Justice League of America 2001 - 2004 ~ The Series!!

Justice League of America 2001 – 2004 ~ The Series!!

Justice League

Well what can I say, a total blast from the nerdy past! With all the hyper around the new justice league coming out I thought it was time I returned to my roots and remember what it was all about. I’m talking about the days when I’d rush home from school just to make sure that I watched the latest episode when it came out. They were the days!

I have to say this and Dragon Ball Z happened to be the highlight of most days. The Flash and Green Lantern were my favourites and it would seem justice league have neglected Green Lanterns presence so far, even with Ryan Reynolds playing him a few years back. A film that most people slated although I personally didn’t think it was that bad! #Sorrynotsorry

The animated series has everything, most of the episodes are split into part one and two although there are a few standalone ones. You’ll find that these types of series are super difficult to get your hands on these days, they just stopped making them and the supply is so high. If you think about Pokemon, try getting all o the original series without paying a pretty penny, it’s not possible. In my eyes the 2001 – 2004 series of justice league is just the same. However you can still purchase it on Amazon but it’s going to set you back a fair bit. Once you do find them as well they are more likely to be region 1, so if you buy them make sure you have a multi regional device such as an Xbox or PlayStation to play them on!

The series is packed with everything you could possibly want! At the moment they are both free if you have Amazon prime and if you think you’d be able to watch them all within a month then I’d sign up for the 30 day Amazon prime trial so you can watch them and then cancel your subscription before the 30 days is up!

I’m quite looking forward to starting the Justice league unlimited series as well which comes right after this one so watch out for another review. Personally if you’re a fan of justice league and all the characters, and you’ve not watched this I’d recommend you give it a go. For the people who are going to say the effects are terrible or anything like that, this was made over 17 years ago. I think they’re amazing for when they were made and the story lines through each episode is actually gripping and quite interesting.

Every single character has their story told and sometimes I get a little giggle out of random things, like one episode they’re all in the watchtower, unwell and in hospital beds. They’re undressed apart from their masks, yet the only people allowed on the watchtower are the super heroes so you wouldn’t think it’d be such an issue. The series really does have everything and I know that in a few years time I’ll probably revisit for more fun times!

Justice League

You might also think that every character getting their story told might be a good thing? It depends on the way you’re looking at it. The Flash comes across as a rude boy, ladies man and Green Lantern is a hard ass with a mean streak. If you compare that to the modern day portrayals of the characters they’re nothing alike. So this needs to be kept in mind if you’re going to watch it, otherwise you might be a little disappointed. If you grew up watching them you might not even notice the comparison because you’re too busy remember all the plot lines and the fun you had watching them as a kid, you’ll know when you start watching it what type of person you are; you’ll either notice it or you won’t.

There you have it, my review. If you like the series let me know in the comment or leave me a little review so I know your thoughts and feelings on it all. If you’re still not sure on what to do I’d recommend checking out the Amazon reviews, there are quite a few of them from fellow geeks and most of them are positive, I always look at both sides of the coin which I try and reflect in my post as well. At the end of the day you want to know the good and the bad before you jump into a product and spend money; if it’s not for you then don’t waste your time or money! SO, if you want to see or hear more about what I do make sure you check out my other posts and follow me on any social media you use!

Justice League of America 2001 - 2004 ~ The Series!!

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