Low Cost Ways To Relax ~ Mental Health
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Low Cost Ways To Relax With Mental Health

Nothing in the world these days happens to be cheap! It’s the same wiht mental health and it sucks. I’ve seen a lot of companies cashing in on mental health big time and hiking up their prices, the worst part is they get away with it! I’m sick and tired of seeing people pay mass amounts of money to make themselves feel better. It’s time some low cost alternatives were spoken about!

I’ve got certain low cost ways that I deal with certain mental health issues and I figure that it’s wise I share them with you all! I’m not going to just give you a list of everything I do because that won’t help. In fact I’m going to tell you what mental health condition I’m talking about and the way(s) I deal with it! I hope you’ll learn something new and take a cheap way to relax away from this!


Stress is a big factor in my life, one that seems to occur on a daily basis! I’m not going to sell you some overpriced magic potion, no exercise class to boost you up. I’m going to suggest you get a stress ball! That seems mega lame right? Well they’re cheap, a couple pound at best and they’re fun! You can go with a happy set of three which are kinda cute or you can go with a naughty pair of umm balls. You can squeeze them, throw them and all round make yourself feel better with them! They don’t cost that much and they can be used time and time again, you know unlike magic potions!


Do I even need to say it! An Anxiety comfort box is what you need! I’ve done a post and made a video on them so you should be familiar with it by now! Fill it with everything you love, failing that go to the shop and buy a couple bags of chocolate! Stay away from booze and fags and eat yourself happy! Sure it’s not the best for the weight but sometimes it needs to be done. I would totally recommend you start your own anxiety comfort box though.

The box only helps when you’re at home though right? Get some headphones, they don’t have to be expensive and listen to some music while you’re out. A couple ££ on headphones and you can crank up the volume while you’re out and ignore everything around you. No magic fiddle toy in your pocket, no fancy sunglasses to block out the haters! Just some nice headphones and great music! Also go for wireless, don’t want to get anxiety by trying to untangle them!!


Our final stop, the one I hate the most actually! OCD is really difficult and it doesn’t matter what you’re obessed about because you can’t stop thinking about it! I’ve tried so much with OCD and not much has worked. I find that it’s best to channel your obessive nature in that moment into something helpful. When I’m feeling all amped up I’ll start blogging and I can smash out so much in a couple hours! I’ll clean the kitchen and it’ll look like a whole new kitchen when I’m done or I’ll just play a game that I’ve been meaning to for ever!

The great thing with managing OCD is that it doesn’t have to cost a penny and it’s the cheapest thing on this page! I find that anyone trying to sell me something to control my OCD is normally full of rubbish so try not to get distracted by it all and just find what works best for you!

There’s also the likes of manic and low moods that you need to contend with, this is more trial and error on your part. I can’t tell you what to do because it works differently for everyone. Most of the time what worked great the last time might not work at all the next time round and that’s what makes it so difficult! I’ve wrote a post on how to control overspending when you’re feeling low or manic though so you should check that out!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you want to read any more mental health posts then just click here! At the same time if you want to see me discuss something or you need some advice then just contact me and let’s chat!

Low Cost Ways To Relax ~ Mental Health

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