effective Easy Ways To Clean The Kitchen

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