Creating The Perfect Personalised Christmas Gift
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Creating The Perfect Personalised Christmas Gifts


I love Christmas, I talk about Christmas all the time and I have several Christmas vlogs out there. I have tips on saving money at Christmas and the best Christmas gift guides around, and if you didn’t notice I just said Christmas 6 times, I love it that much! One thing I’ve never spoken about before however is how I love making personalised gifts for everyone, the different gifts I make and the ways I customise and personalise.

The Best Christmas Hampers!

One of the things I love to do at Christmas is make Christmas hampers, in my eyes they’re one of the best gifts you can give and there are so many reasons why! Let’s say you have a friend who LOVES chocolate, but they don’t just go for Cadbury chocolate, no they like it all! You can fill up the hamper with as much chocolate as you want and all from different brands and there’s no limit to how much you fill it with!

One of the best things I love about hampers though is the decoration! I like to start by filling it with some top-quality tissue paper, normally a festive red or a darker black so that the colours on the gifts really pop out and scream CHRISTMAS! Then, of course, you tie it all off with cellophane wrapping so the contents don’t fall out, I tie this up with a bow or string and the best part, it doesn’t stop there. You can also decorate the cellophane wrapping if you’ve gone for the string option I’d suggest using a bow svg from designbundles. You can decorate the whole cellophane in bows or just have a pretty one at the top, under the string and it’ll look to die for!

The perfect Christmas gifts

Christmas Facts!

Did you know that the main reason we give Christmas presents on Christmas day is to remind us about Jesus, it was a tradition first started by Christians, however soon became popular and mainstream and that’s why there’s such a big hype around gift-giving on Christmas.

Here’s a weird Christmas fact I had no idea about and I doubt you did either, “Jingle Bells” was written for Thanksgiving and not Christmas! To top that off, it was also the first song to be broadcast from space, so I hope the aliens who got an earful of that like Christmas! If you don’t believe me there are loads more Christmas facts for you to take a look at!

Personalised Christmas Cards!

I’m not a fan of giving cards all year round, but I love giving Christmas cards; if I can personalise them and make them my own! I’m talking about making the card sparkle and even the envelope stand out, as soon as you hold it in your hand you’re going to love it. Now you can get some really nice cards in the shops these days but you know 101 other people in a mile radius are going to get the same card and to me, that’s just not acceptable.

You can easily buy some blank cards online and decorate them however you want, I like using the Christmas svg selection on designbundles, my favourite has to be the “Naughty, Nice, I Tried!” svg, it speaks volumes about me and it’s amazing to put on the front of a Christmas card as well! There is literally loads to pick from and you can decorate the card and envelope, the best part is some of it’s free so make sure you check them out!

When it comes to decorating Christmas cards I will say one thing that I’ve found helpful over the years, never use white cards. They look generic and they get dirty in the post and it shows! I like to use silver or red for my cards, the silver makes any other colour pop and if you’re using red it’s a very festive colour! Don’t forget to add a little glitter into every envelope for a Christmas surprise! Plus let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting their arts and crafts going at Christmas time?

The best personalised Christmas gifts and Christmas cards

Why Do I Give At Christmas?

There’s one main reason I love to give at Christmas, it’s because I love to see the smile on someones face when they open a personalised card or a cute present I put loads of effort into. I love making other people happy and Christmas is one of the times I can do it! If you’re in love with Christmas as much as I am and you love doing your own gifts and cards each year please let me know in the comments how creative you get!

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Creating The Perfect Personalised Christmas Gifts

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