Stress Symptoms

I swear everyone goes through it now and again. It’s probably one of the most common diagnosed mental health conditions, along with depressions, which also sucks! Although stress is the most common, people aren’t always aware of the many ways in which is can manifest and trust me there are a fair few. I’m still learning about the many ways, although the hard way!

I didn’t know the best way to do this post so I’m going to mix and match it. I’m going to do some lists and I’m going to explain a few of them in a little more detail. Why? Because not all of them need a long explanation and are self explanatory. You might recognize some of them and maybe have a little bingo card ready!

  1. Low energy, headaches and achy joints, upset stomach and constipation.
  2. Lack of sleep, too much sleep, eating too much and not eating enough.
  3. Lack of sex drive!!
  4. Continuing colds and bad health.

So here’s the first long explanation. Bad health. I don’t mean the bad stuff like chest infections, that you need to see a doctor for. I’m talking about frequent headaches, joint pains and colds. I get it all the time, “you’re always unwell” well yes thank you for that keen observation! It’s because I’m always stressed about something and it sucks. You’ll notice I say “it sucks” a lot and to be fair there isn’t much about mental health that is fun.

Stress can be a killer, literally if you’re stressed it doesn’t take much to get depressed and that can lead to all sorts of complications and suicide being one of them. Which is why it’s important to take mental health days, weeks and even months! People need to understand that our brains control everything we do, if they’re under a great deal of stress we aren’t going to function the way everyone wants. Continuing with the list.

  1. Worsening impact on any mental health conditions.
  2. Itchy skin, this can be a right bitch!! I think the Americans call it hives?
  3. Feeling overwhelmed, unable to focus and relax.
  4. Avoiding others and breaking relationships because you can’t deal.
  5. Constant worrying, poor judgement and of course having a negative outlook on everything/life.

Another pit stop before I talk about some of the main factors of stress and how it comes about. Having a negative outlook on life can be really damaging. Not because it might have an impact on your work, you can take time off work. If you’re negative you’re more likely to put off doing anything. I’m talking about being social, making a proper dinner and even taking a shower. Well if you’re that stressed whats the point? You can just sit there worrying or sleeping all day and avoid everything.

Stress Triggers

Stress is terrible and can have a big impact on your life if you don’t sort it out. Then again the best way to not get stressed is to understand what triggers it and what we can do to avoid these triggers or what we can do to recover from stress, there are a few ways but at the end of the day it depends on the person and what works. Lets have a list of some common stress triggers shall we?

  1. A death, Divorce or change in circumstance e.g. losing your job.
  2. The in laws, no seriously. Family putting pressure on you can be a big factor; friends or family.
  3. Mental health, existing conditions playing up can cause a great deal of stress. Stress can also cause mental health conditions to flare up!
  4. Working long hours or dealing with a lot at university. Too much pressure isn’t good for anyone!
  5. Bullying discrimination and just being different. Do you know how much stress being gay has caused me? Just linked to them three points!
  6. Increase in money troubles, moving house and anything that involves a lot of planning; even getting married!!

Of course you might think, getting married? That’s supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life. Doesn’t mean you can’t get stressed out by it, with all the planning and worries that come with it, you’re bound to feel the pressure and get stressed. Unless you can afford a wedding planner although not everyone can! It doesn’t matter if it’s a happy or sad situation, you can still get stressed!

Combat stress with adult colouring books!How To Combat Stress

For the last part of this stressful journey I’m going to talk about some of the different ways that you can try and overcome or avoid stress. It’s not always easy to see stress coming and as I’m writing this I’m in the middle of a stressful episode and it only dawned on me in the last 24 how stressed I actually am. I’m trying to point out that it’s important to know how to deal with stress, time for another list!

  1. Taking a mental health break. It can be for as long as you need, of course depending on your circumstances it might not be as long as you’d like so make sure you read the other tips in the list!
  2. An anxiety comfort box, of course I mainly use this when I’m anxious but it has the same impact when I’m stressed. Fill it with what you love and what you know can relax you!
  3. Find something that calms you down and relaxes you. It can be difficult to relax when you’re stressed so make sure you do something you know you can enjoy without even noticing. I use art.

One of the main things to remember is not to fall into bad habits. When I got stressed years ago I took up smoking, the worst thing that has happened to me and I’m glad I quit. However it’s easy to start smoking, drinking or taking drugs when you’re so stressed out. Personally I’ve never drank or taken drugs to calm stress, I mean I’ve never even done drugs but I’ve heard it can be easy to fall into them if you know how.

So remember, stress can be really bad! it can have the worst implications to a person and some people just don’t realise how damaging it can really be. When I first started on my mental health journey and came to terms with my conditions I had no idea how terrible stress really is and the huge knock on effect it can have. If you think you’re stress or have any mental health conditions I urge you to seek medical help. I’m not an expert, I just talk about what I know. The stigma is dying out and with it people are getting more help every day! Don’t hide because you think it will make you less of a person.

Thanks for reading. If you want more tips and tricks to dealing with mental health please check out my other posts, if you’re stress, anxious or feeling pants click on this link to be transported to a world of wonders and cuteness!

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