20 Things Alexa Can Do For Free

If you have an Alexa device at home and don’t want to pay for Amazon Prime, you might be sat there wondering how on earth you can use it but there are still several ways to use your Alexa device without having to pay a penny.

If you fancy joining Amazon Prime they normally have a 30 day Amazon Prime trial which unlocks new features so you can always join that to see if you want to stick to it, just remember to cancel it.

If you still haven’t got an Alexa device what are you waiting for!

What Can Alexa Do For Free?

There are loads of commands you can use with Alexa for free, it doesn’t matter if you have Amazon Prime or not. Take a look at the 12 free things to do with Alexa below. If you’re feeling in the festive spirit then take a look at this Free Christmas Commands With Alexa article and get your holiday cheer in full swing.

  1. Play the radio: You can play the radio for free on any Alexa device. This means you can have some noise in the background or if you like entering radio competitions you’ll be able to keep a listen out for them.
  2. Telling terrible jokes: Just ask Alexa for a joke and she’ll give you a terrible dad joke for sure but you might just get a laugh out of it.
  3. White noise: Having trouble sleeping or just want some background noise so that you can focus. Ask Alexa to play white noise and you’ll soon have a better atmosphere no matter what for.
  4. News: Ask Alexa for the latest news and she’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on and any major headlines. You can also ask for the latest news in your area as well.
  5. Connect to household devices: You can connect your alexa to smart devices around your house such as smart plugs so that you don’t have to get up to turn the lamp on and it’s also an amazing way to save on energy.
  6. Make animal noises: You can ask Alexa to make animal noises which can be a lot of fun for children although not dogs that like to bark a lot, I found that out the hard way!
  7. Cooking Tips: If you’re not that great in the kitchen that’s fine, you can ask Alexa for cooking tips in general or for certain recipes. If you have an Alexa show then you’ll be able to see the the recipe as well.
  8. Setting Alarms: You can set alarms for anything you want. Got something in the oven, set an alarm. Having a nap, set an alarm. You can also specify what sound the alarm is and I pick my favourite songs.
  9. Make shopping lists: If you want to make sure you remember something when you go shopping, ask Alexa to add it to your shopping list so you’ll never forget!
  10. Make calls: You can make calls with your Alexa and if you have an Alexa show then you’ll be able to make video calls which is great.
  11. Security Cameras: If you have security cameras that can be linked up to your Amazon account then you can look on your Alexa show and it’ll show you what the camera is seeing, perfect for home security.
  12. Play music: Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime you can still play music. If you have an Apple music account then you can link your Alexa up and play any playlists or music you have on Apple music.
  13. How many days until Christmas: You can ask your Alexa at any point how many days until Christmas is it. Perfect for people who love Christmas or just want to know how long they have left until the mad Christmas rush!
  14. Alexa, what are my deals: You can ask Alexa if there are any deals on products that you have saved in your wish lists, which is a great way to find a bargain!
  15. Alexa, what’s my horoscope: you can ask Alexa what your horoscope is for the day, she’ll ask you what your star sign is and give you your scope to set up the day! It can be great for motivation and it’s free. Alexa will ask you to sign up for a 7-day subscription but I always say no.
  16. Random Lucky Trivia: Alexa will ask your trivia based on your star sign after you have asked or your horoscope, it can be quite fun!
  17. Ask about traffic updates: You can ask your Alexa if there are any traffic updates in the area, so if you have to go out for any reason you can make sure you avoid whatever area has the most traffic.
  18. Alexa where is the nearest Tesco: You can ask Alexa where the nearest shop is and she’ll be able to tell you along with their opening and closing times.
  19. Alexa read my book: This one is great for anyone who has Amazon books and doesn’t have the time to read them. As long as you can put up with her voice you’ll be able to enjoy your books with her reading them!
  20. Alexa Fart: I thought this would be a good one to end on. If you want to hear fart noises for any reason, ask Alexa to let one rip!

Is Alexa Calling Free In The UK?

Yes, calling on Alexa is free in the UK. If you have an Amazon Show device you can also video call and enable cool features such as emojis and animated reactions.

Free Things I Can Do With Alexa Echo Dot

If you’re looking for Free Things I Can Do With Alexa Echo Dot you can find all the information above, however, if there’s too much information and you don’t want to read it all, take a look at my TLDR list below.

  1. Play the radio
  2. Telling terrible jokes
  3. White noise
  4. News
  5. Connect to household devices
  6. Make animal noises
  7. Cooking Tips
  8. Setting Alarms
  9. Make shopping lists
  10. Make calls
  11. Security Cameras
  12. Play music
  13. How many days until Christmas
  14. Ask Alexa about deals
  15. Alexa, what’s my horoscope
  16. Random Lucky Trivia
  17. Ask about traffic
  18. Alexa where is the nearest Shop
  19. Alexa read my book
  20. Alexa Fart

Free Things You Can Do With Alexa Show

I love my Alexa show, it sits in my office and I’m forever using it. Of course, it tells the time free of charge but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to do more. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of what free things you can do with the Alexa Show, click this Alexa Show Article I wrote.

In the mean time take a look at the brief list below to see some of the free things you can do with Alexa show and start exploring your devices!

  1. Use Security Cameras
  2. Make Video Calls
  3. Get the Latest Weather
  4. Get The Time

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